The headaches that I’ve been getting truly are a pain in the neck! They start there anyway, and travel all the way up the back of my head and through my eyes…

I had been getting headaches off and on for many months and didn’t think much of them. And then I got the mother of all headaches, a few weeks ago – the worst I had ever experienced. I have a high tolerance for pain – I’ve birthed six children, four without drugs – but I truly felt as close as one must to dying. Since I had never had a headache that horrible before, I thought for sure that something was wrong with me, so I made two calls – one to make an appointment to see my physician and one to see my chiropractor.

My doctor shrugged it off as a migraine, but ordered blood tests, “just in case.” My chiropractor was on vacation, so I saw my hubby’s chiropractor… She said that my neck was most definitely “messed up,” adjusted my head back on to it’s axis and sent me on my way.

I felt okay for a little while, with only just a mild headache lingering over my every move. But, I couldn’t sleep well and I would wake up tired, only exasperating my pain and making me a grouchy mama. Then I felt another monster creeping up through my neck and into the back of my head… another migraine.

Just a few days before this monster decided to visit me again, I met Dr. Jared Thomas on Twitter. He happens to be the chiropractor of my good friends the Unfrieds and I was excited to find a chiropractor that not only came as highly recommended, but also had an office close by. So, of course, I thought of him when I knew I needed some help with my pain.

Here’s one of the things about me that he discovered —


Do you see what’s wrong? Our necks should be curved, but mine is STRAIGHT, which is causing all sorts of problems, including my headaches. I also have some problems with my spine further down, but once I heard that my biggest problem was with my neck and Dr. Thomas could fix it, I kinda stopped listening.

I almost feel better already, just knowing that what is wrong can be corrected. I am trying to sit up straight, follow all of my newest best friend’s advice, and hopefully soon (with Dr. Thomas’ help, of course) I’ll be headache free!


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    I had the exact same problem. It stinks. Glad he figured it out for you! Hope you’ll be headache free soon!!

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    You forgot to show me this picture the other day when you were here. That looks pretty bad for sure. I’m glad that he was able to find out what was wrong and I hope over the next few weeks he is able to fix you all up! The name Dr. Jared sounds familiar, does he have a commercial on the radio? Hope you’re feeling better. xoxo Sara

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    Christine! That is the craziest thing b/c my bf’s daughter has the same thing. Did you chiro say why?

    Her daughter never crawled and that’s when we develop the curve. How cool…and weird at the same time!

    Praying for you!

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    I feel your pain. But my neck has a slight reverse curve and has been that way for years. I’ve been in way too many car accidents. I’ve been told by more than one chiropractor that my neck will never be completely right again. Luckily I don’t get headaches though. Don’t ask me how … even the chiro’s are amazed that I’m not doubled over in pain.

    I hope you get relief soon!

  5. Samuel Hernandez says

    my dad is a chiropractor and he often amazes me how he could treat my sprains.;~;