My Life List {or 99 Things I Want to do Before I Die}

I began a Life List years ago. This list contained all of the things – big and small – that I would like to do in my lifetime. In fact, last Spring I chose forty of these “things” and put together a list of those I wanted to accomplish before I turn the big 4-0. I still have lots to do!

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Thinking about this list again today prompted me to post it in it’s entirety, in no particular order. 99 things, friends! Travel, family, friends, love, laughter, and more. I know I could have listed 100, but I also could have kept going even beyond 100… Yes, this girl dreams big!

  1. Change someone’s mind
  2. Build a treehouse
  3. Spend at least a year in Africa –
  4. and build a church
  5. Go sky diving
  6. Live in Italy
  7. Learn how to make wine –
  8. and cheese
  9. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  10. Volunteer at a food bank
  11. Coach a woman through labor and delivery – DONE
  12. Go wine tasting through Napa – DONE
  13. Throw a party for an underprivileged child
  14. Interview a celebrity or author – DONE
  15. (Re)learn how to play the piano
  16. Dye my hair pink
  17. Watch the sun set over the Grand Canyon
  18. Learn to knit –
  19. and knit a scarf for each of my sisters –
  20. plus 50 more for a homeless shelter
  21. Pull taffy with my kids
  22. Ride a horse on the beach
  23. Leave a $100 tip
  24. Get a tattoo
  25. Publish a children’s book
  26. Be in a commercial
  27. Go skinny dipping with my hubby
  28. Win a game of Chess
  29. Make and decorate a wedding cake
  30. Deliver a baby as a midwife or doula
  31. Make a sandcastle on the shores of Bali
  32. Learn how to salsa dance
  33. Host a New Year’s ball
  34. Visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras
  35. Have “pinups” taken
  36. Start an old key collection
  37. Plant an herb garden – DONE
  38. Doorbell ditch for good
  39. Have a picnic in Central Park
  40. See a Broadway play with Julia
  41. Take Ray to see a pro soccer game
  42. Inspire someone
  43. Go white water rafting
  44. Start a food fight
  45. Make a dress
  46. Take a chance
  47. Visit Chicago and have a good time
  48. Take cooking classes with Ray
  49. Watch the sun set from the Eiffel Tower
  50. Spend Christmas Day at a homeless shelter
  51. Create an app
  52. Visit the Holy Land
  53. Drink wine in Spain
  54. See my daughter in my wedding dress
  55. Make a photo book for each of my children chronicling their first year
  56. Learn to speak another language fluently
  57. Run a half-marathon
  58. Walk a tightrope
  59. Photograph something beautiful
  60. Take each of my kiddos on a trip by themselves
  61. Stop a bully
  62. Swim with dolphins
  63. Attend a movie premier in L.A. or walk the red carpet in Hollywood
  64. Watch my children fall in love
  65. Make someone else’s dream come true
  66. Go shopping in New York City – DONE
  67. Stand under a waterfall
  68. Witness a miracle
  69. Have a pet tarantula – DONE
  70. Explore a castle – DONE {In Napa, CA}
  71. Be comfortable in my own skin
  72. Start a snowball fight
  73. Put a piece of gum on the Pike Place Market Gum Wall
  74. Write a poem
  75. Be on a talk show – DONE
  76. Witness sea turtles hatch
  77. Learn to belly dance
  78. Hike up Diamond Head – DONE
  79. Try alligator meat – DONE {In New Orleans, LA}
  80. Make a pinata with the kids
  81. Hold a baby Bengal Tiger
  82. Volunteer in a NICU
  83. Sing Karaoke
  84. Visit Victoria Falls – DONE
  85. Catch fireflies
  86. Be in two places at once
  87. Go to the 2016 Olympics in Rio
  88. Be in a flash mob – DONE
  89. Go skiing in Colorado
  90. See Taylor Swift live – DONE {With my Walmart Girls}
  91. Take the kids on a Disney Cruise
  92. Hug a stranger and tell them they’re beautiful
  93. Meet Buddy from Cake Boss
  94. Donate 10 inches of my hair to Locks of Love
  95. Overcome my fears and go scuba diving
  96. Start my own business – DONE
  97. Teach a class – DONE
  98. Cruise the streets of Italy on a moped
  99. Sleep under the stars

What’s on your list?
Here’s to courage. And pursuing our dreams.

Dream Do


  1. Pawan pratap barnala says

    Really i lovd ur 99 thngs. . Its inspired me alllott. . Coz i ws in difficulty i ws in like dart. . Abou my life my further time my future. . Yet m get boostup. . . N also gona do the same. . . to get happiness ane sprest happiness. .up to my level best.