Keeping the Kids Busy this Summer with Homemade {Play}Dough

Summertime can be a challenging season in which to keep the kiddos busy. It gets quite toasty here in Texas and there is only so much sun and swimming a mama can handle, so when the kiddos come in hot and tired it’s difficult to keep the TV and other electronics to a minimum. Reading is a great way for the kiddos to pass the time, and a fantastic way to keep their minds busy, but for my younger kiddos some hands-on imaginative play does the trick!

I kept seeing homemade play dough recipes, of various kinds, all over Facebook and Pinterest, so we decided to try to make some ourselves. We made three different types of {play}dough with just a few simple ingredients, found at our local Walmart. All have different textures, but they are all equally as fun and are so very easy to make.

3 Play Dough Recipes Using Everyday Ingredients | Moon Sand, Play Dough, & Gooey Goop

Also known as Moon Sand, or simply Sand, Moon Dough can be messy. Honestly, this is my least favorite, but it happens to be Timmy’s fave!

Moon Dough

Mix together –
2 cups flour
1/4 cup baby oil
bright chalk to color, crushed

Homemade Moon Dough

I had heard that there was a recipe that made the silkiest play dough, so I was excited to try a few different ones to test the claim. Let me tell you – corn starch and hair conditioner is a magical combination!


Mix together –
1 part conditioner
2 parts corn starch

<Homemade Playdough. img>

Ever since an old babysitter made goo with the kids, Noah had been begging me to help him make some. Not only is he glad he doesn’t have to beg me any more, but I feel bad for waiting so long to get him some corn starch. This one is super fun, but it’s incredibly messy. Fortunately it’s easy to clean up and has made me the best mom ever!

Gooey Goop

2 parts corn starch
1 part water

Add coloring to water. Place corn starch in a bowl and mix in colored water to create desired consistency.

Gooey Goop

What are some creative ways you keep your kiddos busy in the hot summer months?