Goodbye Crowded Teeth. Hello Beautful Smile!


Do you remember when I told y’all about Ethan and Zach’s upcoming Invisalign treatment?
At the time we had just had the initial consulation with our orthodontist. Whom we love, by the way!

Invisalign 1st Visit

There were many reasons why we decided to go with Invisalign aligners instead of braces, to straighten their teeth, not the least of which is the fact that Invisalign aligners are barely noticeable. Score for the already-awkward twin boys in middle school!

Actually, because the aligners are removable there are no limitations on what my (soon-to-be) teens can eat and nothing (like wires or brackets) to get in the way of cleaning. My boys can still be kids… Kids with a little more responsibility, that is, considering they have to remove their aligners to eat, brush and floss, and they must regularly clean the aligners and exchange them for a new set every two weeks.

A piece of cake for boys who want straight teeth. And, quite the deal for the already nagging mother. (That would be me.) I have yet to bug the boys to clean or change their aligners!

So, Ethan and Zach had their scans done back in May. I was worried they would have to have old-school impressions done, with all that yucky goop in their mouths for what seemed like forever, but this was “super cool.” As the machine scanned their teeth, each section of Ethan and Zach’s mouths appeared on the screen in front of us.

Invisalign Scan

As soon as their scans were completed, we saw right before our eyes how their crowding would be corrected over the next year and a half. The boys were amazed, as was I. They were eager to begin their treatment and we can’t wait to share their progress over the next several months.

Have you or any of your kiddos had braces or Invisalign? Do you have any thoughts, concerns, or questions you’d like to share?

I’m a member of the Teen Invisalign Mom Advisory Board, and both Ethan and Zach are receiving complimentary treatment.


  1. says

    Curious how things work – I always wanted braces so I could be one of the cool kids and complain about them. Alas, my dentist sent me to the orthodontist early who advised us to prematurely pull 4 teeth to allow room for growth. I never got the misery that the cool kids got.

    And now, apparently, there’s this new other technology. What do the cool kids have to complain about now?
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  2. says

    I’m already looking into these as an option for my 8 year old. I was one of the cool kids with braces and then only thing I got out of it is learning the hard way that playing volleyball with brace is not smart.

  3. says

    I’ve often thought about doing Invisalign for myself! Turns out teen braces don’t always keep your teeth straight forever, even if you wear your retainers faithfully for several years after. I’m reassured to hear there’s no goop, I have really bad memories of that part. I’d also think the Invisalign would have less potential for cutting up your mouth – no need to stick gobs of wax on sharp parts?
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  4. Evin says

    My boy is almost 9 and is definitely going to need some orthodontia. I had old school metal braces for TWO YEARS in high school and wouldn’t wish that on anybody! We’ll be looking into Invisalign when the time comes! Thanks for the look into the process!

  5. logesh says

    Nowadays Teeth issues such as Teeth Spacing , Open bite , Teeth Crowding etc. can be easily solved by Invisalign Treatment in very small period of time. It is a very good fortune for Adults and Childrens