Meet Timothy Charles Young

Just a couple of hours after Ray recorded my last prego update on Sunday afternoon, I went in to labor. But, not before my mom and sisters threw me a lovely surprise baby shower! A wonderful afternoon with the girls is just what I needed before welcoming Timothy Charles in to the world.

Boy, was I glad to finally meet him face to face!




Stay tuned for Timothy’s birth story.


  1. says

    Awww, so precious! They are so tiny and grow so fast! (mine is 7 months already!)
    And I notice on your sidebar that it says 21 days until he’s “to arrive” so was your date off a bit? Also, why does that say his name was Josiah? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

  2. says

    So beautiful! I’m checking my email from vacation in Aruba and just saw your new little angel. Congratulations and blessings to the entire family!!