Epcot Theme Park

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EPCOT Theme Park
The EPCOT Theme Park is divided into two halves, the international half and the technology half, at least I think it’s technology… seems to make the most sense.

The international side features restaurants, architecture, gifts and stores all staffed by young people from that particular nation, 11 in total. These include Morocco, Italy, France, the UK, China, Mexico, Canada (isn’t that the 51st state?), Japan, Germany, and the U.S. (aren’t we already in the U.S.?).

While Chris was hanging out with her fellow Magical Moms, Josh and I had dinner at the Moroccan restaurant tucked away in the narrow streets of Casablanca, and yes, it’s just like you’d imagine it should be, dark and mysterious! I wouldn’t have been surprised if Alladin had flown by on his magic carpet. The baklava was good and Josh had a very ethnic plate of chicken fingers.

Morocco Pavilion

In the technology half of the park, Josh was very excited to go inside the “big ball” and experience the advance of technology through the ages, from early man to the space age. We went on “Soarin’,” which is exactly the same ride as California Adventure’s “Soarin’ Over California,” twice. But I’m not sure why they have different names.

We also took a ride on GM’s “Test Track,” which you can’t do in California. It’s a simulation of a test track that GM puts all their vehicles through. I wonder who will sponsor this ride after Obama’s through with the company – will they call it Gub-ment Motors?

We also found Nemo, which is a little different than the submarine ride of the same name in Disneyland. In this version you sit in a clamshell and you don’t get the “underwater” experience. But Josh liked it none-the-less.

If visiting Walt Disney World, EPCOT is not to be missed… We could have spent all day touring through each of the countries!

Have you been to EPCOT? What did you think? What was your favorite country to visit?

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  1. says

    Having just come back from another visit to all 4 of the Orlando parks, EPCOT has the most potential. Still, each time it tends to be the least organized and have the most “issues” of sorts. The Nemo ride used to be The Living Seas. A few years back it was getting stale and needed a new look. They opted to make it into Nemo and friends, a wise choice. Everything else in the pavilion was also changed to go along with it.

    Love Canada (especially Le Cellier restaurant) and had a fabulous lunch in the cafe in Morocco. To truly see all that EPCOT has to offer one would really need more than a day. We spent a lot less time this visit because it was with our boys who wanted to focus more on the Magic Kingdom.

    Thanks for a view from a CA person visiting, it has been very interesting :)

  2. Margo says

    Ray- great piece. I’m planning on taking Riley to Disney World soon and will send over some notes. She does call him “Mickey House” – funny! Would love to see comments on whats best for two year olds. I hear there is a cool princess hair salon….

  3. says

    EPCOT is the most unique of the parks and CA does not have one to compare. Future World has some interesting pavilions as Disney calls them but the very best part of the whole entire Future World is Mission: SPACE! There is no ride like it in any of the other parks on either coast. It is the must see of Future World!! Spaceship Earth is a good attraction and Universe of Energy is pretty funny. However, with Christian Creationists like myself and our gracious hostess of FD2DAB the evolution theory should just have had no part in the attraction. Test Track left me with a “Huh?” reaction and was not worth the 1 and 1/2 hour wait. It’s like riding Mr. Toad with a quick burst of speed at the end. The Land is a good place to get food and learn about hydroponics.

    World Showcase should have been a stand alone theme park! You can spend days in it’s wonder!! As a Norwegian I must point out that it wasn’t listed in the blog! But Norway has THE friendliest people, unlike France. The cast members in each country are actually on a work program from that country. So when you go to Morocco they are all Moroccans. This can lead to some language barriers but it also adds to the feeling of being in another country. That said, these representations are of the smaller villages and areas so if you do ever visit these real countries, it might not be what you saw at WDW, however they are fairly authentic. Insider tip: When visiting EPCOT most people start at the front so start at the back and work your way forward.

  4. says

    My favorite country is Mexico… they have big margaritas there. Just kidding! (kind of!) The food at the Cantina is among my favorite at WDW, and if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, it only counts as a “counter service” meal. It sits right on the water, and is a wonderful place to watch Illuminations at the end of the night! Also, in the Mexico building, you’ll find an authentic marketplace, a fancier restaurant, and a fun ride. I just love it!

  5. Katie says

    The idea for having The American Adventure (USA Pavilion) was to act as a sort of host to the other countries and to house the American Gardens Theatre, which is used as a general performance stage throughout the year.

    Epcot (yes, they officially changed the name of the park three times: in 1994, 1995, and 1996) has so much to offer throughout the year. My absolute favorite time to visit is in the fall (between September and November) when they host their International Food and Wine Festival. In addition to the permanent pavilions, between 15 and 30 booths are erected to feature the food and drink of other countries/cultures around the world. This past fall these included Hawaii, Brazil, South Korea, Belgium, Scandinavia, and Greece. It’s a (relatively) cheap way to experience tastes from around the world! They also have seminars, classes, and wine tastings during the festival as well.

    Although they are all delicious and you really can’t go wrong, my absolute favorite restaurant in Epcot is La Hacienda de San Miguel. They have the best authentic Mexican food, a great atmosphere, and very friendly servers.

    Also, don’t forget about the Boardwalk behind Epcot through the International Gateway! They have real boardwalk games, a dance hall, yummy restaurants, and beautiful hotels as a backdrop.