Invisalign Straight Talk


As you may know, we were given the opportunity to take part in a campaign that would allow both of my twins to receive Invisalign treatment. They both had a mouth full of over-crowded teeth and, because of it, they rarely smiled. It was estimated that both boys would need to wear the invisible aligners for 18 months, but Ethan finished a bit early and is now wearing a set of retainers.

I don’t know about you, but the following before and after photos were a bit of a shock to me! Ethan now has gorgeously straight teeth to compliment his beautiful smile. And? He actually smiles now!

Ethan - Before and After InvisalignPerhaps you have heard some things about Invisalign that may be preventing you from looking into treatment, either for yourself or your teens. Well, you may be surprised to discover just what Invisalign can do and that it just may be perfect for you or your loved ones!

Setting It Straight with Invisalign

Myth: Invisalign can only treat minor or cosmetic issues.

Setting it Straight: Invisalign effectively treats a wide variety of orthodontic issues including severe bite issues. From underbite to crossbite, deepbite to overbite and overly crowded to widely spaced, advancements to Invisalign’s patented technology continues to increase the complexity of issues that can be treated. Be sure to get a Smile Assessment to see if Invisalign is right for you. 

Myth: Invisalign is more expensive than metal braces.

Setting it Straight: The cost of Invisalign is usually comparable to the cost of traditional braces and many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign just as they would braces.

Myth: I won’t be able to tell if my child is wearing Invisalign often enough for it to be effective.

Setting it Straight: Invisalign Teen aligners are made with small blue dots, officially called compliance indicators, that gradually fade as aligners are worn. It’s a quick visual check for parents and teens to confirm they wearing aligners long enough to get results. In fact, clinical data from orthodontists confirms that teens wear their aligners an average of 21 hours per day, just as recommended.

Myth: If my child loses their aligners, it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg to replace.

Setting it Straight: We know kids lose things, even their aligners! That’s why you get up to six FREE replacement aligners with Invisalign Teen.

Myth: After Invisalign Teen, my child’s teeth may revert back to their original position.

Setting it Straight: Studies show that without retainers straight teeth can gradually shift back towards their initial position. This is a common occurrence with all orthodontic treatment including braces, but is one that can easily be overcome. Ask your doctor about Vivera retainers from the makers of Invisalign.

Myth: I don’t need to take my child to see an orthodontist until they are a teenager.

Setting it Straight: The American Association of Orthodontics recommends taking children for their first orthodontic check-up no later than age 7. The American Dental Association says this is because, “Your child’s dentist can spot problems with emerging teeth and jaw growth early on, while the primary teeth are present.”

Myth: Invisalign takes longer to complete than braces.

Setting it Straight: The length of Invisalign treatment is comparable to braces. The average Invisalign journey averages about 12 months for adults. The length of treatment time for teens may vary depending on the severity of the case and can only be determined by a doctor.

Myth: If my child’s dentist or orthodontist recommends braces over Invisalign, I should trust their opinion.

Not all orthodontists specialize in Invisalign Teen. Visit and select “find a doctor” to locate experienced Invisalign and Invisalign Teen doctors in your area. If you are told your teen is not an Invisalign candidate, it may be worth getting a second opinion from more than one orthodontist. Doing so may help ensure that you have all the information you need to make an educated decision. 

Myth: Braces work better than Invisalign.

Setting it Straight: Invisalign Teen was developed with leading orthodontists to correct the most common teeth straightening issues – from severe cases to more minor, cosmetic adjustments. Invisalign Teen’s clear aligners are removable and can straighten teeth without a mouth full of metal and all the disruption and sacrifice that comes with it. With Invisalign, teens look better and feel more confident than they ever could in traditional braces.

Myth: We can’t afford Invisalign.

Setting it Straight: Invisalign Teen is covered by many dental insurance policies just like traditional braces — up to 50% of the cost may be covered by insurance. Even if dental insurance doesn’t apply, many doctors will help parents find options to make straightening their child’s teeth more affordable. Many offer flexible and affordable monthly finance plans that can be as low as $99 per month.

Myth: Braces are a rite of passage.

Setting it Straight: Virtually invisible aligners, mean there is less social awkwardness to impact teen’s confidence and self-esteem during an already vulnerable time. There’s no need for teens to hold back or feel they’re missing out on anything when straightening their teeth with Invisalign.

Myth: Invisalign treatment will disrupt our lives.

Setting it Straight: With Invisalign, Teens can play sports without fear of injury and continue cheerleading, musical instruments, acting and singing with little to no interference. And because its removable, brushing and flossing is easy and no food restrictions to worry about either. Invisalign ismuch less disruptive for busy moms and dads too. Invisalign Teen eliminates emergency ortho visits for broken wires and brackets and requires fewer appointments since several aligner sets are provided in advance.


Invisalign has made a world of difference for my kiddos! How would you like a chance to win an Invisalign treatment to help create a more confident smile for yourself or your child? Well, today is your lucky day!

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I’m a member of the Teen Invisalign Mom Advisory Board, and both Ethan and Zach are receiving complimentary treatment.


  1. Shari says

    Invisalign is NOT for everybody. I am sure you got yours free since you did a sponsored post. Both of our sons have jaw issues and Invisalign would NEVER work. That is the first thing the doctor told us. Our boys are in tradition braces and some other unusual treatments to straighten teeth and fix their jaws.

    • says

      You are right, Shari, Invisalign is NOT for everyone. Thus I stress the importance of a second opinion. Sometimes ortho’s will say you are not eligible when, in fact, you ARE. It’s only wise to see more than one orthodontist when making such a huge decision. 😉

      In answer to the sponsorship comment – Yes, this series is sponsored. As payment for my content creation my boys received treatment. It most definitely has not been free.

  2. Arlene L Marquez says

    Good article! Invisalign is a treatment about which people have a lot of wrong ideas. This article helps in correcting them. Like any other dental treatment, the effectiveness of invisalign treatment also differs for each individual. Some people have a quick result, while some others have result slower. And for some people there won’t be any good result. It is always better to seek the advice of an expert dentist before taking any treatment. In my opinion, for the right person, invisalign is a great treatment.