My Trip to the Hospital :: Written by Zach

Zach asked me yesterday if I blogged about his appendicitis and his stay in the hospital. I asked him if he wanted me to write about it, but then suggested that he tell you his story in his own words, instead. He lit up! He’s wordy, holding nothing back, but he’s happy to tell you the story… now that it’s over. (I’m sure he’d love to read some of your comments.)

I told Mom and Dad that I didn’t feel very good on Sunday morning, so I stayed home with Mom. Honestly I felt okay. I just wanted to stay home to play hockey, because I made a new hockey stick the night before. My plan didn’t work so well and after a while I really started feeling sick. By the time Dad came home from church with my sister and brothers, I was crying on the couch in pain.

My stomach hurt. Just underneath my rib was a sharp pain. It never went away. At first I thought it was gas. I tried to take baths to relax. I took Pepto and Tums. I laid down. I felt like I just needed to rest. But, nothing helped.

On Monday I could barely move. I took another bath. I felt okay when I was in the tub. It felt good to sit in warm water, but when I got out I felt horrible again. I could barely stand. I tried to get dressed, but it hurt too much. I just laid down on the clean laundry and started crying. That’s when I asked Mom to call Dad.

Mom called Dad and he said I should go to the doctor’s. My Dad has had appendicitis and he thought I may have it. He’s my Dad so I trust him, but I was hoping he was wrong. He met us at Urgent Care and took the other kids somewhere else. I fell asleep waiting to see the doctor. By the time they called my name I was so out of it my Mom had to wake me up. We went in to see the doctor and I was really nervous.

The doctor looked at my Mom and said “You’re not gonna like this, Mom, but it’s appendicitis until proven otherwise.” We had to go to the hospital. I was scared. I could tell by my Mom’s face that she was scared, too. I didn’t know what was going to happen. That’s why I was so nervous.

We went to the hospital. Mom had to drive fast. I asked her lots of questions. “Do I have to have surgery?” “What happens if we don’t make it in time?” My Mom doesn’t remember that I even asked her for a smoothie. But, the doctor had said no food or drink until we got to the hospital.

The rest is kind of a blur. I don’t remember much, except for waiting. I also remember the big spinny thing that I had to go in and out of three times. They injected this warm stuff into my arm and made me feel like I was peeing. It was weird. The machine scanned my body. My Mom says that the machine proved to the doctors that I had appendicitis.

Dad got to the hospital and the doctor came in and told me I was wearing it pretty good. Whatever that means. He said to hang tight while he talked to Mom and Dad. I heard him tell them that I had to have surgery.

I fell asleep and when I woke up it felt like I was in a movie. Like when someone gets knocked out and it’s a blur and then they wake up with stars around their head. I remember seeing Mom, Dad and Mimi. They looked at my stomach and I heard Mimi ask if the cuts were glued. I blinked a few times, turned my head and fell back to sleep.

my battle scars

It was pretty boring after that. I got medicine, walked around and watched movies. They showed me a chart at the hospital that has faces with smiles and sad looks with numbers 1 to 10. My stomach always hurt higher than a 6, even after my surgery.

I’m glad to be home. I can walk, but it still hurts about a 3 when I laugh, talk, cry, cough and sneeze. I am excited to show my friends my cuts and the pictures that the doctor took. Aren’t they cool?

my infected appendix
my infected appendix

zach's kidney and gall bladder
my kidney and gall bladder


  1. Sharon Shryock says

    You are very brave Zach!! Thank you very much for sharing your story and the pictures. (Those are neat!) It may help another person know what to expect if they are in the same situation =)

  2. Uncle Jake says

    Zach, buddy; you are quite the story-teller. I loved reading about your experience. I am SO glad you are okay. We were all praying for you. Those are really cool pictures, and that scar is a sa-weeet one! Love you, bud – I hope to see you real soon.

  3. says

    That was such a wonderful story! Well rather the way he told it. It’s neat reading something from a kids point of view.

  4. says

    I’m reading this and felt so sorry for your baby Zack. As a mom I can’t imagine how you felt not knowing at first what was wrong. I also feel happy for Zach’s bravery; the pictures look so scary. He is courageous and already a creative writer. I can’t help but enjoy reading his blog. You must be extremely proud of him for writing his own story.

    Thx for sharing your trip to the hospital Zach. Itwas well written and I hope you get better really soon.

  5. Minnie says

    Hope you are feeling better soon! not quite the same, but I recently donated a cape to heart heros for kids who have heart defects so they feel brave at the hospital. So in case you have to go back, check out for your own cape!

  6. Melinda says

    WOW Cool pics Zach!! I can’t believe the docs let you have em :) Also I am glad you are doing better and still take it easy! 😉

  7. cwaltz says

    Hey Zach,

    My son also had his appendix removed. They went in through his bellybutton for the surgery so he only has a small scar. Like you, his episode came on pretty fast and out of nowhere. We have pictures of his diaphragm area from the surgeon. Pretty cool that they take those pics. Eat lots of yogurt to get those good antibodies in your gut area working again!


  8. Julia Appleton Wallace :) says

    You’re a great writer!! I’m so thankful you are ok, I am praying for a quick recovery for you!
    Love you,

  9. Emmalia says

    Wow Zach you’re a trooper!!

    I’m glad your feeling better and everything is okay. Those pictures are nuts!! I would bring them everywhere with me for some show-an-tell, not many kids I know have had an appendicitis!


  10. hippie4ever says

    Zach, I’m so glad you’re ok. My husband had appendicitis too, his almost burst! It is very scary. God is taking care of you :)