I’m in Bentonville!


Map of the United States with Arkansas highlighted

Why?As a blogger, I have had some pretty great opportunities and some amazing perks. I am so excited to be one of Walmart’s ElevenMoms.

One of the perks for me, as one of the ElevenMoms, is this trip – A trip to the official home of Walmart. In fact while I am here, I get to tour the very first Walmart store, #1. We are going to have so much to see and do while we are here! Some of the fun stuff on the agenda include:

  • A Secret Shampoo Makeover
  • A Chef Lee Demo at Campbell’s Kitchen Lab and a Big Thanksgiving Dinner
  • An Innovations Center Tour
  • A Special Kellog’s Breakfast
  • A Meet and Greet w/ Walmart Execs

We even get to attend the famous Saturday Morning Meeting, at the Walton Family Fitness Center, and rub shoulders with Paula Deen and Harrison Ford!! The best part, though, is that I get to spend three whole days with the other ElevenMoms!!

I am looking forward to being able to chat with some of you tomorrow, about saving money around the holidays. Even more exciting surprises will be coming your way in the next few weeks…. Special news about Black Friday, a sneak peek at the hottest Christmas toys, and of course some BIG giveaways!



  1. Emily Ban says

    OMIGOODNESS! Paula Deen??! I just love her! Did you get to meet her?? You just gotta love a lady who – in our body-obsessed culture – says, “I think this needs another stick of butter!”