Essential Baby Gear {A Giveaway}

Baby Gear

Those two words conjure up a wide range of feelings for me. Memories of everything from anxiety to excitement fill my memory. And these days, just a twinge of sadness is felt.

Of course, over the last eleven years I’ve seen more than my fair share of highchairs, carseats, strollers and bouncy seats. But, that sadness does show itself when I think about my days as a mom of teeny tiny babies being over.

I now have seven very mobile children and no infants.


At any rate, when I think back to when I had lots of babies to snuggle, and remember all of the baby gear we needed, I’m happy to be entering a new phase of parenthood. In those baby years, however fun, we had a house full of Pack ‘n Plays, bouncy seats, activity centers, swings and even Johnny-Jump-Ups hanging from the doorways. Yes, long before the Jumperoo.

All of these items I found to be essential at different points during my babies’ first year. If not for their enjoyment and development, for my own sanity.

There were some things that I wanted but didn’t have, simply because there was no more space in our house! Thanks to the advice of other parents, things like a changing table didn’t enter our home until this last year – we changed the first six on the bed, couch or even the floor. We didn’t even have room for a crib for a couple of babies, but cleared out a safe place in our master closet and set up a Pack ‘n Play for a cozy nursery.

Over the years our list of essentials changed, too, of course. Table chairs replaced highchairs, after a few babies, and potty seats replaced potty chairs. However, one thing has stayed the same through the years – the need for safe and comfy baby carriers, car seats and strollers!

What are your essential gear products? Leave me your answer in the comments and you will entered to win a $25 gift card to Winner will be chosen at 9pm (PT) on Friday, December 4th.

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  1. Erin Reed says

    The most important baby items for us would be the pack n play since we have a small house and our babies room with us. A safe infant seat and later convertible car seat. Also a baby carrier to wear my babies and a high chair when they start eating. Everything else is a luxury.

  2. says

    My baby carriers! Sling when they are little and then my Ergo. Love! I just bought a second one… so that the hubby and I can each wear one because… we’re having twins! (any advice???)
    Other than a car seat and some sort of sleeping device… this is my #1 gear must have! :)

  3. says

    Definitely a carseat and a baby carrier (Bjorn type)…and I also wouldn’t have survived the non-mobile stage without the Fisher Price jumperoo.

  4. says

    With baby number three on the way my essentials might change. Alex and Isaac had such differences in what kept them happy. Of course, the things that will always remain essentials are the car seats and the pack ‘n play, all the other gear is what they both had different preferences. I couldn’t have done without the bouncer for when Isaac was an infant, he and I both loved that thing!!!! Cool giveaway, I LOVE Fisher Price!! Sara :)

  5. Lauran Benes says

    My MUST HAVE for my daughter is her Boppy chair… The vibrating seat does wonders to sleepy little ones :)

  6. Darcy says

    Fisher Price Rock n Play sleeper. Great in our room, downstairs and super easy to travel with! You name it! This sleeper Rocks!

  7. Carrie says

    The boppy pillow is essential!! It’s great for all types of needs! Another major item is a mirror for the car. It’s so sad when babies are in rear facing seats and you can’t see their cute smiles. :)

  8. says

    I love her Moby Wrap, her bouncy seat, and her swaddle me. Of course, I could survive without a car seat and lost of wipes.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  9. Jennifer B says

    My must-haves for baby are the ergo – LOVE the physical bonding, and baby loves the warmth of the cuddle enough to nap while I start to exercise again (long beach walks each day! Nothing better) – and the arms reach co-sleeper, which lets us sleep close to baby without the danger of rolling over onto him. And of course, breastfeeding without the boppy is unthinkable…Thanks!

  10. Giant Sis says

    Another vote for Boppy! Also at least 2 diaper bags – so I can keep one stocked and ready at all times!

  11. says

    The Pack n Play has got to be the most essential of the gear. Then again the bouncy seat is something we couldn’t live without either. :)

  12. Sara Phillips says

    My baby carried and a swing!! I HAD to have both. Oh, and a stroller. LOL! I guess I have a lot of essentials! 😉

    Thanks for the chance!!

  13. says

    As our family keeps growing. I find it essential to have a good double stroller. Makes it easier to me to get around with my tots if no one is around to help me.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  14. Stacey Davis says

    For my 4month old the essentials have been the rock n play, Jumperoo Luv you Zoo, Kick and play mat, Seahorse, Sleep Sheep,and soundspa!!

  15. Linda Trinklein says

    I would have to say my kids baby blankets… it ALWAYS sooths them down :)
    thanks for the giveaway

    lzamudio02 @ hotmail .com

  16. McKim says

    One essential is the pack n play. It is great for traveling. Serves as bed, playpen, changing table.

  17. JLJMommy says

    A pack n play because of its versatility as a cradle, changing table, portable crib, safe place to play while Mommy takes a shower or answers the door. A safe carseat with stroller for obvious reasons. A high chair of some sort. I liked ours that was on wheels because I could move it around the kitchen so baby was safe while cooking but still in arms reach. One last must have for me was a sling/baby carrier. Great for snuggling baby close while battling colic, running through airports to catch that plane, walking around stores when the stroller just wasn’t feasible (or you forgot it ;0).

  18. Lisa says

    My baby carrier is an absolute MUST and gets used every day! There’s nothing baby likes more than to look at the world snuggled up next to mamma. :)

  19. Jodi Trinklein says

    My lifesavers were the swing and an infant carrier/wrap so I could carry my little one and be hands free!