Make Money with Holiday Gift Guides


I am so excited to announce that I will be teaming up with the talented and beautiful Social Media guru, Katja Presnal, to bring you a fun and useful tele class on how to make successful holiday gift guides for your blog (that can potentially make you money!).

We will be sharing all our best tricks and tips on how we make money with holiday guides, as well as our take on affiliate programs, and promoting your gift guide. We will also be sharing how social shopping site,, makes holiday gift lists easy for anyone, but Wishpot wish lists are also a great tool – let us tell you how we use Wishpot in building our Holiday Gift Guides!

We will also be hosting a Virtual Holiday Gift Guide Party, on Cyber Monday, when all the participants of the tele class will be hosting a giveaway to promote the launch of all new Holiday Gift Guides!

And, guess what? If you are new to giveaways, Katja and I will help you to find a sponsor for your giveaway! We will actually guarantee a giveaway prize for your blog on that day, and that your gift guide will be featured on

So, I know you are wondering when the tele conference will be held and how to sign up, right?

Here are the deets…

The tele class will be held on Thursday November 13, at 10am (pst)/1pm (est)

You will learn in this class:

– How to build a Holiday Gift Guide
– How to get paid for your Holiday Gift Guide
– How to use affiliate programs and get the best out of
– Why pictures are important
– What is the difference between a Shopping Guide and a Gift Guide
– How to promote your Holiday Gift Guide


Register now! Clicking the button below and pay the registration fee, via paypal. You will receive a confirmation email and all of the details just prior to the tele class.

Included in fee:

– Exclusive tips and tricks (see above)
– Special promotion for your holiday gift guide
– Inclusion in the Virtual Holiday Gift Guide Party with giveaways, including a free giveaway gift to give to your readers!

Make sure to tell your blogging friends, too – the more bloggers we get to our Virtual Holiday Gift Guide Launch Party, the better visibility we all get!

Get the banner code here…
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  1. GeekMommy says

    I almost missed this today!

    Just retweeted it! Know that anyone could learn a thing or two (or more!) from you smart, savvy women!!

  2. Gretchen Noelle says

    Christine, I am so impressed with this site. I am glad you mentioned something about it on Facebook. I subscribed, hoping to get a few website tips and tricks from you. Congrats!

  3. Laura Iriarte/@lauralovesart says

    I’d totally love to-but I’m at work at that time-anyway to link to it later?

  4. Jinxy and Me says

    Is there a deadline for registration? I’m not sure yet if I can make that time, but I am working on it!

  5. Stacey says

    I would totally love to be in on this too, but we will be at church with the youth group that night :) Any way to link up later?

  6. hippos toes says

    This sounds great and I would love to attend but I can’t make it tomorrow! Will you offer again? carole at hippostoes dot com