Our First Father-Daughter Dance

Last night, I escorted eight-year old Julia to our first father-daughter dance.

Held at Fontaine Dance studios in Roseville, we joined other area homescool families to learn a little Electric Slide, the Waltz and Julia’s fave – Swing.

I got a little ambitious when I tried to spin her around and slide her underneath me, but she bumped her head a bit. It was quite the workout for me and fun, quality time for both of us.

Now we need just to arrange a few mother-son dances to keep Christine busy!

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  1. jennifer says

    I went to a father-daughter purity ball at our parish when i was 13.it was a formal affair.all the dads wore a tux and us girls all wore cute floor length dresses.i wore a pastel pink,poofy dress with a flowered head wreath with ribbons down the back,white tights and pink,mary jane shoes.to make me feel more pure and innocent,mom put a cloth diaper and pink plastic pants on me under my tights.Many of the girls there wore a diaper and plastic pants under their dresses also.it was a fun time and we all pledged to remain pure to our dads untill our wedding day.

  2. Claire M. says

    To jennifer- as a mom,i have heard about and read about girls going to purity balls and wearing a cloth diaper and plastic pants under their dresses to add to their feeling of purity. i think its a great idea and fully support the concept.the cloth diaper and plastic pants,when worn under white or pink tights with the dress,is similiar to what the girls wore when they were baptized as babies,so they are symbolizing their purity of their baptisms at the purity ball.My own daughter is 13 and if her and dad ever go to a purity ball,i am definitely going to have her wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under her tights.