What happened?

Take your best shot and add a caption for this photo…

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  1. says

    What an awesome blog/ site! Do you have the format for this or tell me where you get your widgets? – As a father and married to an amazing mother/ wife we can totally relate to your postings. Keep em coming.

  2. says

    Oh man, you’re gonna die when I say what came to my mind—

    “I didn’t know my baptism would include the actual blood of Jesus.”

    teehee, sorry, as a baby Christian, I couldn’t help it. My mind is there these days. :) Love you Chris and your precious little ones!!!!
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  3. Grandma Alice says

    “That red marker was sure great!”
    “My brother did it!”
    “Guess what I found in the bathroom drawer”!

  4. says

    I suspect someone had fun with red paint…. it looks scary…but he seems quite at peace with himself so he must be OK :-)