Flip for Family Fun!

In anticipation of the launch of Wal-Mart’s Money Saving Community and their BIG video contest, Pure Digital and Wal-Mart have given each of us Money Saving Moms a sleek Flip Ultra to give to our readers. I thought it would be fun to ask you all to help me in exchange for a chance to win, in hopes that your ideas inspire some new and creative things to do, with my kiddos, without breaking the bank!

You see, family nights around here are always so much fun… Sometimes we go out to dinner with the kiddos, or we’ll just stay in and play games or watch a movie. Keeping costs low is a must when you have a big family, and I fear that we have run out of fresh ideas of things to do on our special family nights. I need your help!

So, this is what you’ll need to do to be entered to win the Flip video camera:

Leave a comment with a creatively unique idea for a Young family fun night. Ideas must include a yummy after-dinner snack and an activity to keep us busy for at least 1 hour. Remember that all of our six children are under the age of 8.

Ideas may include in or outside activities, but you must provide a detailed description of your snack and activity. If I don’t get a clear picture of what you are telling me we should munch on and do, your entry will be disqualified.

Ready for the hard part? The materials for our family fun night, including snacks, must not cost us any more than $20 and must be available at Wal-Mart stores. A list of needed material would be helpful, but is not required in your entry.

Just a few more details:

  • The winner of the Flip will be notified via email, so make sure you leave a valid email address in your comment.
  • Multiple entries will be accepted, but each entry must be a new idea!
  • Only US residents are eligible to win.

The one to post the most unique family fun night activity idea, by following the above guidelines, will win the Flip Ultra! The winner and winning idea will be announced in a very fun way on September 3rd 5th…. You won’t want to miss it!

No more entries are being accepted. I must now choose a winner. You’ve made it all very hard for me!


  1. Anonymous says

    I would have the kids go outside and gather up some pinecones… bring them inside and have the kids put peanut butter on them first with plastic knives… then have some birdseed(from Walmart) in a large bowl and have them roll the pinecone in the birdseed… attach a piece of string(from Walmart) to the top and have the kids go outside and hang them from trees… Then have the kids go back inside and put peanut butter on pieces of cut up apples (you can stick popsicle sticks or toothpicks in the apples for better handling) and have them dip the covered apple in peanuts/granola… whatever else they would like that will stick to the peanut butter…
    Enjoy your snack on the front porch and watch the birds come to the feeders to eat!! :) ENJOY!~Julie


  2. Bronwyn says

    When I was a kid, we made spook houses in the basement. You know, slimy cooked spaghetti, grapes, wet cotton balls, etc. We’d take turns walking through and then drag Mom and Dad.

    I suppose to go along with the theme, you could make a graveyard cake. There are lots of recipes out there, but something like an Oreo crust, chocolate pudding mixed with Cool Whip, more Oreo crumbs. Then decorate it with graham cracker tombstones, marshmallow fluff or cotton candy or Cool Whip for ghosts, chocolate chips or raisins for rats or bugs, etc. Dessert would be good frozen but graham crackers would get a little soggy. There are lots of spooky snacks out there–like roasted bones (pretzels), chocolate spiders (chow mein noodles in a blob of chocolate), etc. Let your (or your kids’)imagination run wild!

  3. Carrie says

    I love Family night with home made junk pizza made with what ever toppings are available in the frig.
    Then I break out the karaoke machine and let everyone sing their favorite hits. It usually only lasts an hour or so anyway! We are not professional singers!!

  4. liza121870 says

    we have a star calandar and if you get 6/7 stars(or whom ever has most)gets to pick an activity from the activity jar(washed out mayo jar)i have activities like….put a puzzle together,popcorn&movie ect….
    this way its teaching kids that they get rewarded for good behavior and also friendly compitition(spell check)wich in moderation is healthy

  5. a says

    since we don’t have room for a sandbox, we have a large bin of rice that we let our preschooler play in. we include some inexpensive sand toys and he is happy for a good chunk of time.

    sometimes we’ll take grains of rice ahead of time and “color” them in a bit of food coloring and let it dry. then we’ll glue the grains onto paper into shapes, or simple pictures.

    after dinner snacks include yogurt, granola, berries, and raisins or craisins. yummy and healthy too!

    aimee f.

  6. Tara B. says

    Waffle frozen of homemade. A scoop of their favorite ice cream and a toppings buffet. My son’s favorite warm apple fililng from a can.

    Use your flip and let the kids make their own home movies. Let them dress up in old halloween costumes, mom and dads clothes or their own pretend outfits. Help them make props and write skits. When they’re done pop some corn and watch the best TV for kids, themselves. Plus you’ll have a keepsake to treasure forever. Don’t forget to show the grandparents. Burn copies and give as gifts. The possibilities are endless.

  7. Tamarra says

    Something my kids LOVE to do is to make small personal scrapbooks. You can get everything you need from around the house. The last ones we made were from lunch bags. You take 3-6 lunch bags. Fold them in half and punch holes in the valley side and tie them together with some ribbon. Then you can decorate them with what ever you have from previous crafts and add pictures. Also their favorite dessert is pudding cones. They love it because they get to make it and it is EASY! Now keep in mind my 3 kids are 1.5, 5 and 7 so they are entertained easy.

    Ok so on to the directions. For the pudding cones you need:
    A box of favorite flavored pudding (you can get on sale at Walmart for $.60 sometimes)
    Ice cream cones (around $2.00)
    Gallon size ziplock bag
    Put all the ingredients in the ziplock and let the kids toss it around (make sure to seal the Ziplock bag yourself). I usually have them stand on the back porch just incase it breaks open. So far it hasn’t but just incase it is easier to clean outside. This is a great dessert for camping too.

    The Scrapbook:
    Brown or White Lunch Bags
    Extra scraps of papers
    Crayons/ Markers/ colored pencils
    Stamps and ink pads if you have them
    Hole Punch
    Double sided Tape or other adhesive
    Any other embellishments you want (glitter, fun foam, extra buttons from clothes (the free replacement buttons that come with many items- we store them in a jar for crafts- or buy a bag from craft section around $2.00), brads, etc.)

    You fold 3-6 bags in half so it makes a square shape. Stack them on top of each other and punch 3 holes down the creased side. Tie KNOTS in each hole to hold the book together. Knots work better then bows because they don’t come undone. Now decorate how ever you want. Add pictures, buttons, color pictures, ribbons, extra paper cut into shapes. The great part is the open end of the bag works great as a pocket for “special things” to go inside (eg: tickets, postcards, wrapping paper, the list is endless) We usually make them with a theme or for an event.
    Our last ones were 4th of July. So I got out the white bags and put out red, white and blue papers, ribbons, flowers I had, pipe cleaners, fun foam pieces and a stack of pictures from the forth of July. We each then made a book of Our favorite part(s) of the day. Then we put them together in a small box (you can even make it if you wanted) so they are kept together. This way you can reflect on them as a whole. We have even made them to send to grandparents. Everyone seems to like them and they are easy enough that my Daisy troop made them for Christmas gifts last year. Best thing is they can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. You could even partner up an older kid with a younger one if you wanted. I know my sons (16 months old) favorite part is the glue….LOL Thanks for the chance to win. ~Tamarra~ Tnkerbele@aol.com

  8. Anonymous says

    Peanut butter playdoh! It can be made with ingredients from walmart, can be played with, and is edible! So, I’m sure playing with it as well as spreading it on some crackers would be really fun for the little ones. You could just delete the salt from the recipe.

  9. design6565 says


    Finally! The kids get to make a mess with our blessing…. they LOVE it! The only ingredients you’ll need are as many tubs of cool whip topping as you’re willing to pay for, and little foil tart tins, or cupcake cups. Oh, and some food coloring… because it HAS to be colorful for the great photo op that this presents – (Pull out the Flip!!!)

    Put a couple drops of food coloring the the various Cool Whip tubs, stir it up, plop the whipped cream into your chosen “vehicle”. And lay them all out on cookie sheets in preparation for the frenzy.

    Mood music is great for the impending battle, the more dramatic the better… think Rocky or William Tell overature. Make sure to begin the mayhem with plenty of drama and build up….then get the camera ready and let her fly! The bonus is that dessert is literally at your fingertips, just give ’em a lick.

    This is definately an outdoor summertime activity so squeeze in this family free-for-all while the weather allows. Clean up is as easy as the garden hose… it will be as if the battle never happened! yet safe for the environment and safe for injestion by kidlin’s. The kids will reminisce about these food fights with their own kids at Christmas’ far in the future,”Remember when Mom?…”

    (Again,get the Flip ready!)

    sorry to post twice! forgot to include the email address in the comment, landmeier@fox26.com There sure are some fantastic ideas here, thanks for setting this up, I’m going to use some of these in our home!

  10. Erin says

    We enjoy a trip to the library on Family night. Sometimes they have story times that we will go to for fun. Simple and enjoyable for us. We each get to bring a few books back home to enjoy as well.

  11. Melinda (farleysmiles) says

    The first thing that came to mind that we have done with our 5 kids for the past few years (our oldest is 9) is a movie night where they earn tickets beforehand. We usually have them do small chores and silly things to earn the tickets. I’ve done variations of this but mostly they have to draw their task from a hat and it might be to pick up the baby’s toys or to give everyone a hug or to act like a monkey or sing a song. Then they can use these tickets to shop in the family store. We usually have little trinkets plus little candies and other snacks including some healthy type options and juice, really, whatever we can find, plus they need to buy their movie tickets and popcorn if they want it. Then we set-up the family room to look like a movie theater. We line-up small chairs and turn out the lights. The kids love to have the power to choose what to buy and have fun being silly as well as helping to prepare the house. We have even done it occasionally without a movie option, you could use it as their pass to whatever activity you will do, like a game or a walk or something like that.

  12. Melinda (farleysmiles) says

    After a visit to the jelly belly factory, we came up with a fun activity that was a hit. We saw all the artwork at the factory made out of jelly belly’s and decided to make our own. The kids had so much fun making pictures out of jelly beans, I put glue in milk jug lids and they dipped the bean in the glue and arranged it on their paper. I showed them how to put the colors together as I made a flower and they came up with their own designs. Then we were able to display our artwork on the wall and snack on jelly beans at the same time.

  13. Melinda (farleysmiles) says

    You could have a backwards evening. Start with dessert and then move on to a simple dinner like hamburgers and then have an appetizer at the end like chips and dip. Or even make a day of it and have breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast (when we do this, we serve Chili) Everyone could also dress backwards and you can try do other things in reverse like reading a short story backwards and saying everyone’s name backwards. You can even get everyone to walk backwards. Maybe do some relay games that has the kids walk or jump backwards. I haven’t tried this yet, we are actually planning it for my 5 year old’s birthday party but when I suggested it and described it, he thought it was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing.

  14. Tara says

    We like backyard camping. We’ve been doing this since my daughter was 2. We did it once this summer and may do it again this weekend. My daughter is 4 now and she helps get the “gear” out and “make the bed”. We just put up our tent in the backyard and set up our bedding inside the tent. Then we roast marshmallows over our outdoor fireplace (we help her with hers), look up at the stars, and tell campfire stories. We love it and it’s great practice for the real thing!

  15. Cher says

    Memories are made of silly moments and fun times. For some reason it is so hilarious to kids when everything is backwards. There is plenty of room to be spontaneous with this theme and use what you already have on hand. Giggles will explode when the kids hear each other speak backwards, wear backwards clothes, and eat backwards. You can even play a favorite game backwards or incorporate a history lesson (backwards in time)! For a snack, get creative with the ordinary–like turn a bowl of apples upside down (plate under it, of course).

  16. CandyScraps says

    For family fun night, a fun thing to do is make your own play dough!

    I make KoolAid playdough, because it smells so good and it’s so easy. Have a challenge for your family to create their own playdough pizza, then make a homemade pizza for a munchie!!


    KoolAid Playdough Ingredients:
    1 c flour, sifted
    1/2 c salt
    3 T cooking oil
    1 pkg Koolaid (unsweet)
    1 c boiling water

    Mix together flour, salt, oil, and Kool-aid. Add the cup of boiling water. Mix well. Knead the mixture until it forms a soft dough.
    Have fun!
    Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

    Tips: If you don’t want colored hands, try mixing this in a plastic bag once it has cooled just a bit. Mixing it is half the fun!

    Pizza ideas:
    A frozen pizza cut into 2-3″ squares, a prepared pizza crust, topped with your favorite pizza toppings, or a totally from homemade pizza from your favorite dough recipe. We love to all help top the pizza with fresh veggies – the children all eat better when they help make the meal.

  17. Rachel says

    This was one of my favorite activities that we did for family night when I was growing up….Hide and Go Seek In the DARK! We would designate one place in the house as “base” (usually the couch). One family member would be the seeker and everybody else would hide. (Not sure if your kids are too young to participate b/c of the whole “dark” part.” But…..we would turn off all the lights in the house, the seeker would count to 50 or 100 or whatever, and everybody else would hide. Then the seeker would try to find everybody else. If the seeker found you and tagged you, you are out. If you get back to the couch, however, before the seeker tags you, you are safe. It was always fun and a little scary, and usually ended up in lots of giggles.

    As for the snack, one thing I’ve been craving lately is “ants on a log.” You’ve probably heard of this already, but maybe not, b/c my husband swears his mom never fixed these for him as a kid. He also thinks they sound gross, but I love them, and he’s really picky anyway.

    Celery, cut into about 3 inch pieces
    Spread peanut butter in the groove of the celery
    Place a few raisins in a row in the peanut butter……ants on a log!

    Fun to make, and pretty healthy.

    I hope i win!! now I have to go read everybody else’s…..


  18. The Pelhams says

    OK, we just did this and it was waaay fun. We did not have a GPS, but knew someone who did, and they let us borrow it. It is called geocaching. Treasure hunt where there really isn’t great treasure, but something to find and the fun of getting there!! Go to http://www.geocaching.com and check out the site including the FAQ area. After you are done, one of our favorite things to do is buy graham crackers, Hershey bars, and marshmallows, and long camp skewers(found in the sporting goods area, go to a local state or county park, build a camp fire and have smores! We live in Iowa and have some great free State parks nearby! We just go to a campsite and build our fire with wood found along the way in the forest, and have a blast doing it!

  19. Joanne says

    OK – this one is going to cost you nothing!! How’s that? Get your attention? When my hockey-fan sons were little, I would call the local ice rink ahead of time to find out what time local teams practiced (or games) were, we would drive there we have 2 right by us) and spend an evening watching their favorite sport. Practices were always free — games were usually a $1 per person. Before we left for the rink, we took a stick of butter, melted it along with parmesean cheese and mixed it with Chex cereal. It is delicious! It was a fun and inexpensive evening.

  20. Lolly says

    I think it would be fun to make coloring cupcakes! You take little pieces of broken crayons and melt them in cupcake wrappers in the oven on 350 degrees. This could incorporate all age groups on different activities (matching, sorting, etc) and have muffins or cupcakes for a snack. FUN!!

  21. Chesney says

    Marshmallows in the microwave. If you haven’t done this yet have everyone guess what the marshmallows will do when you microwave them. Then gather around and watch what they do.

    When you are done with that the marshmallows get a new weird consistency that when mashed continually between 2 fingers almost takes the consistency of taffy and is very fun to play with, but gets very sticky.

    If you get the little colored marshmallows you can smush them together while making your taffy and learn about color mixing at the same time…pink + blue = purple. It is very fun to do.

  22. Jenn says

    One of my favorite things to do is to make cupcakes as a family and write thank you notes to those who do so much for us (as a family)& for the community. We deliver the cupcakes and notes to those who do so much to serve us- and tell them how much we appreciate all they do. It's a great way to teach your children (and a great reminder for us adults) about gratitude and serving others. Afterwords, we get to eat some of the extra cupcakes we baked and decorated. We always feel so good afterword and love that we can thank the special people in our lives in a special way. It's always so much fun watching everyone's reaction. We love surprising people with treats when they least expect it! And, it's super inexpensive (24 cupcakes for about $3), so we can do it often.

  23. LisaSlater says

    Well, we’re waiting on our first baby in about 6 weeks, so I don’t have much experience with this…but what came to mind is making those “musical” instruments we used to make in school. You take a paper plate, put some dried beans on it, then staple another to it and decorate it and you have a homemade tambourine. You could probably take small paper bowls and do the same thing, but put some sort of craft stick sticking out to make more of a maraca. (I had to back and make sure you didn’t say this had to be a quiet and relaxing activity!) And after cooking dinner for eight kids, microwave kettle corn sounds great to me. Plus the older kids can help the younger ones make the instruments, but the little ones can still decorate them. And all this-paper plates, bowls, craft sticks, markers or crayons, and microwave kettle corn can be gotten at Wal-mart for less than $20!

  24. Hope says

    Start with making the desert: cut bananas in half and stick in a popsicle stick. Freeze. (While bannanas are freezing play the game) After games take frozen banannas and dip in hot fudge (or topping of choice) and then roll into candy sprinkels, nuts, chocolate chips etc… Enjoy a fun banana pop.

    Have everyone in the family choose a random item. Place the items into a bag. Family members sit in a cicle. Pass the item around the circle saying one thing the item can be but they can’t say what the item really is. For Example: Pull out a kleenex box: some might say it’s a shoe, phone, winter glove…etc The ideas get pretty fun and silly.


  25. tracy says

    Fall Decorating Fun!!! Ok here goes. Gather the family and go outside to find some leaves, about 3 to a child. Thereafter, gather together and sort out the leaves. Do crayon rubbings (put leaves under the paper and rub with crayons), and for the older children, get some wax paper, put leaves between 2 sheets of wax papers and help them press with an iron. The wax paper leaves can be hung in windows for fall decorations, and the rubbings can be hole punched and bound together with yarn to make a cute book for the kids to look at from time to time.

    For a snack, get a bag of large marshmallows, 1 bag of chocolate chips, popsicle sticks and sprinkles. Put chocolate chips in a bowl and microwave 1 minute, stirring half way through, until chocolate is melted. Place 1 marshmallow on a popsicle stick, giving each child to hold. Then have them dip the marshmallow into the chocolate allowing excess chocolate to drip back into the bowl. Thereafter have a few sprinkles lined up so they can dip their chocolate marshmallow in to make their own little creation. Then enjoy!!!

    Or if you want a healthier snack, apple slices or banana slices with caramel dip – yummy!

  26. Anonymous says

    You can buy a baby wading pool at Wal-Mart for about $5 since they are on clearance. You can get the kids in their swimsuits and get them outside to enjoy the last few days of warm evenings and divide them in half. The 2 oldest children will each be team leader and have a group RED and a group Blue, then each group gets one of the middle children and a younger one so they are somewhat even(no one has all the little ones or all the bigs ones.)Then have them sit in a line (there will be 2 lines, one for each team), give them all a cup and have the child closest to the wading pool fill it up and pass it down the line trying not to spill it. Once it gets to the end they pour it into a large mixing bowl or pot and after a minute, they stop and you will measure who has the most water in the bowl.The winning team can pick the desert for the evening, either smoothies, or fruit shiskabobs, and everyone can help make them. Just use fruit that is on sale like strawberries, watermelon, cantelope, bananas, etc.You can have all the peices cut up and ready to go since they can easily be tossed in the blender with juice for smoothies, or placed on a stick for kabobs. Also another fun game is to do bobbing for apples. Enjoy! Melissa yourgoddessmimi@msn.com

  27. SaneAtHomeMom says

    We have smores in the microwave – making them is the most fun and we even add sprinkles. We then have the tent set up inside the house (or two small ones would do, in your case) and turn out the lights, have flashlights, read books, and just play. If we don’t want to add sugar, we do popcorn.

  28. tootywink says

    ACTIVITY: Wrapping Paper Reversal

    What to do with those end or odd pieces of gift wrapping paper? Reverse them and tape over the top of a coffee table or kitchen table. Kids can draw or paint pictures.

    If you read a story after dinner, the kids can make a picture that represents the story. If X-Mas themed, take a digital picture and make it your family Holiday card.

    Do you cover a room door in X-Mas wrapping paper for the Holiday season? Why not reverse it on the kids bedroom doors. They can use this as their own memo board through the year – Write their gift wish list; tape up pictures and calendars; decorate; have emergency information; a diary; schedule; cut and paste a collage or pictures from magazines; measure growth; personal or family timeline of the year; etc. It can become wall art when replaced for a new year or cut up any way they like to add to the new door cover.

    For a recurring family project, have the kids draw and decorate a door or their own for every Holiday in the year!

    Note: Butcher paper can be used to great effect too.

    SNACK: Toasted Tortillas

    Cut tortillas with cookie cutters. Kids can add peperoni and/or cheese, etc. and place in a toaster oven to toast.

    Cinnamon toast (sprinkle of sugar with butter) is always a favorite. Give it a go with cookie cutter tortillas.

    For a no toast option, add peanut butter!

    tootywink at aol dot com

  29. Hera says

    What a great list of ideas! Here’s mine:
    Play “Who’s my artist?”
    You need enough paper and art supplies (crayons and colored pencils are good for easier clean up, but water based paints and paintbrushes are best!) for each family member. Have all the names of the family in a hat and everyone picks one, but you’ll have to make sure no one picks their own name (for the littlest ones you can just tell them who their “secret” person is). Then, each family member must paint/draw a portrait of the person they picked from the hat. You then hang all of the portaits and each person must guess which one is a picture of themselves! A challenging twist on this game for the older children (and parents) is to try and paint/draw their portraits blindfolded!
    What’s great about this game is that at the end you can collect all the portraits and make a family album: slide each picture into a clear sheet protector and then put all the sheets into a 3-ring binder. Make sure to label the binder with the date so if you play this game again you can have fun comparing the different pictures. If you have a digital camera you can also have each child take a photo of their art subject and print them out on your home printer and affix to the corner of each portrait. That way, in later years you can remember exactly what each child looked like when they had their “portrait” painted!

    As for your snack, you can buy premade refrigerated sugar cookie dough and bake plain sugar cookies, and then have each child “paint” a design on their cookie with icing or edible markers. Or, let the children try to shape their cookie dough into their initial and then bake!
    Have fun on your family night!!
    herahong at gmail dot com

  30. Becca says

    Here is a fun idea…

    Snack: Fruity S’mores – All you need is graham crackers, plain cream cheese, and sliced strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi fruit. Take half of a graham cracker and spread a layer of cream cheese. Add pieces of fruit on top of the cream cheese them place the other half of the graham cracker on top like a sandwich. The top cracker may not be needed if for a younger child. Serve and enjoy.

    Activity: All you need for this activity are boxes and imagination. While shopping for your snack items at Walmart, ask the front desk for some empty boxes of all shapes and sizes from the stock room. When it’s time to play, spread the boxes out around the room and let the kids go to town. This is a completely free form of entertainment but one of the most fun. There are endless possibilities for what your children can and will come up with. I have fun playing along and helping come up with additional ideas. I think my husband has more fun than our daughter does sometimes. :)

    I hope you enjoy my ideas!!!

  31. Cassie says

    I put a huge piece of paper on our back wall with masking tape and make a mural with paint. The kids love making a huge painting and it’s fun for the adults too.
    A great peanut butter cookie recipe that is super easy for kids: 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar, and 1 egg. Mix, drop on cookie sheet and press with fork. Bake at 350 for 6 to 8 minutes.

  32. Anonymous says

    Nothing is better than baking cookies and playing board games! cookies and board games can be bought inexpensively at Walmart. This snack and activity has endured through many generations! If you want something new, just buy a new board game to play! My email is info at atrendyparty dot com.

  33. Yuki says

    I think cooking out in the yard is a good idea. Get a little camp fire going and roast hotdogs, corn on the cob, veggies, mountain pies, etc. over the open fire. You can make everyone’s favorite smores for snack!
    For activities, play your guitar or just sing songs, play flashligt hide and seek, and tell stories. It’d be a whole family fun!

  34. Tracy says

    Here’s an extra fun activity for when it’s warm outside. Gather a book about nature or an insect. I like “Ants in My Pants” (this one is from Walmart) and “Working in an Anthill”. Here are the things that you will need: a blanket or sheet, your book, plain paper and markers or crayons, flashlights ($2.48 at Walmart!) and your snack ingredients (celery, peanut or soynut butter, raisins or Craisins).

    Set everyone up on the blanket outside. Read the book and then go on a hunt with your flashlights to find insects and flowers from the book. Come back to the blanket and draw pictures of what you found. Make your “ants on a log” snack and enjoy!

  35. icunursemicki says

    My kids are bit older but they love to dance. We put in a cd or turn on the raio and dance and sing. They love it. A bowl of fruit or some chex mix is an excellent side :)

  36. Beth says

    One of my favorite Friday Night snacks as a child was Angel Food cake(homemade or store bought) with WARM lemon pudding on the top! Great for a cold winter evening and very easy. A great idea for an activity would be have a puppet show with homemade puppets! Use some old(but clean) socks and markers or some craft supplies(from walmart!) if you have a little extra $$. You could then recreate one of you kids favorite stories-and let them take turns being the Main Character.


  37. Wendy says

    Our Family has the Johnson Jamboree very frequently and any family can host their own jamboree. Before hand, make a song book. Figure out the songs the family likes and print the lyrics (Google the song title). Then, gather up your musical instruments (if you don’t have any, make them–paper plates with bells attached make a tambourine, an oatmeal container for a drum, etc).

    On the night of the jamboree, have the kids get gussied up in their favorite finery. Take turns leading the songs. It works best with lots of participation and dancing. During breaks you can cool down and re-energize with lemonade and various bowls of your favorite snacks (we love to munch on trail mix and popcorn).

  38. Danielle says

    I actually blogged about theme movie nights last Friday. I am going to copy and paste my blog post, but the links will probably not come out so I will also post the link to the blog post (http://juanshappywife.blogspot.com/2008/08/family-friday-theme-movie-night.html)

    Instead of just watching a movie together, make a whole night of it. Include a movie-related dinner, snack, and activities. Here are some of my ideas:

    -Charlotte’s Web: Dinner/Snack- fair-type food such as corn dogs, roasted corn, lemonade, etc with cotton candy, fried dough, funnel cakes, or ice cream for a snack or if your family has a semi-twisted sense of humor you could have a based meal (chops, bacon, etc) with pork rinds or gummy spiders for the snack. Activities- spider-theme crafts such as this one from Family Fun or these spider lollipops also from Family Fun; Play The Farmer in the Dell (works best with larger families); sing Old MacDonald; Make a giant spider web with one string for each family member. Wind the string around things and over and under things. Have each person take the end of their string and “unravel” the web together. (this is a lot of fun)
    -Lady and the Tramp: Dinner/Snack- spaghetti and meatballs, (of course) and dog bone shaped cookies for a snack Activities- visit the pet shop or pound and look at the puppies available for adoption (I only recommend this if you may actually adopt a dog OR you are willing to hear the endless requests for one); dog crafts such as making a paper bag dog puppet (you can even find a template here) or a toilet paper tube dog (template here), there is also a whole bunch of dog crafts on Danielle’s Place (I am not the same Danielle) website; go in the backyard and try to find Canis Major and Canis Minor and/or the star Syrius (the Dog Star)

  39. design6565 says


    Finally! The kids get to make a mess with our blessing…. they LOVE it! The only ingredients you’ll need are as many tubs of cool whip topping as you’re willing to pay for, and little foil tart tins, or cupcake cups. Oh, and some food coloring… because it HAS to be colorful for the great photo op that this presents – (Pull out the Flip!!!)

    Put a couple drops of food coloring the the various Cool Whip tubs, stir it up, plop the whipped cream into your chosen “vehicle”. And lay them all out on cookie sheets in preparation for the frenzy.

    Mood music is great for the impending battle, the more dramatic the better… think Rocky or William Tell overature. Make sure to begin the mayhem with plenty of drama and build up….then get the camera ready and let her fly! The bonus is that dessert is literally at your fingertips, just give ’em a lick.

    This is definately an outdoor summertime activity so squeeze in this family free-for-all while the weather allows. Clean up is as easy as the garden hose… it will be as if the battle never happened! yet safe for the environment and safe for injestion by kidlin’s. The kids will reminisce about these food fights with their own kids at Christmas’ far in the future,”Remember when Mom?…”

    (Again,get the Flip ready!)

    sorry for having to post again, my email address is klandmeier@comcast.net There sure are some great ideas here! I’m going to steal a couple to add to my repetoire!


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