Noah Rides Again

As I mentioned yesterday, we recently received an Early Rider balance bike from, as well as a Little Nutty helmet, to review.

Tyke Rider specializes in top design balance bikes and children’s helmets. Balance bikes are quickly growing as a very popular way for toddlers to learn balance and the ability to ride a bike.

What is a balance bike and why are they so popular?

A balance bike is a two-wheel bicycle designed for children 2 – 5 years of age that does not have pedals. By removing the pedals and training wheels, the balance bike encourages mobility and rapid development of balance, strength and fine motor skills in children.

Learning balance is the most critical element to learning how to ride a bicycle. The common approach to teaching a child to ride is to introduce them to a pedal bike with training wheels. Rather than teaching balance, training wheels provide children a false sense of security. In addition, the combination of pedals and training wheels add unnecessary weight and distraction to the learning process for young children. The eventual transition from training wheels to a regular bike can be difficult, frustrating and slow. A balance bike eases this transition by teaching balance the right way.

Watch Noah in action…

Buy it!

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