God Answers Prayers

On Friday, while I was over 2,000 miles away for Blissdom*, I received a call that would make any mom that far away from her babies wish she wasn’t – Ray was at Urgent Care with Noah.

My parents had called Ray to tell him that Noah was possibly having an allergic reaction – he had a rash and his hands and feet were swelling. I knew it had to be serious for my Dad to have called Ray away from work in the middle of the afternoon. He wouldn’t have been alarmed by just a little rash.

There was, in fact, a patchy red rash all over Noah’s body, but his hands and feet were swollen and appeared bruised. Definite cause for concern. Of course Ray thought it wise to take Noah in, but they were sent home, after seeing the doctor, with instructions for Noah to be given Benadryl every few hours, and the promise that the spots would clear up in a couple of days.

They didn’t.

I returned home late yesterday afternoon to hugs and squeals of joy. From everyone except Noah. Noah’s cheeks were swollen, the red spots had become larger patches and now covered his whole face and his legs, and were spreading to his back and neck. His ankles, feet, legs and hands were turning a smooth shade of purple. He was miserable and cried when I touched him.

I just had to take him back to Urgent Care.

taken at Urgent Care last night
taken last night at Urgent Care (on my iPhone)

We left the emergency office in less than an hour. I was told what to watch for to indicate an immediate need for a trip to the ER, and the order to take Noah to see his pediatrician early this morning and insist on blood tests.

Blood tests?

Noah fell asleep on the way home and Ray put him straight to bed. I started Googling, but stopped when my fears got the best of me.

I tried to eat, but felt sick.

I tried to sleep, but couldn’t.

I sat and prayed over my sleeping baby.

YOU prayed for Noah and you prayed for me. I felt peace.

This morning Noah woke up a bear. He was definitely not himself, but just wanted me to hold and snuggle him. A good sign! In fact, his face was no longer swollen and even his feet and ankles were beginning to look more normal.

Off we went to the pediatrician’s office. Noah was semi-cooperative with Dr. Skiles, but did amazingly well as his blood was drawn for the CBC and ANA… not one peep from him!

As this afternoon passed us by, and we waited for the test results, Noah’s red and purple skin began to turn back to a healthy pink, he became less sensitive to the touch, and even stopped pulling and scratching at his inflamed skin. In fact, even his ‘tude came back!

Noah was already better.

taken tonight
taken just after he found his 'tude

Just a bit ago, I received a very welcome phone call – Noah’s CBC came back completely normal. Noah does have Urticaria Multiforme (a sort of extreme hives, most likely caused by a virus) and we now wait for the ANA results, but with much more hope. God is gracious and my baby is better! Praise God for answered prayers!

Thank you for your prayers!

*More on Blissdom later!


  1. says

    PRAISE GOD!!! I’ve been praying for you guys since I saw your post about going to the ER. I’m so happy to hear that he is improving, and that God gave you peace last night.

    I’ve been there, with medical fears for my kids, without God’s peace I would have lost my mind.

    Praise God for answered prayers! :)

  2. says

    So glad to hear he’s doing better Christine! We had a similar rash scare with our Noah late last year as well. The thing I learned is that it’s NEVER out of line to second guess the Doctor. I ended up taking my little guy back because I didn’t agree with his “allergic reaction” diagnosis; his rash was spreading and my Ethan was breaking out as well so I decided to demand another appointment and see a different doctor who concurred with me that it wasn’t an allergy issue but in fact, Fifth’s Disease, highly contagious viral rash.

    So glad your prayers were answered and he’s doing better!

  3. says

    Hi Christine! It was sure nice to see you on Sat! We did end up seeing Sarah Palin LOL! My son even got invited in as a “journalist in training” It was a great night! I’m glad your son is feeling better! I’m flying out to CA, and have to leave my babies…it’s so hard isn’t it?

  4. says

    Christine! I’m so thankful that Noah is better! I’ve been praying for you and for him. It’s so scary when our babies are sick!

    Take care!

  5. says

    I used to get hives like that when I was little. It was for no reason. They could never explain it other than it was something environmental that occasionally caused them. (I grew up just fine, don’t worry! lol)

    I’m glad he’s ok :)

  6. says

    How scary for you and him! So glad he is doing better. Both of my girls have had this type of allergic reaction. We ended up at a nutritionist because the pediatrician came back saying everything came back negative. We found out they have an allergy to the bleach in white flour and wheat products.

    Praying for you all! xo

  7. Joan says

    My daughter used to have the exact same symptoms…..everytime her dad went out of town! He was active duty military so sometimes it would last for weeks. As soon as he arrived home they went away. We took her for numerous tests….all came back negative. Just gave her benedryl and tried to minimize that pain and itching. Finally decided it was the stress of her dad leaving. She finally outgrew it. Just a thought for you to consider!Glad your son is getting better.

  8. says

    Thank you so much for sharing and PRAISE GOD! It’s always uplifting and encouraging to hear what God has done in the life of others.

  9. says

    God is amazing. I cant imagine going through part of this and not being home. My second one is going through this. Everytime he finishes a cold he breads out into a minor rash all over his body. Ive never seen anything like it but it scared me at first. Glad to see he is all better.

  10. Cassi Thompson says

    I was actually looking this up because yesterday i was told my son has uticaria multiforme. it started as small red areas on monday afternoon and by monday evening it looked like he was having an allergic reaction to mesquito bites. tuesday i took him in and they did xrays and blood test and came back with nothing. told me to just give him benadryl and bring him back the next day. the next day his hands and feet began to swell and the dark bruise-like areas started appearing. it was spreading bad all over. we went to see the dermatologist wednesday afternoon who diagnosed him with the uticaria multiforme. it is still getting worse and i’m not sure how long to wait before i take him in again. they said it’s not a huge deal and it will go away after a few days, but here a few days later it’s still spreading rapidly. his face only had a few last night and now is almost covered. Its very scary and i’m glad i came across this page. would someone please email me at cassit7@gmail.com if they have any clue how long this could last?