Hard-cooked or Hard-boiled?

I just discovered that the hard-boiled eggs that I have been making aren’t actually hard-boiled! Did you know that hard-boiled eggs are actually hard-COOKED?


This method is often incorrectly called boiled eggs. Although the cooking water must come to a quick boil for this cooking method, cooking the eggs gently in hot water by turning off the heat and removing the pan from the burner produces eggs that are more tender, less rubbery and less prone to breakage.

You can read step by step instructions on how to hard cook eggs, here.

Do you ever mix up your hard-cooked eggs with uncooked eggs? It’s easy to figure out which is which… Just spin the egg on its side (on a flat surface) and if it doesn’t wobble that means that the egg is hard-cooked.


  1. jackie says

    I, for one, have often confused the two! I usually take a sharpie marker and either draw an “x” on the side or an “hb”…however after reading your post, I may have to change it to an “hc”. I do hope that it’s not the start of a rebellion :)