#KidsCooking With The Learning Tower {Giveaway}

If you’ve been a friend of mine for any period of time, you know that I am not a big fan of cooking, but that I love to bake. My kiddos, however, love to be with me in the kitchen, no matter what we are making. (Of course, it’s only an added bonus if we are baking up a sweet treat!)

Because I tend to have my children take turns with me up at the counter, I regret to say that they never spent as much time in there with me as they would have liked. As much as I love to have them in there gelping, it was just too much work. Keeping my older kids from plowing over my little ones, keeping them all from bickering, and hovering so no one fell was just too much when I was preparing dinner.

I recently asked my friends on Facebook how they involve their kiddos in the kitchen. Here are some of the answers I received:

I gave each of my girls some kid friendly cooking supplies for Christmas this year. They take turns in the kitchen with me. My 7 year old even goes through her new cookbook and puts grocery items on my list. It’s been really fun for us!

First by looking at cookbooks, making a list, going shopping, setting out the ingredients, preparing each then putting them all together. Having done that I now have a 17 year old becoming a chef!

I wouldn’t mind asking you that question actually. I have 5 aged 6 and under and all but 1 of them (my 15week old) want to be in on everything. My 6 year old is a keen cook but I feel like I can’t have him help unless the others and involved too.

This last comment got me thinking… Oh, how I wish I didn’t have to shoo my kiddos off.

Why do I? Well, the answer was simple – It’s just too dangerous for them all to be hanging on the counter or precariously situated on stools and chairs. Wouldn’t you agree?

Then came the request asking me to review the Learning Tower. This fabulous invention is much more than a step stool. It was designed for children ages two to six and has a platform that can be lowered as children grow, to enable children at any stage to be at counter height.

Now, thanks to the Learning Tower, I can have all of my kiddos with me in the kitchen. I don’t have to worry about the little ones being pushed around or shoved off a stool or chair unintentionally. The older ones are tall enough to stand, Josh stands on a little stool, and Ben and Noah are in the Learning Tower. All are there to help, with no one stepping on another.

Oh, and the Art Easel? I love it. My kids love it. Pure genius!

Guess what?

The fabulous folks at Little Partners have offered to give one of my blog friends a Learning  Tower of their own to enjoy! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment, before 9pm on March 7th, telling me how you get your child/ren involved in helping you in the kitchen. Easy peasy!


  1. Nancye Davis says

    My daughter loves to help me cook! Her most favorite thing to do is to crack eggs. She does pretty good too! She also likes to help make lemonade, frost cupcakes, and wash dishes. She is a great little helper who loves to pitch in!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  2. Jiselle Mahar says

    My 19 month old loves to help when I cook by rearranging the cupboards, and taking out his favourite cooking supplies.

  3. Pam L. says

    When I saw this, I knew that I had to respond…My 3 year old is the BEST cleaner! This canine kid sits there hoping that something will fall from the counter so that he can help clean up. There’s never anything left to mop up!

    My feline kid keeps telling me that she needs her food in her bowl. Forget about the cooking that’s going on!

    What got my attention is the easel…I work at a University, and have an adult student employee who works for us. She wanted to give her daughter an easel for Christmas (and then her 7th birthday last week). As a single Mom and a full-time student, she can’t afford it. She won’t take help from us…but she’d probably take a gift such as this.

  4. jean says

    My 3 yr old loves to be involved and loves to help. Her favorite things to do are to stir and to wipe up messes. The Learning Tower looks wonderful :)

  5. Allie Q says

    My 5 month old is too young to help but he loves to watch! He sits on the counter in his bouncy seat while I cook and helps me “pick” what ingredients to use, I show them to him :-) a learning tower would be amazing so we can keep hanging out together as he gets bigger.

  6. says

    When I was pregnant with #3, I was put on strict bed-rest. My older 2 were 4 and 5 at the time, but quickly became pretty independent. Now they are 8 and 10 and can prepare (simple) entire meals by themselves. My philosophy with kids is to let them try anything they can safely do and want to try. I start little ones with washing fruits and veggies, opening boxes, etc. and then progress from there.
    The Happy Wife/Danielle´s last blog post ..Going Gluten-Free and a recipe- Southwestern Tuna and Rice Casserole

  7. Debbie K. says

    I would love to win The Learning Tower for my kitchen!!! I have the perfect spot for it! I have twins and they love to help in the kitchen, not to mention they also love to climb things, so this would be perfect for them.
    They love to help me wash the dishes (with a bit of help). My niece and nephew visit often as well. They love to help auntie do projects and this would be great!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Debbie K.

  8. Tanya says

    Oh, how my 3 year old loves helping in the kitchen! I’ve been wanting a Learning Tower for so long, it would be great to have in the kitchen to get him safely up to counter level. He loves stirring anything, and sprinkling anything – cheese on a homemade pizza, sprinkles on cookies (and even pancakes – that’s how I get him to eat them!). It’s a great confidence builder and he is more willing to eat the food he helps me make (the picky eater that he is). And, when we make smoothies it’s his job to dump everything into the blender and he also gets to press the start button there – I think that’s his favorite!

    With an 11 month old also in the house, I can see this being a life saver in the future!

  9. Crystal says

    Right now my LO helps by tasting most things. I show him what I’m doing and show him the bowl and he gets excited.

  10. Jessica Pletz says

    I have been wanting a Learning Tower for a very long time now – what a great invention! My children love to see what is happening on the counter-top and would love to use the Learning Tower to help them. Thanks!

  11. Jae J Carpenter says

    I have my daughter (23) months stir the batter or whatever we’re making. She also helps pour measured whatever…. She loves being involved and I love having her involved. It helps that late hour in the day to have some quality time with her as we cook or bake together:)

  12. says

    This Christmas we bought our 9yo a kid’s cookbook and I made the 6yo her own apron for when she wants to be my “little chef”

    I have a hard time letting them help because I just want to get it done. I try to let them jump in and help when they ask though. They scramble eggs, butter toast, flip pancakes and stir sauces. When I have something that needs to be mixed by hand (yuck) I put it in a big ziplock bag and let them squoosh it up for me. (Meatloaf, Cookie Dough, Hamburgers)
    TaderDoodles (Lisa B)´s last blog post ..Before you run that bath- check for toilet paper

  13. april says

    So far I have not involved my 2yo a lot because I’m afraid of him falling off a chair. I do let him pour his oatmeal and water in the bowl for breakfast. I would love to involve him more!

  14. Rachael says

    I let tell him he can help add stuff to the food I’m making. He’s only 2 so it works pretty well.

  15. tess says

    I get my son to stir things and throw the trash away and he also empties the dishes and hands them to me- but the tower would be great- he is only 2 and my daughter is 1
    tcogbill at live dot com

  16. says

    I started my girls on baking when they were 18 months. They love to stir and mix. Even when I make eggs in the morning, once my little one hears me whisking, she comes running across the house. And then as soon as she’s done and I have to cook the eggs, she runs back to whatever she was doing. I am working with my older one who just turned 4 on measuring. That tower would be perfect because I usually have to either set everything up for them on their small table which requires a lot of moving around of things, or the older one stands on one of her chairs which is probably not the safest thing.
    Joyce´s last blog post ..Melody- 37 – 48 Months

  17. lilcg says

    my daughter is only 21 months so we are still working on being a help and not a hindrance in the kitchen. she has gotten very good recently at taking things to the table–napkins, placemats, her sippy, unbreakable containers… I loved helping in the kitchen when I was younger and I love to bake. I hope to be able to teach my daughter to feel the same way.

  18. Katherine C. says

    My kids love to help cooking. Especially my daughter, I would love to have this as it would make having them help so much easier.

  19. says

    I get them involved right from the start with letting them help with meal suggestions and then the creation of those meals. Stirring, measuring, pouring and even some cutting.

    • says

      Oops, forgot to mention how they help in the kitchen. Honestly, my kids don’t need encouragement to pitch in. They love being little mamas and work side by side with me cooking and cleaning up. They each have a special day where they get to be my kitchen helper for the day and they can never wait until it’s their turn in the kitchen! :)

  20. Lena says

    My 2.5 year old loves to get involved in everything we do around the house and particularly enjoys to help in the kitchen. She likes to bake and do the dishes. I just wish we would own a Learning Tower so she could feel even more involved in our everyday activities.

  21. Jill says

    This would be great as we have already had a couple trip off of the bathroom stool incidents.

    My three year old helps with the measurements, stirring, and directing me on what to do next.

  22. Sara says

    My children beg to help in the kitchen. i let me 3yo mix, pour, etc, while my toddler is content just holding a spoon. Lately they’ve asked me if they could wash dishes. Absolutely! the tower would be a great addition to our home.

  23. says

    The kids like to help me measure and stir when we mixing something up to bake. Measuring is a good way to help teach counting too espcially when you need more that one cup, teaspoon, etc of something….later on, when the kids are older, baking will be great for teaching fractions! :-)
    Kristie´s last blog post ..Happy Belated Valentines Day!

  24. Kris says

    My 2 year old daughter has really started to enjoy helping (or sneaking tastes) in the kitchen. She loves to pour in new ingredients. We were cooking the other day and she fell off the chair twice and hit her head really hard. This would be the perfect solution!

  25. kelly west says

    my son likes to watch for about 5 minutes right now. When i cook mac & cheese he likes to play with some of the uncooked noodles (we usually do toy story or cars shaped m&c)

  26. Megan says

    My 2 year old, Conrad, LOVES to be a “little chef… JUST LIKE RATATOUILLE!” His favorite thing to make is mini muffins. I enjoy fostering his inherent love for cooking- maybe someday he can cook for me!

  27. G Bailey says

    My daughter plans a cooking project (cookies, fruit bread,etc) with my 3.5 yr old granddaughter on a sturdy step ladder about every other week. These sessions have become more challenging as my 1.5 yr old grandson wants to get in on the action. The Learning Tower would be perfect for them!

  28. Valerie says

    I ask my little sister age 4 to make the salad and once a week I use too have my other sibligns hellp me make dinner. Also my 8 year old sister makes pancakes and I tell her what to do. Hope to win!

  29. sarah says

    my little ones are most interested in baking right now. my oldest (3.5) LOVES to stir, stir, stir, as well as helping mommy measure each ingredient into the big bowl! my little guy (1.5) keeps us honest by tasting along the way. And, much to my amazement, they both help wipe down the table after all the measuring and mixing is done!

  30. Jessica W. says

    As a child my parents always made well balanced meals. However they lacked the time to show me and my brother how to cook. When I moved out with my now husband we had no knowledge in cooking. My extent of cooking was Kraft macaroni and cheese. In the past eight years we have put on lots of pounds from our lack of skills. This past year we have dramatically changed our eating habits now that we have a child. We want to eat well and teach our children how to prepare a meal. I would love the learning tower because it would aid me in my quest in a safe manner. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  31. says

    I get children involved in the kitchen by starting earlier than that… We shop together, garden and grow our some of the food that ends up on our table. My toddlers help me select and wash our vegetables before we prepare it together. My kids have their own aprons and utensils and they are excited to help. This would make our fun together safer and give both kiddos a place to help me prepare our meals.

  32. Amber Porter says

    My kids are always eager to help me in the kitchen, love to help me throw the veggies in my salads, and really love to help make their pizzas. I have wanted a learning tower for a long time, thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Kathie says

    Our two year old son LOVES to help in the kichen. Whether it is making Mommy’s morning latte, brewing up hot chocolates with fresh whipped cream, or cleaning dishes in the sink–he loves it all! We’ve been using a wooden chair for him to stand on and there have been several times he has fallen off head first on our tile floor. Poor little guy—we could sure use the tower for him!

  34. Kris I. says

    My 4 year old daughter loves to help in the kitchen! She puts her apron on and is ready! I usually let her “dump” all the ingredients into the bowl and help mix!

  35. says

    A friend of mine has one of these. It would be perfect for my son. He loves to help pour things into the bowl when we’re making cookies. But we just have a little stool and it’s definitely not tall enough or stable enough.

  36. Shannon says

    My 21 month old LOVES to “cook”. She’ll say it over and over again while standing on a chair at the counter. I’m so glad to see this product, it’ll be a birthday gift!

  37. SANDY says

    each one does what they can, and figure its great time together and they are learning to make healthy food choices and how to cook mrs.mommyyatgmail

  38. Stephanie Phelps says

    my son loves to cook and especially back so I get new recipes for us to try all the time..he loves it!

  39. mistee says

    I let my daughter help with all the kitchen things, cooking, dishes, baking… She loves it all.

    misteedawnw at aol dot com

  40. nickie says

    My son loves to help me cook he even has a chefs outfit. I get him involved by letting him be messy :)


  41. anash says

    because im scared they will spill things- they are toddlers- i generally just let them mix up things and flatten and roll things!

  42. says

    I set out bowls with different ingredients in them and let my 2 year old dump them into my mixing bowls. He loves to watch the mixer stir and loves to help me clean the dishes in the sink. I love the learning tower! I hope I win!
    Katy´s last blog post ..Hoover Carpet Cleaner Giveaway

  43. says

    My daughter and nephew need no coaxing to get busy in the kitchen. They love to bake things to eat, help out with daily chores and best of all learn new things like measurements, simple science experiments, and of course edible crafts!
    Thanks for the chance to win an amazing tool that brings kids into the heart of the home!
    RoseMarie Pavlik´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

  44. Jennifer V says

    I love this giveaway! My 3 year old loves helping in the kitchen but got banned when he kept falling off his step stool. It wasn’t safe. I love this!

  45. karen b says

    My grandaughter spends alot of time with me and she loves being around me when I am cooking, my daughter is a single mom and comes to my house to see her daughter and have supper every nite. My grandaughter says she wants to be a good cook like grandma. I am Italian and we make our own pasta and sauces from scratch. Thanks for the giveaway


  46. Ivy says

    My 3 year old loves to help, so she helps me in the kitchen by pre-measuring ingredients and mixing any dry ingredients together in a bowl.

  47. says

    Both my husband and I enjoy cooking and baking in the kitchen – our two boys, by natural extension, have always hung out in the kitchen with us from infancy up to now; 2.5 and 4. They crack eggs, mix sauces, stir flour, etc.

    I would LOVE to win this for my guys – it looks fabulous, and although the instructions probably warn against 2 being on it at once, my 2 are constantly on the same stool anyway, and this looks safer :)

  48. says

    My son who is two loves cleaning and wants to help me “make” stuff all the time. I am too nervous to let him but with this I would easily let him participate.

  49. Kimberly says

    My nieces are the biggest help in the kitchen. At 18 months old, the love nothing more than sneaking away with their toy broom and pretending to clean the kitchen. :)

  50. Lindsay says

    My daughter loves to try to help cook, but I am not so much a fan of making cookies on the kitchen floor! With this, she could actually help me (and stay out of trouble)…I let her pour sauces over foods, stir, mix, etc. She only 2 but really is helpful in the kitchen!

  51. Cecil says

    My 3 year old loves baking with me. It’s his favorite thing to do! It’s nice because not only do we spend time together, but it is also educational. We go over measurements and count the “scoops”. I love it and would love it even more with the knowing my baby is safe on a “learning tower” as opposed to a chair. (please! fingers crossed*) =)

  52. says

    My DD is only 17 months old, however she begs “Bup! Bup” (which means “up”… as in “pick me up!”) every time I set foot in the kitchen. A Learning Tower would be perfect for her! Until then, I have one cabinet at her level that I stock with kid-friendly kitchen items. She has fun going in there and pulling out wooden spoons, plastic bowls, empty containers, etc.

  53. H says

    My daughter loves to help add ingredients to the mixing bowls, organize the cookware and baking tools, and roll out dough. She also loves to clean the counters. Being both a Montessori teacher and parent, this couldn’t be a better fit! What a fantastic product!

  54. Linda H says

    My 2 year old sons absolutely loves to be in the kitchen with me while I’m cooking or baking. I let him help me by stirring things for me. But he just LOVES watching!!!

  55. Jaclyn Hodnett says

    My two kids (ages 3 and 5) love to help out in the kitchen. However it’s really hard because they have to drag their chairs into the kitchen to help. I worry that they are going to fall off the chairs. If we had a learning tower they could help me out more and I wouldn’t have to worry so much.

  56. vanessa says

    My little guy has his own set of everything, pots, pans, spoons, etc. We use measuring cups for math lessons (fractions). They also love to sweep so they each have their own hand broom and dustpan from the Target $ section.

  57. Corey says

    A Learning Tower would be excellent for my little one to help me wash fruits and veggies. Plus it will help him reach the sink to wash up before meals. Thanks for the awesome give away!

  58. says

    I let my kids help with the easy tasks like mixing, adding toppings, etc. My daughter also loves to wear her little apron when they help me. They are almost 3 and 5.

  59. Lisa C says

    Both my girls (2.5 yo and 16 months old) love to be in the kitchen. I took out my folding step stool for DD1 to come up to the kitchen island (while I was standing behind her), and she helped my make cupcakes by stirring the batter. She loved it! and she enjoyed spooning the batter into the pans. DD2 was feeling left out, so I held her and she helped spoon the batter too. Then they got to watch the cupcakes bake and enjoy the fruits of their labor too.

  60. says

    I get my kids to help in the kichen by making faces or fun designs with the vegtables,or we will sing while we bake together.They love to crack open the eggs when we make a cake or stirr the mix together.Easter is the best because we paint eggs.I just basically plan fun stuff for the kids and we have a ball together.

    Take care,
    shannpf1977 @ yahoo dot com

  61. Emily says

    My mother-in-law found a knife that is kid-friendly, so whenever I have to chop veggies like mushrooms or green peppers they can be right there to help. While one is chopping at the counter, the other can be stirring or adding other ingredients to the pot on the stove. And I always have the kids’ favorite music on so that while there is nothing for them to do, they can be dancing and singing to pass the time. (Cause my middle child can’t stand still for very long). 😉

  62. Jennifer Herrington says

    My son is too young to help, but he loves being held and watching everything that happens on the counter! This will be wonderful once he’s able to start helping do small tasks!!!

  63. Janet W. says

    I give my grandson simple chores in the kitchen like putting the utensils away, etc… but this would allow him to have more access to help even more!

  64. Art H. says

    I try to make things fun around the kitchen so my son learns how to do things for himself and not be so reliant on me and my wife.

  65. Julia P says

    My ten year old son helps with cooking from choosing a recipe, to shopping for the items, to actual food preparation. He is so excited to share “his” creations.

  66. rebecca says

    When my granddaughter was a toddler, she loved to break and whisk the eggs as well as put butter and jam on the toast.. Sometimes we ended up with globbed toast or I furiously fished out egg shells but it really was fun for both of us. I can see where it would be a real challenge with several children in the kitchen.
    spiersrp at gmail dot com

  67. says

    I usually sit them on the counter to help me in the kitchen, so this would be a welcome addition to our home! I have two girls, so each night they take turns helping with dinner. My little one likes to stir and pour and my older daughter (6) like to get a little more involved in the dirty work. It’s a great way for us to spend time together.

  68. Jill Myrick says

    I sit everyone at the table and we all make cookies and cupcakes together. From mixing to baking to icing.


  69. Paula Hafner says

    I let my 3 year old dump things in the bowl, stir, and get items from the fridge. My 10 year old helps measure ingredients, set out the ingredients, stir, and open cans.

  70. Nancye Davis says

    I let me kids help me in the kitchen by helping me cook. My daughter loves to crack open the eggs and frost cakes. (She does pretty good too!)

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  71. Melissa says

    My little darlings LOVE to help in the kitchen, especially if it involves baking. They also like to help with the dishwasher.
    Thanks a bunch! :o)
    casadelreed at embarqmail dot com

  72. Nicole Vosburgh says

    My son is not quite old enough to help in the kitchen yet, but her will be soon! :)

  73. Kirsten says

    We have a little step stool. She helps with baking and cleaning and anything else she likes to do. This is amazing and would truly be a blessing to have! Thank you.

  74. Sherry Moore says

    my kids help cook every meal. they take turns every day! this would be amazing since now when they help they have to sit on the counter, which isnt very big, so my work space is cut in half! but they absolutely love mixing and measuring!

  75. Rosey says

    Every time I bake, I have my toddler with me, and he pours the ingredients in and helps me mix. We both love it.

  76. Jennifer R says

    My children love to stir and pour in the ingredients so I let them. I also think it is important to have them help me shop and put away groceries naming food ingredients as we go.

  77. susan smoaks says

    to get our children to help in the kitchen i give them allowance for doing their chores, plus cooking is fun, so i don’t have any trouble

  78. carol y l says

    This would be for my grandkids who are 4 and 1 1/2. They absolutely LOVE to get involved. All I have to say is I am going to bake and they BOTH want to help! This causes a problem, tho. Rachel will run and get the stool but only she can fit on it, and of course, Raineer has to do what big sis does, so he is crying and wants to fit up there and help, too! They love to bake. It runs in the family-Mommy, even their Daddy loves cooking.

  79. says

    My nephew LOVES to bake. Just this morning we made oatmeal, raisin, chocolate chip cookies. He likes to help count out the cups or teaspoons and after I measure he puts everything in the bowl and starts the mixing (I usually have to do a bit extra at the end.) We have a great time, but right now he does it standing on a dining room chair – we need a Learning Tower!
    Chrysa´s last blog post ..Kids Eat Free at Chilis Tomorrow- 3-8-11