Let’s Get Together. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

My extended family is very large. There are almost 50 of us on my mom’s side alone. Family gatherings are a blast, but they certainly don’t happen often enough.

There was a time when we would get together at least monthly, if not more. Everyone’s birthday in that given month would be celebrated and the “party” would last late in to the evening.

There were many delicious meals shared. It was common to witness one of my uncles throwing one of my aunts in the pool. There were food fights and wrestling matches. Good times were had by all.

And, then we grew up. My cousins, siblings and I extended our families with in-laws and children of our own. Life got busy. Calendars became full.

We try to get our families together, but it’s hard to coordinate 25 different schedules. Someone is bound to be missing. Now, that’s not to say we don’t try. These days it’s just in smaller groups.

A good chunk of the White Family in December of 2008

It may be time for a large family reunion, don’t ya think?

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    Family get-togethers are always fun! We are having one tomorrow. My dad’s side of the family is about the same too…I think there is 52 of us, if not more…ranging from 1 to 105 years old! It is definitely hard to coordinate schedules though.
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