No More “BaBa” For My Baby

Timmy just turned 2. (Can you believe my baby is TWO? I hardly can.) Gone are the days of nursing and “BaBas.” (Sniff.)

Nine times out of ten Timmy will refer to his sippy cup, which has now taken the place of his beloved BaBa, as his “cup,” but every so often he will call it his BaBa. And, honestly, I’m so okay with that. (After all, he IS my baby.) Apple juice is one of his drinks of choice. Milk, however, is his absolute favorite, especially at naptime and bedtime.

Most of us use sippy cups as a transition between bottles and open cups. My kiddos started using sippy cups at different times, but they were all  between 18 and 24 months old. Sippy cups significantly reduce spills, right? I mean, I don’t have to imagine a toddling just-one-year-old trying to manage an open cup like a big kid… I’ve seen the disaster that could ensue!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that when you start using a sippy cup, you use it for all liquids, including milk and then switch to an open cup (such as a 2-handled cup) as soon as your child can manage it, usually before age 2. And, apparently I shouldn’t be letting Timmy take his cup to bed with him. Oops!

They also say that you should keep in mind that your toddler only needs to drink when she’s thirsty or with meals. If you let her hold on to the cup most of the day like a security blanket, she may end up overdrinking. Yup, that would be Timmy. You would be shocked if I told you how much milk he drinks. No joke.

Also, remember that frequently drinking juices, or sodas can lead to tooth decay because teeth are continually being bathed in sugary liquids that help bacteria grow.

MAM has developed a line of training cups to help baby make the transition from bottle to cup easy!  After your child has mastered the MAM Hold Me Bottle, they can begin to transition to the next step in the MAM Drinking line which is the MAM Trainer cup. The MAM Trainer cups feature small handles which help baby become accustomed to individual drinking and also feature a spill-proof valve to prevent leaks.

The last step in the MAM Drinking line is the MAM Learn-To-Drink Cup. This cup helps prepare baby for a standard drinking cup by featuring a 6oz cup with a soft spout and a 9oz cup with hard spout. The slim shape allows baby to comfortably hold the Learn-To-Drink cup and is leak-free thanks to the patented spill-proof valve.

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    We start our boys at 6 months with zippy cups and the bottles are gone by their first birthday. For some reason Sawyer is not having regular dippy cups though! He will only use the ones that have straws.