From Cali to Texas

Just minutes before I told Ray that I was pregnant with Timmy, over three years ago, we were discussing many things – looking for a new church, Ray starting his own company, selling our house and moving to Texas…

We decided that too many life changes at one time would be a bit overwhelming. So, we’ve made these life changes over the course of a few years instead.

A short time after Timmy was born we started attending a church that we became more involved in as a family. Timmy was six months old and Ray quit his job and started his own PR company. And now, years after we first talked about it, we’re leaving California and moving to Texas.

Mentally and emotionally we’ve been preparing ourselves for months and now it’s really time… We’re packing up and routing our caravan to Austin. We are all looking forward to this new chapter. It’ll be an adventure, for sure!

The hardest part? Saying goodbye to all of our friends and family. I am so thankful for God’s peace during this time, but it’s still extremely difficult to even think of being so far away. 

Although nothing will replace being so close to those we love, it will certainly help having Skype, Facebook, iMessage and FaceTime — the distance between California and Texas will sure be a lot shorter!

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness! We’re going to miss you here! But you know.. everything is bigger in Texas. So yay for a giant house!! (And I am placing you on my national list, so you don’t get lost in the move :) )

  2. Alice says

    I’m glad I had to opportunity to meet you. Your generosity in sharing the storybooks with us a couple of Christmases ago meant a lot. Those books became favorites of my ‘special’ little grandchildren.
    I’m looking forward to hearing how God uses and blesses ‘you all’ in Texas. :-)
    Grandma Alice

  3. says

    Change they say is the only constant thing life. Things don’t remain static in life.There comes a time when we need to make changes.And for you the change
    has come to move to Austin.

    The important is that the change you make,makes you better and makes for a better tomorrow as well.If we makes changes that are costly,that could slow down our progress in life.