Creating Buzz in the Blogosphere

Brands can successfully engage mom bloggers and their loyal readers; but they need to know how to utilize their influence to help make social media campaigns truly effective.

It’s not just about Facebook or Twitter or connecting with popular blogs, but rather, it’s the complete package that makes a good social media campaign.  For example, the network of mom bloggers connected to reaches more than 1 million people every month.  Getting others to engage and spread the message virally can exponentially magnify company messages.

Some of the services offered by Christine Young and include:

  • YouTube Channel Host
  • TV Spokesmom
  • Integrated Campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Blog Posts, Ads on Blog)
  • Media Tours to Promote Brand/Event – TV, radio, print, online
  • Host a “Mom Suite” at Blogging Conferences
  • Sponsored Posts Series
  • Coordinated Promotion across the Mom Blogosphere
  • Attend and Promote Brand at Events
  • Consultant on How To Best Reach Moms on Social Networks
  • Freelance Writing
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Hosted Events