Discussing Bullying With Our Kids

As National Bullying Prevention Month comes to an end, discussion and awareness never should. Bullying has become more than pushing and shoving on the playground, and we can teach our kids to make a difference. Showing our kids, by example, how to treat others with kindness and respect, and to stand up for themselves and others is a daily occurance. Most times it is even happening without much thought or intention on our parts.

As parents, we must take a long hard look at what we are modeling to our children. We can only expect them to behave as we behave. We are their first teachers and the people they trust the most to steer them in the right direction.

Often I have to stop and ask myself the following questions —

  • How am I talking to others?
  • How am I talking about others?
  • Am I using innapropriate language or calling others names?
  • Am I “bullying” people in to doing things my way?
  • Do I intentionally intimidate those who are weaker, either with my words or my actions?
  • Am I allowing others to intimidate me or destroy my confidence?
  • How am I building my own confidence and the confidence of my children?

Having an open line of communication with our kiddos is also key to preventing bullying. Talk to your kiddos about what is going on at the park, at school, at church, and on social media. Discussing with them the differences between real bullying and typical immature behavior is also important. Too many times, these days, are normal kids being labeled as bullies. Of course, with kiddos of varying ages, it’s important to have age appropriate conversations. 

We can also use movies and television shows to help illustarte the importance of leadership, kindness, being a hero, and fighting back. Netflix has put together a list of age-appriate shows to help facilitate the discussion with your children —

netflix anti-bully

netflix anti-bully 2

Big Kids
1. Bully
2.The War
3.Billy Elliott
4.The Fat Boy Chronicles
5.Cyber Bully
Little Kids
1. Hercules
2.Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
3.Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
4.Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
5.Justice League Unlimited
6.Ben 10: Alien Force

How do you broach the topic of bulltying with your kids?
Do they know how to stand up to bullies?

Disclosure: I am a part of the Netflix Stream Team. I have received product and services in exchange for my participation. All opinions and thoughts are my own.