Life As We Know It

What happens when a young couple dies and leaves their one-year-old to their two best friends…who aren’t married and don’t like each other?

Massive tension is what happens. That’s the premise of the movie Life As We Know It.

Life As We Know It

Here’s what you need to know… despite the morbidity of the parents dying (which isn’t shown), this movie is really funny. Christine was laughing out loud throughout the film and told me it was much funnier than she’d expected.

That’s because the two new parents are thrown full speed into parenting this child…not to mention living with each other – at the wishes of the deceased. And they don’t know a thing about children. Dirty diapers, messy meals, necessary naps and shared schedules all lead to many laughs. And eventually to love…maybe. I don’t want to ruin it for you.

If you have kids, this is a great story and will resonate with you. Full disclosure: there are some pretty sexual situations and drug use. Ok, let’s just say they have a few brownies one night. Anyway, it’s not something you’d take your kids to see…but date night, that’s another matter altogether.

Further, the character development is good. Messer, played by Josh Duhamel, goes from being an immature womanizer to a loving and devoted father, while Katherine Heigl’s character, Holly, learns to relax and enjoy life.

If you like funny situations and romantic comedy, this film is definitely for you!

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