“No, we don’t believe in Santa…”

Some people think we’re depriving our children of “the magic of Christmas.”

Some people think we’re crazy for not encouraging our children to believe in miracles.

But, what can be more “magical” than an immaculate conception and a Savior born for us? Sounds like a miracle to me!

Okay, so my kids know about St. Nicholas. They know that he was a man who obeyed Jesus’ words to “sell what you own and give the money to the poor.” They know that St. Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. They know that he dedicated his life to serving God and became known throughout the land for his generosity to the those in need. They know of his love for children.

They also know that St. Nicholas is not the reason we celebrate Christmas.

For our family, Christmas is a time for us to celebrate the birth of our Savior, and it’s on this day that we gather together and rejoice in the blessing of His salvation and mercy.

Yes, we give each other gifts. Just as Christ was given for us. But, we elevate and worship Jesus Christ, our Savior, on Christmas Day. Not Santa Claus.

For unto us is born this day in the City of David,
a Savior, which is Christ the Lord!
Luke 2:11

Of course, this is simply our view on Santa Claus and how we celebrate Christmas, but what about your family? Do you incorporate Santa Claus into your festivities? Why or why not?


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    Our twin are two and we have a Santa at our library storytime for the past 2 years along with Dora’s Christmas Special and yes they know who Santa is. I don’t think we will every go out of our way to “make them believe”. I like your idea of explaining who Santa was but not going overboard with the “You better be good or santa won’t give you gifts”. I have never liked that. You need to be good because Jesus says so! :)

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    Growing up, my brother and I didn’t believe in Santa either. For several reasons: Our parents taught us to really celebrate the birth of Jesus. And money was always tight…they weren’t about to give someone else credit for all the things they’d worked very hard to give us! I certainly don’t feel like I was scarred for life, but I DO feel like I have a greater appreciation for the REAL reason for Christmas!

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    We are neutral on Santa – our policy is to neither confirm nor deny. That is primarily because our kids are young (2 & 5) and we don’t want them ruining the idea of Santa for kids whose parents are into it. Our sons know that their gifts come from family and friends though.

    We focus on the birth of Jesus being the reason for the season around here.

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    The dreaded Santa Claus! A source of minimum grief for me (& perhaps the hubs) each year when it comes to hubby’s family. They believe its okay to teach the kiddos to believe in someone they can see (who isn’t really who he appears to be). Someone who can “see you when you’re sleeping, and knows when you’re awake, who knows if you’ve been bad or good”…hello. Attributes belonging only to God. Not any man, not even if he’s wearing a red suite and brings you gifts.

    No thanks.

    We emphasize Christ’s birth. But we live in the real world too. When we are at the mall if the boys (3/5 yo) want to sit on Santa’s lap (assuming there isn’t a long line), we let them. We remind them that Santa’s isn’t real and these guys are actors.

    We treat Santa like we do someone dressed like Clifford or Mickey Mouse.

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    My parents never told us there was or wasn’t a Santa Claus, but we knew there wasn’t…even though my mom wrapped gifts for us from “Santa”, and apparently they have the same handwriting. To this day, I’m still not sure what her thoughts are about Santa since she grew up in China. Maybe she just thought it was an American tradition to do the Santa thing. =p We’d like to do the same as your family as far as St. Nick. My daughter already knows there’s no real Santa Claus.

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    I don’t ever remember believing in Santa and my husband and I hadn’t really thought much about it until this year. We always celebrate Jesus’ birthday but wondered if our 2.5 year old son would have questions about Santa since he seems to be everywhere this time of year. Well before we had had a chance to talk about it with him, one of my friends asked him if he was going to be getting lots of presents from Santa this year? He just smiled and shook his head and replied, “there isn’t really a Santa!” Apparantly he will be the child “spoiling” it for all those others once he gets to school! :)

    • Christine says

      Yeah, ours are the spoilers, too. Come to think of it… I don’t think we ever actually told our kids that Santa Claus wasn’t real either!

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    We “play” the Santa game. We all know it’s a game but when you wake up in the norton house there is birthday streamers and balloons galore. I love it! We celebrate! We party and are thankful for the baby that was born in the manger. It’s his BIRTHDAY but we also have a present under the tree or two that say “from Santa”. We giggle. It’s like an inside joke. We all know daddy is Santa and we are ok with that. I never believed in Santa and always felt left out of a really fun game. :). I love to play pretend and find little difference between Mickey and Santa. It’s all imagination something I strongly feel us important essential in growing up.

    • Christine says

      See, now that’s all one thing, Elizabeth, but when Santa takes the place of celebrating Jesus’ birth, then it’s a problem, imho.

  8. Luv2CUSmile says

    Well, we don’t “Celebrate’ Santa but I do let my kids believe in magic and miracles. Let me explain… anything that we get, receive, accomplish is a gift from God. We would not be able to supply our children w/ these things, whether it be toys, a great meal, and such if it weren’t for God giving us the ability to do what we do. We have presents that are from Santa and others from us. The Santa presents are one or two things from their “Wish List” and were made possible by a special miracle that God enabled us to be so extravagant. We celebrate Christmas for what it is, The day we “recognize” Christs birth. & my kids know Jesus was NOT born on Christmas Day- that we actually don’t know for sure when Jesus was born but that as the calendars have been checked and the description of the times and seasons in the Bible have been explained for Bethlehem that it was actually more around October time frame, still not knowing September, October or November but just as what the season was like, the weather there and that it was definitely not in December as our calendar shows. They also know that there really was a man that came to be known as Santa that lived in Turkey. He did God’s work and helped people w/ gifts of money. First his own until it ran out and then w/ gifts of money from items he made and sold or jobs he did and then he started to leave some of the items he made as gifts also. As he traveled he ran into different people from all over that would help him to do these deeds. (His elves) and at times the people started to travel with him and at times they would get to a location and stay due to that place needing them more at that time for whatever reason. (more details on this are documented) – The legend of Santa was born sometime afterwards when people would start to talk of how their barn had been fixed in the middle of the night, or that a great gift of money was left by a “miracle” and where could it have come from. This was from many people who “knew” Christ could not physically leave things- they had to logically explain it as a “magic man” (How “magic” became more accepted than God, who knows)- However, long story short, our children know the difference, My youngest still believes in actual Santa Claus and I like all the movies that show how Santa is replaced at various times by others due to “retiring” and such- I think it is allowing him to understand that Santa is a real person that does good deeds and carries on the tradition of giving gifts and such. he knows why there is a Christmas Holiday also though, and that is because Jesus was born unto us and as wisemen gave gifts at his birth we give gifts in remembrance of Him. There is a great book called The Autobiography of Santa Claus as told to Jeff Guinn. It is a great book and does tell of many of these things although the book could still be construed as more fictional, I find that much of it is written on all of the actual facts of how the “legend” came about, how it started and how Christ is definitely incorporated into why this man “Niklaus” I believe is how his name was spelled did this in the beginning and why. We read The Night Before Christmas as a family every year but I also read excerpts from The Autobiography of Santa Claus and excerpts from the Bible. I want my kids to know that the Celebration is for Christs birth, the legend was started by a real man doing God’s work (helping people in need and not taking credit, because he didn’t- others started to give reasons of why these things were being left and done so they didn’t appear crazy or looked upon as thieves themselves) & the small miracles of these gifts would not be possible if God didn’t give us the way to do these things- and when we can’t do these things, God has made a way by all of the people who also do God’s work and help out the less fortunate. I know long post- so sorry- I hope in my writing this it does not appear sketchy. I love the way you all actually explain and celebrate. I also like letting my kids know that as this man helped people with all he had to give, we should also in the name of Christ our Savior. We have had a very nice Holiday even though things have been tough this year and my kids know if it weren’t for God reaching out to touch us and touching someone else who touched us, it would not have been possible. It is also our time for Blessings & Thanks and we are blessed and thankful that another Holiday we were all able to come together and spend time together with all of us being healthy, alive, and in good spirits w/ a beautifully hearty meal to enjoy.
    Oh! & Santa in China is Dum Che Lao Ren and the Christians in China celebrate by making paper ornaments and hanging muslin stockings and having Trees of Light. For those non-Christian they celebrate the festivities as the Spring Festival and celebrate their ancestry.
    Hope everyone had a beautiful celebration!

  9. vanessa Delgado says

    We have let them believe in Santa only in part becaue of my husbands family… but away from his family we celebrate and quiz the kids on what is the meaning of xmas. On xmas day this year we sung happy birthday to Jesus to help them acknowledge Jesuses birthday. My kids go to catholic school so that helps with explaining the real reason for xmas.