Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Cover Girl

I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not have much time (if any at all) to apply makeup. In fact, eye makeup takes a back seat, most days, to cover up and a bit of blush. You may be excited as I was to discover that Cover Girl just made things easier for us busy moms with their Smoky Eye Kits, available exclusively at Walmart.

CoverGirl smoky eye kit

These fabulous kits come in three different looks – Natural, Glamorous and Bold – and include everything you need to enhance your beautiful eyes – SmokyShadow Blast, LashBlast Volume Mascara, and LineExact Liquid Liner Pen. The best part? There are step-by-step instructions included for those of us who need some extra help. {wink, wink}

Collective Bias, on behalf of CoverGirl, sent me a Walmart gift card so I may purchase my very own kit. I chose The Natural Look, since I tend to wear brown eye makeup when I wear any at all. Even though I have a favorite shadow and liner that I use pretty consistently, I was excited to try something new.

{I tried to create a Whrrl Story and got frustrated with my pictures. sigh. I’ll try again later.}

Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m a fan of creamy eye shadow or liquid eyeliner. Time will only tell. I do have to say that the look has worn very nicely into the evening. While I was very impressed with the LashBlast Volume Mascara, I still love CoverGirl’s Exact EyeLights Mascara!


  1. says

    I am certainly a “Natural Look”. I end up looking like a crazy clown if I go with anything else. I love the neutral tones and they like me back- so it’s a match! Thanks for the fun post!

  2. says

    Natural for sure….. but the bold would be so fun to try for a special occasion. (Hmm… now all I need is a special occasion..lol)

  3. Heather says

    I am so glad you posted a review. I would try natural. They are very close to the colors I normally wear.

  4. says

    Oh, what fun! I’d like the Glamour kit because I need something a little different. Plus, “natural” colors usually turn orange on me. Thanks!

  5. says

    First I want to say…WooooHooo! I am thrilled that Cover Girl is offering this. And second, I would go with Natural, because I am definitely a more subtle when it comes to makeup…However, I have always wanted to do the smokey eyes and had no idea what all to buy to get the look.
    .-= Joanna´s last blog ..Hey. Oh uh, come on, um in! =-.

  6. Margaret Smith says

    I would love the Natural Look kit. These kits really sound wonderful. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  7. Inna says

    I would love to try the bold look. I’m always natural (partly bcause I have no idea how to apply a bold look), so this would be a nice change maybe for a night out with my husband. :)

  8. InABox says

    I’d choose the Natural Smoky Eye look. I tend to go for the natural look with all of my makeup.

  9. Hannah says

    I would choose the glamourous kit, because its nice to dress up and be glamourous every once in a while!

  10. Amber G says

    I would choose the natural kit because I don’t wear much makeup and I’m very low-maintenance but I’d love to give smokey eyes a try!

  11. says

    I don’t have much time to do makeup either, but I love the look of some natural eye makeup. Thanks to the best sister in the world I now have an idea of how to apply the eye stuff, by no means am I an expert though! I would love to try the Natural Smokey Eye Look! Thank you for entering me!
    .-= Sara Rose´s last blog ..What is Good =-.

  12. Jennifer says

    I would love to try the Natural Look kit because I usually don’t wear make up unless it is a special occasion and this would probably work best with me lol. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Tari Lawson says

    I would choose the natural look. I generally don’t wear much make-up and although I want to try this for a more exotic look, I don’t want to overdo it.

  14. Lynda says

    I would opt for the glamorous look because I wouldnt’ know how to do that myself for parties.

  15. Tracy P says

    I, like you, don’t have the time (with 3 kids) to put make-up on each day. To me, it is a chore I don’t have time for. I would, however, love to win the “natural” kit as anything more would be just too much. I don’t want to go from au natural to wholy moly! lol

  16. says

    I would definitely choose the natural look Smoky Eye Look. I end up looking ridiculous whenever I try to put any out of the ordinary colors on my face.

    Love seeing this kind of product, I have always wanted to easily apply a smoky eye look. I’ve been jealous of people who are great at applying makeup for a while!
    .-= Holly´s last blog ..Hulu Users aren’t Impressed with the Return of Jay Leno =-.

  17. Ellen Ring says

    The Natural look would be perfect. I believe in minimal makeup but still want to look great. This could fit the bill.

  18. says

    I love the glamorous look. I’m always going for natural and it would be great to glam it up for a change. I like how dreamy it makes the eyes look!

  19. Heather B. says

    Definitely would go for the Natural Look. I only wear mascara on most days, no other eye makeup. But, sometimes I get the urge for a little more color. And then usually go for the golds, browns, bronze colors. Nothing too bright. :)

  20. kim e says

    I love to play around with makeup..especially with something I havent used before. Try to create a new look.

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  21. says

    I’d pick the natural look because I don’t wear a lot of make up and think I’d need to ease into a more dramtic look. I’ve always wanted to be able to pull over the smokey eye. This looks like fun!

  22. kristin says

    glamourous! Because when I actually do put on makeup I want it to stand out in a nice way! I have always wanted a smokey eye kit that will help teach me the techniques.

  23. Ashley says

    i would choose the natural because i try to wear makeup that doesn’t look like its taking over my face

  24. Elphie says

    I would choose the Natural b/c I like those colors the most. I don’t really wear blue or grey, but they sure are pretty on other people :)

  25. gina says

    Definitely Glamorous, I love that its dramatic without looking tacky. The colors are strong, but not clownish.

  26. Amanda S. says

    I’d choose Glamorous, because my makeup is already natural, and I could use something to wear on a night out!

  27. Leandra says

    I would love to use the Natural Look smoky eye kit. I like a fresh look more and the colors look perfect.

  28. Rosey says

    I would choose the natural because I’ve got a few wrinkles now, or fine lines, whatever the dreadful things are called, and it’s the only one of the three that would not draw attention to them.

  29. Happi Shopr says

    I would pick Bold because I would love to shake things up in my makeup routine a bit.

  30. Belinda M says

    I would love the natural look because it is something that I would use for every day wear


  31. CherylS22 says

    I would choose the Natural Look because I’m not a big user of cosmetics & would like to look as natural as possible. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Cristi says

    I love their makeup.The Natural look would be the best for me. I don’t try and overdo my makeup it is more along the lines of what I am comfortable with.

  33. Pamela S says

    I’m pretty fair, so I think I’d choose the natural. I would love to try this!! thanks.

  34. Michelle H. says

    I think I would choose the Glamour look because I have many similar colored eye shadows in the Natural look.

  35. Carla Pullum says

    i would pick the Bold Look! I want to be noticed thats why!

  36. Lisa says

    I’d love to have the CoverGirl Smoky Eye Kit: Glamorous Look. It’d be the perfect look for date night with my husband!

  37. Danielle says

    I love the glamorous look because it is perfect for a night out without being too out there!

  38. Janette says

    I’d go for the Natural kit, because even when I do a bolder look I still try to keep it natural looking

  39. Deborah Wellenstein says

    I would love the Glamourous kit-because nothing says glamour like me! LOL!

  40. Anna Hagenberger says

    I would get the natural look kit, because I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I wouldn’t want to go too bold:)

  41. Constance L says

    I would pick either the Glamorous Look or the Natural Look because both of those have eyeshadow that goes very well with my green eyes.

  42. Samantha Potts says

    I am a natural girl so I would have to say that I like the natural look. As a mother of five girls its nice to look your best……whenever you can. LOL.

  43. Justine says

    I looked at the Smoky Eye Kits that they have to offer and I would choose the Bold look cause I love drama and color!

  44. Kim says

    I love CG’s products! Their new Smoky Eye kit is to die for… but, I can’t choose which one I’d like the most.

    I would get their natural kit to start with!

  45. Amy Delong says

    glam,because every once in awhile I like to wear a pretty dress and wear some cool makeup