For The Mom-to-Be {That’s Me!}

Sprout Pregnancy iPhone AppBaby flutters. Counting down the days. Gathering baby essentials. There are so many exciting moments to be had while baking a baby. But, there are some great products and services out there to make the joyous time for an expectant mom even more enjoyable. I’d like to tell you about a few I’ve been able to try.

Even though this is baby number 7, I am just as thrilled to (re)discover the development and growth of Baby. The Sprout iPhone App is ever ready, at just the touch of a finger, and provides detailed 3D images, week-by-week advice, check-lists, and more. My kids and I love to see what Baby looks like every week and read all about how he is developing. The Sprout App has been a great tool!

I had never played music for my babies in utero before now, but I hear that the latest trend among moms-to-be is playing music as a way to bond with their baby. I was sent some Bellybuds to try and have found these wearable speakers to fit comfortably on my belly, while providing me the freedom to go about my day. Whatever I am doing, whether it be exercising, working at my computer, or playing with my kiddos, I can share prenatal music, or even recorded voice messages from loved ones, with my growing baby. I’m not sure how often I will use the Bellybuds but it’s a nice thought, no?

As many of you know, I have experienced perpetual nausea during this pregnancy. Most of the time the nausea can be curbed by eating just about anything, but sometimes consuming a little snack just isn’t possible. Like when I’m on the go and run out…heehee Keeping a few B-Natal Vitamin B6 Therapops in my bag for when I run out of crackers or granola bars has been a life saver! The cherry flavor is just enough to provide sweet relief and it’s comforting to know that the key ingredients of Vitamin B6 and sugar are natural and safe for me and my baby.

Are you expecting? What are some things you find as helpful or enjoyable these days?

I received B-Natal Therapops and the Bellybuds for the purpose of this review. However, I purchased the Sprout iPhone App shortly after I discovered that I was pregnant.


  1. Melinda says

    Playing music or even singing to the baby is really amazing. With my 1st baby, hubby sang to my utero, a German lubally that most Swiss sing to their babies. Once she was born, that was the only song that would put her to sleep :) or calm her down. With my 2nd he didn’t sing to her, and so when he tried to sing or play the same German lubally, that we used for her sister, it didn’t even phrase her.

    Plus its cute to see the hubby sing to your big ole belly, and I think it helps bond the dad and baby as well, since he obviously can’t feel or go thru the same emotions that are go thru.

  2. says

    Nice to meet another homeschooling mom of many, even if it is a cyber visit!

    I am expecting #8, who is due in 6.5 weeks give or take days or weeks, of course.

    I am technologically behind since I don’t have an iphone, but I have tried something similar to the concept of the belly band, called a Lullabelly. I love the concept, but have not used the Lullabelly as much as I thought I would.

    The new things in this pregnancy were new prenatal vitamins that don’t cause constipation and are all natural, as well as taking a liquid form of iron called Floradix to get my iron up or at least keep it the same.

    I have been so nauseated and in pain (stretching, baby’s position etc.) that I am finding most normal things work. I enjoy napping lately since usually I can find a comfy position to curl up in and just rest. It’s been my hardest pregnancy and I feel like a wimp!

    Gotta get back to making my rounds from last night’s MomDot comment chat!
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