My Little Chef

My Josh has worn his chef coat every day since we returned home from Hollywood last week. No joke.

He has helped us make dinner every night that we have eaten at home. Seriously.

Josh has informed me (and everyone else) that he’d like to be a chef when he grows up. His goal? To own his own restaurant and have all of his siblings work for him. His parents, on the other hand, will be “too old” to work in his restaurant. Um, okay.


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    How fun! My girls love to be in the kitchen. Every time my 20-month-old hears me whisking an egg for breakfast/baking, she comes running across the whole house to get a chance to whisk too. =p

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    Oh, I absolutely love this! My little Joshua (2 years) loves cooking too, and can’t enter this kitchen without pulling up a chair and asking to help. Was this a cooking class of some sort? It looks like so much fun.
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