Operation Boys’ Room :: Complete!

Ongoing is my quest to sort, de-clutter, and organize every room in our house. This week we took care of the little boys’ room. Boy, did it need it!

As is our normal MO when de-cluttering a room, we first dumped out every bin and box, pulled random stuff out from under the beds, and began the daunting task of organizing through it all. We created piles of toys we planned to keep, began stacking books that had been pulled from the shelves, and set aside a huge pile of odds and ends to give away. Anything that was broken or missing pieces was promptly thrown away.

It was fun to see Ben, Noah, and Timmy get all excited about their “old” toys as we “found” them. Legos, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Little People sets, tons of Nerf guns, and loads of great books, all eventually made their way in to their proper places. After a bit of play, and with quite a bit of help, of course!

boys room

When all was placed in bins and baskets, and organized on shelves, we were left with four bags for Goodwill AND four huge bags of trash. It felt great to purge – especially since we were able to donate so much.

Add another room to the list of the organized!