Our Laundry Mound

We’ve been without a working washing machine for about a month. Yes, I’m serious. 4 weeks have gone by and I have not been able to wash more than a single load of dirty clothes in my shiny red Frigidaire Affinity.

Thankfully, Ray spent an entire afternoon at the laundromat and washed, dried and stuffed 15 loads of laundry into large garbage bags. Unfortunately, however, he swore off laundromats FOR.EVER. after those four hours. So… every week, for the last several, my mom has done several loads for us. My good friend, Sinead, even washed a couple of loads of towels for me last week.

BUT, even with all of that help, we are still without a washing machine. And, because we are without a washing machine (even though Frigidaire is working on it for us), our dirty laundry piles up FAST!

the dirty clothes just keep pilin' up


  1. says

    I was scared to click the link… cue the scary movie scream!!

    Oh girl with all the crazy you’ve had lately, Like you need laundry too.
    I would swish my magic wand if I could!

  2. says

    Don’t you just want to shut the door? I feel for you. Having more than one child means a never endless supply of dirty laundry. I feel caught up when I’m down to three loads.
    rajean´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

  3. Mindy says

    Holy mother…isn’t there a counter buried somewhere in there?!?!?!!? Glad it’s back up and running!