Fresh Air and Sunshine

It rained three days this last week, but Noah asked every day – multiple times – if it was summer yet. That boy is itchin’ to spend time outside. He wants to feel the sun on his skin. He’s dying to play in the water. Heck, he played outside every day this week! He didn’t care if it was raining.

Me, on the other hand? I don’t like to be cold. Or hot. A perfect day, in my book, is a breezy 70 degrees, with only white, puffy clouds in the sky. Think Hawaii. Or San Diego. I’d be outside every day if I lived in either place.

But, it’s not all about me…

With Noah dying to be outside, Ben’s newfound freedom found in riding a two-wheeler, and my new rollerblades, we’ve spent a lot of time roaming our neighborhood streets and trails this week. Ignore the cold weather. Ignore the wind. Ignore the allergies. We’ve had fun!

Sunshine and Fresh Air

You can tell in that picture of Timmy that it was windy… poor baby could barely keep his eyes open! In spite of it, I think he enjoyed being outside almost as much as the rest of us, though. Well, I don’t think any of us enjoyed it as much as Noah did, but close.

Being that he can’t move around like the rest of us, I had to bundle Timmy up against the cool wind. Good thing he likes his lovies and soft blankets more than any toys! When Timmy was really little myMonkeymoo sent us their stroller blanket, stroller pad and a Monkey Bucket.

The blanket and pad have become a must-have when we’re out and about, but you will often see any one of my kiddos carrying around the blanket around the house… It’s one that you just like to snuggle! The Monkey Bucket came in super handy when Timmy and I were in Florida. It was a perfect little place for park tickets, sunscreen, my phone and sunglasses – everything we needed close by, but couldn’t lose. I’m sure Timmy will love keeping all of his goodies in it as he gets older.

Win it!

Have your kiddos been dying to get outside, regardless of the weather? Well, myMonkeymoo wants to make sure that your little one stays nice and cozy! Leave me a comment, before 9pm on May 31st, telling me about what you have done to help keep your kids from driving you crazy with the countdown to summer. Your comment will enter you to win a Stroller Pad and Blanket Set and it’ll help me figure out what to do with Noah!

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  1. susanlanai says

    We’ve been doing lots of crafts! Although we try to go for a walk every chance we can when the sun peaks through!

  2. Amanda Bradley says

    Lots of puzzles, coloring, play dates, playing ball in our hallway, pillow fights, Thomas the Tank Engine. : )

  3. Shai-Le says

    With the summer coming on slowly, and my little girl dying to get out and interact, if there are no local play gyms open, i sometimes take her for a bus ride. It keeps us out of the rain (which we get tons of, here in Vancouver, BC). And she loves gibbering away and waving at all the new people. She’s quite the social butterfly!

  4. says

    I am the exact same way the weather! 70 is perfect. I don’t do cold (I shiver like no other even bundled up) or hot (I turn bright red in the face). I’m over the 7-month on/off rain. And this week’s rainy day consisted of trying something new…impromptu drawing lessons. =p I learned to draw a bunny and a duck…hehe
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  5. Kmenn says

    We’ve been walking the bike trail behind our house and looking for new buds on trees & new flowers!

  6. Erin R says

    During the cold days (and recent “monsoon” season) we’ve gone to Target and walked the aisles, read lots of books, watched fun movies snuggled on the couch and played with play-dough. And, when it’s been warm enough (yet raining) gone out to the garage and let the kiddos color (with sidewalk chalk) on the ground.

  7. Colleen says

    We live in a high rise, so we make excellent use of the community areas – going to get the mail is a 30 minute adventure now.

  8. Kathy Johnson says

    We’re on the Wet Coast, so cold, wet, gray is 75% of our weather. We’ve taken advantage of library story times and parent drop-ins, as well as logging in a lot of mall hours and time at the swimming pool. Thankfully, an indoor playground just opened locally, so that should be a refreshing break, too.

  9. Stacie says

    I know how you feel! My 2 year old has been dying to get outside b/c we have been stuck in the house for the past 3 months due to my son having a rare heart condition and being in isolation. The weather hasn’t really allowed us to get those much needed fresh air breaks! I have been taking her in the garage & letting her draw with sidewalk chalk. I’ve also tried to move them around the house from day to day spending most of the day in a certain room to mix things up. One day we’ll hang out in the kitchen a lot baking or playing with the fridge toys, next day- dining room drawing & making things out of construction paper, then the next day one of their rooms playing house, doctor..whatever, etc. It’s been helping give them a change of scenery and keep my 2 year old distracted from wanting to go outside!

  10. Cheyl says

    We bowl inside, bake cookies, bread or brownies, sing songs ,put on little shows or play a game.

  11. Kari Meeker says

    well my baby is only 12.5 months old, so it’s ME who is going crazy for summer! :) we’re getting ready to move into our first house, though, so for her birthday we got a great little playset for outside that was actually small enough to get set up in my parents’ basement :) and every chance we get we go for walks!

  12. Belinda says

    On dreary days we play with play dough. My boys love it and it keeps them occupied for a while. On nice days, we go outside and blow bubbles, another favorite of theirs.

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  13. Chelsea says

    Hey neat giveaway! We’ve gone to the mall a lot and played games inside a lot :)

  14. Amanda Alvarado says

    Since we are in South Texas, we don’t have too many dreary days but when we do, we like to snuggle on the couch and watch Nick Jr. or play some board games and do some puzzles. DD loves her games and puzzles! Now if we could just get her to follow directions instead of playing like *she wants! LOL We have also gone ‘shopping’ at Target/Walmart/HEB just to get out of the house!

  15. Krystal Marcoux says

    my son is only 10.5 months so it is me that is going CRAZY waiting for summer to get here… during the rainy days we usually stay inside and read or watch his fave movies and on nice days we enjoy the weather outside in the backyard or parks, and go swimming (indoors for now…)
    Planning his 1yr birthday is also keeping me pretty busy…

  16. jennifer says

    On very cold days we would have play dates with kids that lived near by .I had a big appartment with plenty of room and toys . I woulod invite their mothers and have some hot tea while the kiddos play and got their exercise for the day. on other days that we could not do that build a fire and set up a tent ( fort ). watch movies . A few times I got a really big box cut out windows and got markers and they can go to town.

  17. Shainy says

    Reading books at the library, covered a wall with construction paper and let my boys color with crayons and decorate the wall, Lego and clics…

  18. Andrea G. says

    We bought a gigantic trampoline from Sam’s Club and put it in our den! Yes, inside our home! The weather has been so yucky and rainy and not able to get outdoors, yet their energy level was not subsiding! We had no choice if we wanted to keep our sanity. Once the rain has stopped, the trampoline will be moved outside!

  19. Toni says

    I have been doing things such as giving my son little coloring projects or writing or reading it really does help and I also let him go to so he play games!

  20. says

    I thought I was alone with this, my kids were always kept inside the house because I’m to busy with work, but when somebody want’s to bring them along outside, they instantly rushed ( well only family relatives do)
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  21. Kimberly M says

    I have 2 small kids and we need to do ALOT to keep us all from going wonky!

    We have made playdoh, baked cookies, storytime at the library, blowing bubbles outside, making crayons with old crayons and moulds- google it, super fun!

    Loads of coloring, stories , making tents and popsicle walks ( them in the wagon) and all of us enjoying popsicles!
    Hope you get some ideas girl for you and Noah!

    PS, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these stroller pads and blankets, what a FANTASTIC idea!!!!

  22. Kathy Nguyen says

    We do lots and lots of coloring to pass the time. I also let my daughter wait Baby Signing Time occasionally.
    Nguyenhkathy at gmail dot com

  23. crystal says

    We bake, make crafts, make forts w/ blankets, play board games, bubbles and play with playdough.