More Excitement

Ethan and I made another trip to the hospital today, this time for a scheduled visit. One last test was ordered for Ethan, to rule out any abnormal activity in his brain. The EEG was quick and painless, although Ethan did have to sit still for 20 minutes… Oh, the horror!

Ethan's EEG test

Once they had Ethan all “hooked up,” they flashed a light over his head, while his eyes were closed. They then had him blow on a pinwheel, insuring deep breaths, all the while monitoring his brain activity.

Ethan's EEG

The tech was not really supposed to tell me anything, but she seemed to indicate that nothing abnormal was found during the monitoring. She assured me that I should hear from Ethan’s doctor, in the next day or so, and told me not to worry.

I wonder if she says that to all the moms…


  1. says

    Hope he’s doing okay and that there truly is nothing to worry about. When my son had to get all kinds of heart tests done at 9 months old and they found 3 heart defects, I panicked. But he’s doing well today and that’s what truly mattered!

  2. says

    Ohh… It stinks to be around a hospital at that age, no matter how painless. At 2 months old, my daughter spent 4 days in ICU with a heart issue… Thank god it is over, but the stress was crazy. Good luck to you and your family – positive thoughts for negative test results 😉

  3. LyndiLou says

    What a good sport… that kinda thing is hard for anyone… but especially kids! I’m sure things are just fine! :) Sending my best wishes your way! :)

  4. says

    I hope that everything is alright with him. I hope that your doing well the waiting I’m sure is the hardest part of the test.

  5. says

    I hope everything is ok. I had to have an EEG once as a kid, thought it was fun because of the flashing lights and sticky stuff they put in my hair.