“kinda stressful”

Today started like so many other days, although a few of my kiddos decided to sleep in a bit. Not entirely abnormal, I wasn’t surprised when Ethan said, shortly after 10am that he hadn’t eaten breakfast. He came in from saying hello to his neighborhood friends, hopped up on the counter and drank from the faucet as if it were a drinking fountain.

Here our day turned into anything but normal.

Ethan cried out that he had a sharp pain and I instantly knew something was really wrong. Just as I made it to him, he collapsed in my arms. Had I not made it to him in time, or shrugged off his cry – like I have so many times, knowing he wasn’t really hurt – he would have fallen to the floor from the counter top. But, as he fell into my arms, he began to shake, his eyes rolled around in his head, and he was drenched with sweat.

Calling for Zach and Julia’s help, I carried Ethan to a chair and dialed 911, informing them that my son had just had a seizure. They sent help.

After an exam from the EMT, I was urged to get Ethan to the emergency room for brain scans. Actually, they wanted to take him in an ambulance, but I had no one here to stay with my kiddos yet, so I waited for my amazing friend, Mindy, and drove him myself. All the way to the hospital I prayed for my oldest son, and begged for God’s mercy. It is the scariest thing to not know what is going on with your child or whether or not it will happen again, but to trust in the Great Physician is so very comforting!

Ethan had test after test – EKG, CT, blood, urine – show everything as “normal.”

blood test


Doctor and nurse said there was no explanation and sent us home with information on what to do if Ethan had more abdominal pain or fainting spells, totally discounting a seizure. I just have to say, as Ethan’s mom, I know what I saw.

While we are very thankful that Ethan appears to be fine now, he still seems a bit out of sorts. I just have a feeling something isn’t right. God, how I pray I’m wrong. While we are both hoping this was an isolated event, I am taking Ethan to see his pediatrician tomorrow, and Ray insists on finding a pediatric neurologist who can see him.

This afternoon, Ethan looked at me and sighed, “Wow, it was kinda stressful today.”

No kidding.


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    It’s not something that a parent ever wants to experience.I”m so glad that he’s ok,And hope that the Pediatric Neurologist can help.

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    please know that you and yours are in my prayers – I hope that the doctor finds nothing wrong with him or something so simple that it means nothing…..stay positive –

  3. Chrissy says

    Wow … that is totally scary! Your whole family is in my prayers. Here is hoping – and praying – it truly is “nothing”. Our son was much younger when he had his two seizures. We saw the pediatric neurologist and they never found the cause. And he hasn’t had them since … so … I’m praying it will be the same for you guys!

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    Oh my stressful is not the word!!!! Trust you mama instinct and do whatever it take to feel comfortable. If it means having a second opinion got for it!

    Nobody (beside God) knows you child better then you!!!!

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    I totally understand where you are coming from. A few nights ago our youngest son (4) who has severe food allergies developed a rash and had severe stomach pain so bad he couldnt walk. We took him to the ER and everything turned out to be fine according to the tests. We were terrified but we are still watching him as his rash still hasnt gone away.

    I hope you get some answers and your little guy feels better

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    Oh, I hate to hear that for you! It sounds like it was so scary! You know, I had a seizure when I was a kid – it was one of the big ones …. gran mal. Good News – – – I never had another one! It was a one time incident medically, thank goodness. Glad you’re going on to see the other doctors and I’ll say a prayer for you all,


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    Ethan definately hit it on the nail with “Wow, it was kinda stressful today.” What a brave son you have. Hopefully your questions will be answered more clearly in the days to come.

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    Every parents worst thought – I hope everything is back to normal soon. But continue listening to your intuition, it is there fore a reason. I hope you can find a pediatric neurologist for him to see.

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    How scary! Gable had a febrile seizure a couple of years ago, and that was the scariest moment ever in my life. To see their eyes roll back, and turn blue..I never want to witness that again.

    We will be praying for your Ethan! Hopefully it was just an isolated incident.


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    I’m so glad that you guys are pushing the issue and looking for a second opinion. I get so angry when doctors try to discount a mom’s intuition, but who knows our children better than we do?

    I’ll be praying for your guys . . .

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    how terrible. as everyone else has said, listen to your mommy-gut. that doesn’t mean let yourself be consumed with worry, but do pursue finding out what was going on yesterday. you know what you saw and the e.r. docs can be patronizing. and keep praying and trusting the great physician who can heal all ills.

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    I hope everything is ok with Ethan. As a parent I know how scarey things like this can be. Getting a second opinion is awesome especially is you have a feeling it is something more. Always go with your gut feeling, most time your gut is right!!! I will pray for your family!

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    My son started having seizures the year before last so far he has had four. I feel for you it’s a frighting experience and it’s hard not to wrap them up in bubble pack and insist they wear a helmet before leaving the house. I pray for your family, that this is an isolated incident.

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    I’m glad he’s feeling better, praise God. Follow that Mommy’s intuition! They have great seizure meds out there now.

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    OH My… that’s just horrible to go through, Christine. I know what you mean about going with your gut, and while I’m glad he seems fine for now, I’m also glad you are listening to your motherly instincts in getting a 2nd opinion… You are a good Mom :)

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    I can’t imagine seeing that as a mother. I’ve had a couple of inexplicable incidents in my life like that. The last one was probably 8 years ago, happened in a doctor’s office, with full on seizing. Went through ALL the tests, couldn’t find a cause, they labeled it “vasovagal” response (like people who faint at the sight of needles), yet one on the far end of the spectrum. Put your mind at ease doing all the tests to make sure it’s not something more. Just wanted to comment so you know that having one episode like that is more common than you might think. Praying for your family. 😉

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    Good for you for trusting your instincts if you don’t trust what the ER docs said! I’m keeping him and all of you in my thoughts and prayers, honey. Definitely keep us updated on how it all plays out. Poor little dude and momma! *hugs*

  18. Kristin says

    We are so glad that the tests came back clear but speaking from experience you and Ray have to push those doctors for answers. Neurologists generally are not very good with explaining things are giving/digging for reasons unless you MAKE them! :)What you have explained in this post is most definitely a seizure and not a fainting spell… starting with why he may not have eaten (sometimes before a seizure you don’t feel so good – aura) then the sharp pain happens right before it hits, then the shaking… it is all there…
    BTW: did they test his blood sugar?
    I think pressing for the pediatric neuro is good… we are thinking and praying for you. If you need anything or have any questions we are here for you!

  19. margo says

    So sorry, guys. Nothing scarier than your child in the hospital. Was it caused by fever?

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    Christine, I can only imagine how scary this must have been. This morning I saw your update on FB about feeling paranoid. Which is completely understandable. Hang in there. Know that there are lots of people upholding you and your family in prayer.

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    Oh how scary! I’m glad he’s ok for now and good luck with getting answers – I hope you can find out what’s going on for sure. Will be keeping you, Ethan and your family in my prayers.

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    I came home from the Stouffers event to find out the my son had been taken by ambulance to the ER (while I was on the plane) for seizures. We still don’t know why it happened, but I know exactly how you are feeling right now!

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    I’m so sorry to hear about the scary day and Ethan’s seizures. I believe you need to trust your gut, cause as a mama, you know your child better than anyone. Sending you my best thoughts that everything is OK.

  24. LyndiLou says

    Oh wow… I’m sorry you had such a scare! Be brave and Heavenly Father will take care of you all!!!

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    Christine, I will be praying for you, Ethan, Ray and the rest of the kids. What a scary thing to deal with. We love you guys! ~ Sarah & Jason

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    Oh Christine I am praying for you and Ethan. I know this was a scary event. Hopefully it was just a one off type of thing.

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    I am so sorry to hear the frightening news. Did they ever even do an EEG? Don’t let them dismiss a seizure if that is truly what you saw. You will find someone to listen, the right doctor is out there! My daughter has been fighting seizures for 7 years now. If you ever want to chat you know where to find me.