From The Peanut Gallery

Ray : Where’s my iPad?
Timmy : Your iPad’s gone!


Joshua : Can we move to Alabama?
Ray : No, son. We’re moving to Texas.
Josh : But if we lived in Alabama and came here for a visit, we could sing “Sweet Home Alabama“!
Timmy : That’s funny, Josh!


Me : Noah, where did you put my glasses?
Noah : I gave them back to you.
Me : I promise you that you didn’t.
Noah : I promise me, Mom, I did!

tree climber

Me to Ray : What do you think about Ikea being accused of using horse meat in their meatballs?
Ethan : I think you shouldn’t buy food at a furniture store.


Ethan : If a cockroach can live through an atomic bomb, what the heck is Raid made out of?



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    My 6 year old recently explained that someday he would like to work at Disney and we can all come and live with him there. Then he said, “Well except for Gram and Pap because I guess they’ll be dead by then.” He said it so nonchalantly that I had to laugh! Such matter-of-factness from such a little guy!
    Amy from Resourceful Mommy´s last blog post ..Wreck-It Ralph Twitter Party Wednesday