Don’t Miss Out on Spa Week!

I am so excited about Spa Week. Spa Week’s bi-annual event takes place every spring and fall. That means that October 14th through October 20th, hundreds of spas across the US and Canada will offer full-service, signature spa treatments at the major discount of just $50 each! In the Austin area alone, I can choose from massages, facials, pedicures and manicures, and more! It is a perfect time to try something new.

In fact, I was treated to a “Mascara Look” eyelash extension application at Face to Face Spa at Avery Ranch. Oh my, was it divine! The application itself was incredibly relaxing. For over two hours I “had to” keep my eyes closed and lay perfectly still. Bummer, huh? 50 artificial lashes were applied to each of my eyes to create the “mascara look.”

My friend warned me that artificial lashes were “like a drug” and that I’d be “addicted” right away. Boy, were you right, Beth! Not only were the ladies at Face to Face Spa absolutely amazing (and super sweet, to boot), but take look at my before and after images…

eyelash extensions before and after

Wouldn’t YOU be hooked? I’m thinking about becoming a monthly member of Face to Face Spa for the eyelash extensions alone, but considering they threw in an eyebrow wax and were all just wonderful, I’m seriously hooked!

Check out Spa Week Daily for the latest and greatest spa, health and wellness news. You can also find the spas nearest you that offer the Spa Week $50 deals, including the “Mascara Look” eyelash extension application from Face to Face at Avery Ranch!

Disclosure: I received the eyelash application in exchange for the promotion of Spa Week. The opinions expressed are completely my own.