Keeping Kids Hydrated on Hot Summer Days With Contigo {Giveaway}

I don’t know about you, but we have been constantly on the go this summer. We’ve been on road trips, had park days, spent afternoons swimming at the lake, and hours visiting with friends and family. It’s hard to keep my kiddos hydrated with so much fun activity, especially in this heat.

Having lots of water and juice at the ready is so important. I’ve always given my toddlers their own special “sippy cup” that they could carry around the house and never leave home without. Having these cups full of yummy liquid so readily available for them insures they are getting the proper amount of fluid AND gives me peace of mind knowing I won’t happen upon little spills in the house or in the car.

Now, thanks to Contigo, even my older kiddos have special no-spill “sippy cups” that they carry around with them. Their reusable water bottles of choice are the Contigo AUTOSEAL Kids Trekker Mugs. Not only are they affordable, they help cut the cost of plastic cups and bottles while we’re out and about. Each Contigo mug has AUTOSEAL no-spill technology, meaning the lid seals between sips with an easy press-to-sip/release-to-seal button making it 100% spill and leak-proof!

While the Kids Trekker Mug is slightly difficult for Timmy to maneuver, it really is a perfect water bottle for the older kids at home or on the go. And, because I’m not too old for spills, I have my very own travel mug from Contigo, too!

Win it!

My friends at Contigo have offered to give away 25 Kids Trekker Mugs here at From Dates to Diapers! That’s a whole lot of avoided spills!

To enter, simply share a story in the comment section of this post with a memory of your worst spill or a time when your kiddo may have caused a scene with a big (or little) spill of his own. For additional entries, leave separate comments when you “like” Contigo on Facebook and/or follow @GoContigo on Twitter.

Winners will be chosen after 9pm on Sunday, August 5th, and notified by email.

Buy it!

If you simply can not wait and would like to purchase your kiddos a mug of their very own, visit and use the discount code SUMMER 2012 to receive 20% off the Contigo AUTOSEAL Kids Trekker Mug. It’s a perfect additional to school lunches!

I received product for the purpose of this review and have been compensated to host this giveaway.


  1. says

    Worst spill had to be the time we were at Chili’s and my little one knocked my glass of soda off the table and all over me. There was a little bit of a scene because she got all upset. Good thing we hadn’t ordered yet and that I lived close enough to the restaurant so I could run home and change clothes! Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  2. Joyce M says

    When we were kids we were on vacation and my little sister knocked over a glass of water. It fell from the table and shattered into pieces. Could have been worse I guess, if it was a milkshake or something like that.

  3. Tracie Brown says

    we were in Austria on vacation and we were eating breakfast at the hotel when I hear a “craaaaaaaaaaaaaash”. My daughter had tossed my glass cup off the table and made a huge scene!

  4. says

    I went through an “Awkward phase” as a kid and was spilling my drink or something every night at the table. What’s worse I got a spanking every time I did it so I was constantly nervous about spilling and I think that made me spill more. I laugh thinking about it!

  5. Carly says

    I don’t know if it was the worst spill – but it seems that my kids sippy cups are always spilling in my purse, which drives me nuts! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. pam clouse says

    our worst spill so far has been when my 3 year old asked for a cup of grape juice, my husband suggested apple, she got grape anyways (thanks mom) and after her very first, very careful drink, she set it on the edge of the table and off to the floor it went 😉

  7. Stacy Darby says

    My most recent spill was a cup of soda, it was on my table in the living room and the table has glass inserts well i spilled a full cup and it got in between the glass and all over the carpet and on the window and everything, even on my laptop, it was the biggest spill i think i have ever made.

  8. Ashley Wolfe says

    The worst spill I had to clean was bubbles on a hardwood floor my daunghter was in her room playing when she decided to pour bubbles in the floor I heard her yelling help because every time she would try to stand up she would fall back down because of the floor being so slippery

  9. Stacy T. says

    Worse spill would have been the one I found this morning. My son’s un-lided cup got knocked over sometime in the night and we found the counter top stained by Kool-Aid!! Now I have a nice pink spot on my light colored wood counter!

  10. says

    with 5 of my own and 15 grndkids there has ben lots of spills! thankfully none to rememberale! but I would need 2 of these so fights wouldnt occur among the 2 youngest at my house the most.

  11. Teresa Jones says

    My 5 year old is out growing the sippy cups but I’m wondering if he’ll ever out grow spilling. He LOVES Strawberry milk and we stopped at the convenience store to get a donut and milk in the plastic 16 oz. bottle. I opened the milk, popped in a straw and handed it to him, before he could he get it up to his mouth he spilled the entire bottle of Strawberry milk into my backseat! All over my cloth seats and puddled under the seats. The smell of rotten milk remains in my car today! I need this cup! :)

  12. Ora Emmerich says

    The worst spill ever? The one 10 years ago that still has me banning fruit juice from the house!

  13. amber says

    of course milk on my brand new beige fabric seat in my car with dirty butts after the park, to make sure it got noticed…. total bummer… :-(

  14. Laura Jacobson says

    Our worst spill was at the zoo during the dolphin show. Made a huge mess and ran down the steps to the seats below us. Would of loved to have this!

  15. corinne p. says

    Worst spill, my daughter knocked over her great-grandmothers red wine all over her white tablecloth during a very formal dinner party at her house!

  16. Amanda Phillips says

    Our worst spill was when my autistic nephew spilled his entire thing of just opened strawberry milk in the car and told me he drank it all. Oh the stench!

  17. Nicole Sender says

    Worst spill happened in my car when my grandson squeezed his juice box too hard and the juice went in the air and then all over the inside of the car.

  18. elven johnson says

    My little sister spilled milkshake all over me while we where in town (45 mins from home) It was so hot that day the milk spoiled.

  19. jaimee wood says

    our worst spill was grape juice (it was a cup with a lid that burst open when it got dropped) on Grandma’s white carpet!

  20. Jillie says

    Could not have been avoided with a cup, but my son tried to pour himself a cup of milk and spilled almost an entire gallon of milk on the kitchen floor!

  21. says

    Probably the most annoying spill is when something other than water leaks out of a sippy cup into the car…and gets in a crack…and rots…and stinks. It’s horrible. I hate having to take apart a carseat to clean it! :)

  22. caroline wicklund says

    Our worst spill was when my 3 yr old wanted something to drink and brought out the whole pitcher of orange koolaide, and dropped it on our light beige carpet :(

  23. Cheyenne Wilkerson says

    Following on Twitter as CheyWilkerson and the worst spill I’ve had would be when my daughter threw her sippy cup full of milk and the bottle cracked in half and milk wet all over the place in a big explosion kinda way. Lol.

  24. Sara s says

    This isn’t the worst, but the most recent was Friday. The valve came out of our toddlers cup so she shook the entire cup full of water into her carseat in the middle of our road trip. Spent the rest of the trip with wet shorts and a sopping wet seat.

  25. Danielle says

    My worst time with spills was the time we went to dinner after my son was born. He was about 2 weeks old and we were out with family. My then 5 year old daughtee spilled ice water and it went right into my lap, it was freezing. We cleaned it up as best as possible. She was really embarrassed, cried and couldn’t stop apologizing and got so worked up she ended up spilling 2 more times before dinner was over and she has never really been a drink spiller before. To top things off I had to change my newborns diaper only to realize there was no changing station in the bathroom…and my pants were wet! But we got thru it :)

  26. says

    I can think of a few spills that created a big ordeal. The first one that comes to mind is during school time Alex was drinking some chocolate milk and spilled all over his work as well as everything else that was on the table! Nothing like the spell of spoiled milk after a few days! Some of these cups would be awesome to have!! Alex is almost 6 and toddler sippy cups are just about too young for him but the Trekker Mugs looks super cool!!! Thanks for entering us!!

  27. says

    i would love a contigo since im always taken meds i always need to have something to drink in hand plus this would be great for me to use in my new truck wont have to worry about spillings of mine or of friends kids..

  28. Katie R says

    My worst spill ever happened when I tripped and fell in 4 inch heels and spilled hot coffee all over myself and my white dress. To make matters worse, the unfortunate spill took place at the NRA which is a large food conference with thousands of people.

  29. says

    My worst spill …recently anyway, was on the BART going to see grandma – I packed my son’s sippy w/water (thank goodness!) and about 3/4 leaked out, thru the bag and onto the seat! ruined the snack crackers I’d packed as well as the coloring books – what’s more is as we stepped off the train, I was dripping (from the diaper bag). Yeah. not fun – especially when someone wants to point out the obvious ” excuse me, there’s something leaking from your bag” …yeah, I KNOW! lol, I just stopped taking it with us – it’s ridiculous; happy to have an opportunity to win a REAL spill proof option, especially since he’s 2 1/2 – it’s time for a “big kids” travel companion :)
    NATALIE WEEKS´s last blog post ..Free Educational DVD’s

  30. katfam says

    The worst spill we ever had was a few years ago. My husband took a bottle of juice out of the fridge and shook it up, but the cap was just sitting on it. We literally had juice everywhere. The floors, the walls, the stove. My kids learned a few new words that day. I then heard from their teachers that they decided to share those new words with the class. Good times.

  31. Brandi Price says

    The funniest spill was when he tried to unscrew the lid while drinking from his sippy cup… He Screamed like something was getting him! I couldn’t do anything but laugh!

  32. jody c says

    At my sisters wedding my youngest son spilt his cup of red punch on my sisters wedding dress!! Embarrassing!!

  33. says

    these cups are neat, really would love one for the pre schooler who thinks sippys are for babies, but yet I need the non spill.

  34. Ali Goff says

    My worst spill story is actually from when I was a child. My mother tripped while holding a hot pot of coffee which then spilled all over my lap. Luckily I had pants on, so the coffee didn’t land straight on my skin. It was still very hot though. lol

  35. Ed Nemmers says

    Worst spill: the punch bowl ( silver ) being carried out. The little ones ran through and caused grandpa to lose his balance and toss it on the ivory drapes!

  36. mell says

    My son was accustomed to seeing me shake orange juice in the bottle after taking it out of the refrigerator. We were on vacation and ordered orange juice with breakfast. My son took my glass of juice and shook it….all over himself, me, the table, the floor, etc.

  37. kathy pease says

    my son is always spilling something. the worst would be 2 months ago when he spilled a cup of juice on our brand new sofa..hubby is just as bad too :(

  38. Denise Donaldson says

    When my daughter’s cup leaked all over her, right before pictures were taken

    itsjustme62613 at

  39. Ericka says

    I was taking my kids to school and my daughter had a sippy with chocolate milk and she was trying to open it and well she succeeded and I had chocolate milk everywhere in my truck, it was a mess!
    ericka082 at gmail dot com

  40. Melissa B. says

    About a week after I bought my new VW Jetta, my daughter spilled Dr. Pepper all over the back seat. I wanted to cry!

  41. Angela H says

    It would have to be when I was a server in a restaurant. I knocked over a drink on one of my customer’s tables. Spilling it everywhere. I felt awful!

    thisisme79 @ gmail dot com

  42. meghan says

    The worst is spilling pumped milk! Not really a big kid spill, but baby spills are awful.

  43. Aaron Bretveld says

    I haven’t had any spills in my new car yet, but in my old car I spilled coffee a few times out of my travel mug because I knocked it out of the cupholder and some still leaked out even though it was closed as tight as it could be.

  44. Nancy says

    There were a couple of times we were all dressed up to go somewhere, the top came off a sippy cup, and spilled drink went all over us!

  45. Stephanie A says

    I had lemonade spilled on me when I was out to lunch as a little girl I still remember how sticky it was!

  46. Gianna says

    I remember one of my kids opening up a whole container full of juice spilling it all over them and the entire back seat of the car.

  47. Chrissy Nestor says

    The worst spills to me is when kids spill glasses at the resteraunt tables lol Enbarassing.

    chrissylea1979 (at)gmail(dot)com

  48. AEKZ2 says

    I spilled a whole mug of coffee on my work desk. I got coffee all over my reports. Not good.

  49. Robert Pyszk says

    I would like to tell you about my worst spill. I was working at a Starbucks inside a grocery store. I made someone 3 vent sized hot mochas . I put the 3 cups inside a drink carrier and went to the register area where the customer was waiting. I don’t know why but I spilled all 3 drinkson the phone , counters, register keyboard. It was the worse spill I ever caused.

  50. Laurie Emerson says

    We had just put our daughter’s beautiful white hand me down Christening gown on her and were on our way to the church. Our son went to take a sip of his juice and as he did the lid came off of the sippy cup and the juice went all over our daughter’s gown.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  51. Sarah Yurga says

    In the 80’s, my Uncle Jim spilled a Dr Pepper on our Atari – we’ve never forgiven him 😉