The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly {Our First Two Weeks of School}

Well, our second week of school is just about at it’s end, kicking off our busy weekend with a half day tomorrow.

Did I mention that my kids have a minimum day every Friday? Seems to somehow make up for the crazy busy, hectic chaos that is Monday through Thursday. But, I digress.

Where was I? Oh yes… we managed to make it through week two. But, boy, was it hard!

There were buckets of tears shed that first week. Most of them by me, I’ll admit. It was odd having my older kids somewhere else every day. Just thinking about their teacher being able to spend more time with them than I did made me sad. I felt guilty for not teaching them at home again this year, and anxiety about whether or not we did the right thing.

Each of my kids shed some tears, too. At different times, of course. One day math was the culprit. Another day there was a meltdown before soccer practice, because homework wasn’t done yet and there wouldn’t be much time after practice to get it all done. And yet another day, the waterworks started before anyone was even dressed.

Needless to say, the adjustment period has been more than just a bit difficult.

But, it’s been good, too. Really good.

I managed to get over the mommy guilt after that first week and began to trust that God had His Hand in all this. I stopped stressing over not being in complete control of my kids every second of every day. And, I finally gave my children to the Lord. I mean, fully and completely.

Ethan and Zach come home eager to share what they’ve learned. Julia is loving the interaction she has with other girls, and she adores her teacher. And, Josh… well, I think he’s still trying to figure it all out and find his place. But, I have no doubt he soon will.

And? We’ve all survived.

No. No, I think we’re all stronger.


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    Well said! The first couple of weeks of Kindergarten (the little ones are still home with me) have been a bit of an adjustment. My oldest seemed to slip right back into the rhythm of school, but it’s been harder for me. I got so used to having my crew all home with me this summer, that it does feel a bit strange to miss out on part of his day. I know it’s good for him, but it does leave me a bit wistful. I love knowing everything they said and did, rather than getting a rather generic update from the teacher “he did great today!”.

    It’s the beginning of growing up, I suppose. For me, too!
    Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful}´s last blog post ..And, She’s Off!

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    You did the right thing, as difficult as it is to accept. I am really hoping the adjustment period is over for you all. That is so rough and tears before going to school make it so much harder for you to tell yourself that you did the right thing. I can’t wait to hear stories of you bragging on your kids and how well they are doing though. I know those stories are coming!
    Annie @ Mama Dweeb´s last blog post ..Low Entries #Giveaway Linky ~ September 16th

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    What a big life change! Sounds like you have made a great decision and I am sure your kids will excel.

    This will allow you to have your own time.

    I know it is hard to be away from the kids (My nanny spends more time with my oldest daughter than I do). Don’t let the mommy guilt get you down. Be 100% present for your kids the time you are with them – that is what is important.

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    Hi Christine. I’m the third child from a family of ten. Our household was hectic, but always full of fun and love. I look back with fond memories of those school mornings, with all of us trying to catch the bus on time. I don’t know how our mother survived, but survive she did, with a great big smile, lots of love, and time to spare for friends outside the home. You are an inspiration. And it appears your children will be as grateful to you someday and I am to my mother. Best wishes to you all.
    Margaret Duarte´s last blog post ..Walking the Farm/Powerful Antidote?

  5. Jo says

    I’m sure you did the right thing (God has His Hand in everything)! My oldest started preschool and there were a lot of tears but I was ready (as much as one can be ready for this..), cause I know it’s happening every year :( . However, since he’s older this year, it was over much faster
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    Just found your blog and Im SO GLAD I did:)
    Gotta tell you, Im in the trenches with you dear! After homeschooling my kids for years, we put them in public school last January and it was HARD. Then after having them home all summer, I creid buckets when it was time to start back up this fall.
    Hard, but GOOD. Finding a peace that passes understanding that this is where God has us and that He will not lead us where He has not already gone before and prepared the way.

    So glad to “find” you.
    Our ratio is a bit different thank yours….one son and five daughters :)
    Mandy´s last blog post ..Baby Fever

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    I haven’t check in on this site for a while (sorry)…but I just wanted to say hi and I can’t believe your kids are in school now! You were one of the first mom blogs I ever read about homeschooling..back when you had your other blog on youngmommy on the homeschooler blog site? Anyway, you were such a big help to me and I STILL carry around a purse I won from your site. It says on it ‘God will be with you wherever you go’. It it striped with a bround handle, and has 3 spots on the front for pictures. I still get compliments on it 😉

    So now I have 4 babies, and we JUST sent our children to school this year as well. I am so emotional about it. I know it is the right this for our family this year, but I think only another homeschooler can understand the emotions we are feeling.

    Anyway, I’m glad you are still around..helping other moms by continuing to just be yourself.


  8. Yvonne says

    The first time I send my daughter to school it’s really hard because she didn’t want me to be out of her sight. But now she’s enjoying it, she’s having fun while learning.
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