$$ Saving Tip #3 – Clip, clip, clip!

Be sure to clip those coupons that you receive in the mail and your Sunday paper. Remember I said I shopped at Safeway yesterday? I had a coupon savings of $48.82! Clipping coupons paid off for me, and it will for you, too.

In addition, most online retailers now include a field to enter a promotional or coupon code during the checkout process. At CouponChief.com you can search for the domain where you’re making a purchase. Write down or copy the code to your clipboard. Then click the “use it” link to go directly to the store where you want to make a purchase. During checkout, look for the special box that says coupon or promotional code. Submit the code, and voilà! You should see your savings applied.

Do you clip and use coupons? Do you find it saves you much money?


  1. Amanduh Huggenkiss says

    I don’t clip coupons, but we are closing on our first house on the 29th. I feel frugalness coming on. I’m going to give coupons a try.

  2. Nessa says

    I use tons of coupons! Within the first year of using them, I saw huge savings and we were able to eat better than we ever had! I had lways thought generic brands were the best way to save money, but now I know better. I too blog about frugal living :-)