Our Typical Costco Shopping Trip

Not too long ago I painted a pretty clear picture of my typical trips to the grocery store with my six kiddos. Ray thought it would be fun to show you what our monthly trip to Costco looks like…

Watch, but be thankful you don’t have to take six kiddos to Costco every three weeks!


  1. Mindy says

    Okay, that was hilarious! My favorite part was the runaway child with the box over his head! You had me laughing out loud!!!! :)

  2. Amanda says

    that is so funny, except that is what my trips look like and I have only TWO kids. No joke Samantha is a little hurricane, she is like having 6 kids. I dare anyone to take her off my ahnds for ONE DAY!

    and Sarah is right behind her… ahhh

  3. Kristin says

    Oh my gosh the box that is too funny! That;s a ton of food, too bad it will only last a week at the most. 😉

  4. The Runner Bunch says

    Very funny Christine!!! Gotta love that box part. And you were a very good narrator!

  5. Andrea says

    LoL! That was great and it totally reminded me of my family. I’m the oldest of ten children and I can totally remember going to shopping trips in our huge van, us running wild, asking for everything. Oh and putting it away. LOL! We all had a cupboard.. ha ha ha. My mom home schooled us all too. I’m the oldest (25) and my youngest bro is 7. Love the video. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kate says

    Ok, I just took my 2 toddlers to Sam’s Club (equivalent of Costco) by myself yesterday and thought THAT was brave and hectic – that’s NOTHING compared to your life :-) Thanks for sharing!

  7. DeAnna says

    Always love your posts. I will never again complain of my ONE 2 year old and the grocery store outings! Again, you are the rock star mom. I bow down in adoration. LOL.

  8. Scott says

    Well, then.

    First, it appears you are the sole reasons Costco warehouses are so big.

    Second, did you leave anything for anyone else?!? 😉

  9. SchoolinrHome says

    yes- I can relate except I didn’t hear that much fussy. Mine fuss and argue over who is where in the carts. I like the freezer door relay and yes, the box runner is funny!
    Oh the joys of shopping with many young ones. Isn’t it great! :)

  10. The Abshires says

    You crack me up. So many of us can relate to “those” infamous Costco trips. Who would have ever thought that a trip to Costco alone would be a treat, but it is sometimes! We love keepin’ up with you guys. Thanks for posting. Sending LOTS of hugs for everyone.

  11. Angela says

    This looks just like out trips to BJ’s!!! Who says that warehouse shoppind doesn’t double as recess?!?!?!?!?!

    So funny!!

  12. Katja of skimbaco.com says

    You are a Super Mom. I have no idea how you do it. We have three and it’s fun enough :) The running insode the box was HILARIOUS!!! Well, for us anyway…

  13. jane - pinks & blues says

    This is so funny, Christine! I cannot believe the amount of food in your kitchen!! Your family is so beautiful.


  14. Violet the Verbose says

    Can you please bottle your good humor and send me a gallon? Every month? I’ve just got 2 but they’re almost too much for me (which is why we’re stopping at that – eep!). You’ve got skilz. :o)

  15. Rebecca says

    Christine — I also love “Box Man”.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!! My Hubby very seldom went with us, though, since we generally went on Saturday mornings (to have the “breakfast buffet” of samples!!!). Because we had so many toddlers at the same time…because once I put the kids in the cart, it was full…and because I knew I was grossly outnumbered, I would get one of those flat-bed carts and have the kids all ride on it. They weren’t allowed to get off the cart without permission. Otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to have the samples. I actually have fond memories of those trips…and so do the kids!!!

    PS My son just paid you a compliment — he said, “She looks really young. Is she like 21 or something?” Just thought I’d pass it on. :^)

  16. Trista says

    Oh Bless Your Lil’ Heart!!! I thought taking 2 was enough. Surprisingly, they were good today.

    I see everyone loads up on that Ketchup and Log Cabin Syrup huh? 😉