Only then

We stopped for donuts on the way to church this morning. We were running late, as usual, so Ray ran in to make the purchase while I sat in the car with the kiddos.

“There are a lot of people dressed for church, Mom,” Zach observed.

“There are, aren’t there?”

“Yes, and a lot of them are old.” This time from Josh.

We live fairly close to an active adult (PC for retirement) community. And Josh was right, this morning there were many who had stopped for coffee on their way to church, much like we had stopped for donuts.

I became an observer myself, as I sat there, and witnessed something beautiful. It happened in a blink of an eye and the couple – both of them beautiful and unhurried, old and crowned with silver – unknowingly made an impression on me that lasted all day.

Right at that very moment, I looked forward to a time when Ray and I still share a look of love and adoration, as he opens the car door for me, on an early Sunday morning.

Only then, both of us will be old and crowned with silver… and unhurried.


  1. ChristiS says

    Yes, and isn’t it great to know who you want to spend those unhurried days with?! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chic Shopper Chick says

    What a beautiful story. I have sweet glimpses into our future like that sometimes. It’s nice not to have to worry about it, isn’t it?