Cyber Monday Gift Shopping Tips for Moms

Everyone knows that the best way to save time and money on Holiday Gifts for kids is to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. If you are not a fan of Black Friday and getting out of the house to the crowds, no worries, Cyber Monday is your best friend this Holiday season. It will also save time and gas money!

While planning your Cyber Monday shopping, read these tips from Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascali, entertaining experts, authors of Plan To Party, and founders of The Party Bluprints Blog.

These two busy moms know everything there is to know about hosting parties at home and giving gifts, they are also judges in this year’s Holiday Giftee Awards by, and they have appeared as featured experts on TV, radio, and in national publications like the Today Show, Martha Stewart Radio, Good Housekeeping, Redbook and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazines.

Dawn and Elizabeth are known experts, but above all they are busy moms just like you and me, and they know the tricks how to make the household budget to stretch to make Holidays happen!

Cyber Monday Gift Shopping Made Easy for Moms

1. Get the Cyber Monday Deals from One Site
Forget about doing hours of online surfing to find the best Cyber Monday deals. Instead visit’s Cyber Monday pages, they have made it easy for you to save time and money by aggregating all the best deals across the internet and directly from retailers for you.

2. Pay it Forward with Gifts That Give Back
Purchase double-duty presents that give a portion of the proceeds to charity. Dawn and Elizabeth recommend gifts with a purpose, like AnnieWear pet related children’s clothes donating proceeds to animal shelters or Heart of Haiti products sold at Macy’s that give livelihood for artisans in Haiti. Get all Macy’s Cyber Monday deals here .

3. Buy One Large Gift for the Family
Buy one large gift for the family and you will get a bigger bang for your buck. Even better when you choose something like the XBOX Kinect, that the entire family can enjoy together. The most popular tech gifts are usually always on sale on Cyber Monday, so take advantage of this shopping day.

4. Plan Your Shopping
Make a list of people you are gifting and what you would ideally buy them. See gift ideas at Party Bluprints Best Holiday Gift Ideas 2011 shopping guide and plan your Cyber Monday shopping round well before clicking. Remember to keep a list close to your computer of what you have already purchased as you go about your shopping through out the day. Make sure to do your planning well and try to get as many gifts as possible from the same retailer to avoid additional shipping costs.


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