Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Definitely the biggest surprise of the trip for me was Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There’s no comparison to anything in California so I thought it was going to be some run-of-the-mill animal park. However, I was pleasantly surprised. If you live on the West Coast, imagine Disneyland crashing head on into the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Animal Kingdom is divided into lands, just like the other parks, but my two favorite were definitely “Africa” and “Asia.” And having been to Africa, Disney really did capture the feel of an African street – a the rundown bar and restaurant, a boarding house, a trading outpost. It was pretty cool. They left out the starving beggar children, but that would have been over the top.

Kilimanjaro Safari

The best ride in this section is definitely the African Safari – animals roaming free – where you get a fun experience with an energetic driver and sort of the feel of the Indiana Jones ride, but not as rough. Lots of great animals to see close up, but my favorite were the White Rhinos. I have a special place in my heart for this beast after one charged our vehicle on safari in Zambia, Africa.

In “Asia” (which had the feel of India and Thailand) found different trails where we saw exotic flora and fauna, including some really lazy tigers sleeping around a Tibetian Temple. We also saw the new “Matterhorn.” It just opened and is called Expedition Everest, complete with the Abominable Snowman stalking you.

If we had time, we would have taken in the Island section or the Dinosaur section – which I’m told hosts the Indiana Jones type ride, but with a dino theme instead of Indy. This is another one of those rides missing from the Magic Kingdom that found its way into another park under an assumed name.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom should not be missed!

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    Animal Kingdom is most definitely a Disneyfied Zoo but to me that’s all it is. It is the hottest of all the parks temperature-wise having very little shade and even less of a breeze. It’s the park to be missed if you’re going to miss one, in my opinion. But then we are full of zoos and botanical parks in SoCA. The only true highlight of this park for me was the DinoLand USA area!! They have an attraction comparable to Mulholland Madness in Disney’s California Adventure called Primeval Whirl. SO MUCH FUN!!! The difference is that the cars spin as it goes on the track and MM does not. Big difference!

    The last time I was there Expedition: Everest was closed so I have not been on that one but if you ask an Imagineer, Everest is a completely different mountain and it is a Yeti on the attraction and not the Abominable Smowman. Umm, aren’t they the same thing?

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    I LOVE Animal Kingdom-did they still have “A Bug’s Life” going in the Tree of Life? I worked there while in college and that as a show all the little boys seemed to love. I can’t wait to go back with my own boys! Sounds like you guys had such a great time!!