Cute Kid-isms

Ethan lost another tooth, but he decided not to tell me or Daddy. He came to us the next morning and had the following conversation with Daddy –

“The tooth fairy didn’t come last night,” Ethan said.

To which Daddy replied, “What do you mean?”

“Look, I lost another tooth.”

“Did the Tooth Fairy forget, again?” (Yes, I’ve forgotten more than once to replace a lost tooth with some money, okay!)

“No,” Ethan said coyly, “I didn’t tell Mommy that I lost another tooth, but I proved that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real!”


Julia and I were sneaking a few bites of Rocky Road ice cream last night. Suddenly she pulled the spoon-full of ice cream out of her mouth and said, “Look, Mom, goo!” No, honey, those are marshmallows!


  1. Sher :) says

    How do they get so smart? When mine was little, I would forget about the Tooth Fairy too.

    BTW, mailed your bracelet Wed. :) Have a nice weekend.

  2. Heather says

    That is cute! Our oldest is an Ethan too and he is hoping to loose his first tooth soon since his friends are starting to loose theirs. He is 5, how old is yours? Your Ethan has such a cute missing teeth smile!