Family Night: Deluxe Edition

The following may have happened in a house full of kids, somewhere not very far away… Or it could happen to you!

It’s family night. You can’t go out, because you have no gas in the SUV and you’ve already blown your entire month’s gas budget. Being that you are a stay-at-home mom, you have already spent the entire day playing games and reading books with the little ones. You would really like to do something different, and you certainly don’t want to make dinner.

So, you call Pizza Hut and order some Tuscani Pasta and breadsticks. The Creamy Chicken Alfredo will hit the spot (and for only $11.99 you can feed your whole family).

While you wait for your dinner to be delivered, fresh and piping hot, you pop your family’s favorite movie into the DVD player. With the magic of the Projector 123, it appears on the wall of your living room. Oohs and aahs are heard all around as the kiddos are trying to figure out how that happened.

Of course you quickly hush the little boogers patiently explain to your precious children how it works, and then send them off to get their pillows and blankets.

Just before you all get cozy, the doorbell rings. On your way back to the living room you grab the paper plates and plastic forks for a yummy dinner and a quiet not-so-quiet movie.

Tuscany Pasta and breadsticks from Pizza Hut – $11.99
Projector 123 weekend rental – $99
A bunch of cuddly kiddos laying all over you, full and happy – Priceless