Not Just An Ordinary Day

Today was an ordinary Monday. Early morning. Rushing to head off for school on time. Readjusting to the weekly routine.

And then a forced breath and a soft whisper — Slow down.

Snuggles. First words. Story time on the floor by the fire. Bounces on the trampoline. Time out to watch our favorite Disney movie. Moments like these make me smile.

Reaching for big brother in the school yard. Running through the house looking for big sister. Sweeping up a pile of soft blond fluff. Moments like these make my heart swell.

No, today was not just an ordinary day. It was a beautiful day with my babies.

~Just Write


  1. says

    Love this glimpse of your day and the message you are sharing. Remembering to slow down and take it all in is something I try to do often.

  2. says

    Slow down days are the BEST! I fear losing them when my daughter weans. She forces me to sit, chill and just be!