No Sleep

All of my babies are sound asleep. I really should be sleeping, too. After all, my best piece of advice for new moms is to sleep when Baby does.

In all honesty, I was about to call it a night when I realized that it had been five (maybe four – I’m too tired to check) days since I published a blog post. There is a plethora of things that I could write about, but I truly don’t feel like I can compose a coherent thought right now.

Heck, I’m not sure if I have any coherent thoughts up in my brain. My brain is functioning at just enough capacity to keep my body goin’.

No, I’m not sick. Physically or otherwise. At least, I don’t think I am. I’m simply tired.

Contrary to what you may think, I am not tired because I have seven kids. Honest. I am tired – exhausted, really – because I have one seven-month-old. A seven-month-old who did not sleep last night.

Actually, maybe Timothy did sleep. I can’t be sure. What I can be sure of is the fact that I did not.

My precious baby boy was attached to one of my breasts all night. He would not let me go. I would roll over and he would roll with me. Every time I tried to move him from our bed to his he would screech.

Yeah, he screeched. Much like the monster people in I Am Legend. A blood-curdling, kill-me-now screech.

So, before my baby realizes that he is alone in his own crib, not attached to my breast, I better get myself to bed. I may actually be able to lay my head on my pillow for a few minutes before I am awakened by my little screecher.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming after I’ve had some sleep. Hopefully long before Timothy’s 1st birthday.

Talk back!

Tell me about your baby’s worst night sleep. How did you cope? Did you spend all of the next day walking around like a zombie? Or, did you handle it better than I?


  1. Julia Appleton Wallace :) says

    Aww, poor girl, I’m so sorry, praying you will have a restful nights sleep. Love you!

  2. Victoria says

    I can most definitely relate! I too gave a 7 month old ‘screecher’ (in fact only a day older than your Timmy) but she, Grace, has been doing this since about 3-4 months old when she started teething. We now co-sleep as a result. :(
    I thought it was something she would grow out of doing, something she did for comfort and possibly pain relief whilst teething (something I once read about breastfeeding) but I fear it’s now simply habit. She ‘needs’ to be sleeping with me.

  3. says

    My “baby” will be two years old next month and she still thinks that mom and dad’s bed is HER bed. So we have a little screecher here also when she gets moved over to her own crib, like last night for instance, :( and back to our bed she came and ended up staying here the entire night! So no GOOD sleep for this mama.
    Melinda´s last blog post ..Terrible 2s

    • says

      My youngest was like that. Finally, after he was a year old and not nursing anymore, we decided it was time for him to sleep in his crib and not in our bed. We put him to bed with all the regular routine and lots of love, then we left the room. He screamed. We waited fifteen minutes, went back in and told him we loved him but didn’t pick him up. Then we left and waited fifteen minutes more and repeated the process until he finally fell asleep. It took a long time! We did this for a week and he finally figured it out. Because we didn’t want it to disturb our older’s son’s sleep, we sent him to Grandma’s to sleep. I’m not sure what the experts would say about our method but it worked for us.
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  4. says

    Hoping you get some sleep soon! I can relate. While my son (now 13) slept anywhere and everywhere, my daughter (now 9) wouldn’t sleep anywhere but her bed and didn’t sleep through the night until she was closer to five years old! I’m sure that doesn’t fill you with confidence, but just know that you are not alone…and eventually, they DO sleep without your breast in their mouth 24/7
    Iva @ This Side of Perfect´s last blog post ..This Side of Perfect- Laundry


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