Creating Buzz For Your Sponsors

Companies are seeing, now more than ever, the value in working with bloggers and those engaged in other social media avenues, such as Twitter and Facebook. With BlissDom and Mom 2.0 a mere memory and SXSW coming up next week, BlogHer seems to be the conference that is the focus of much talk as we try to decipher how best we can partner with these companies in a real life setting.

Tara has written a great post highlighting the steps to take to gain event sponsorships. Mandi has posted an example of what your media kit should look like. And, Lori has written about how important it is to include a demographics survey in your kit.

But, before you write your proposal it’s a good thing to map out some ways you can benefit your sponsor – ie, what you can offer to do for them in exchange for a sponsorship to your conference of choice.

Here are some ideas:

Mention your sponsor in any blog posts related to the conference itself. This could mean a standard blurp, like “travel to BlogHer made possible by XXX,” or something more organic, like “thanks to XXX I will be flying to Chicago, first class!” Whichever way you decide to do this, make sure you include a hyperlink with each mention.

Offer an ad space to your sponsor. Ads take on several forms. It could be a button on your sidebar, a banner above your posts, or even a special graphic included within each of your conference related posts. Work with your sponsor to determine the proper length of time this ad will appear on your site, but remember that your blog real-estate is precious, so try to steer clear of long periods of time to ensure relevance to your readers.

Do you Tweet? Create a hashtag that works for you and your sponsor and plan to include it in any related tweets. Use this hashtag as you prepare for the conference, are on your way to the conference, and throughout the duration of the conference. You can also plan to include the company’s handle in some of your tweets, during the conference, and urge your followers to follow them. Be careful, however, not to sound spammy when tweeting about your sponsor.

Sport the brand. Companies can have their logo printed on tees, canvas bags, laptop covers, even stickers. These items can be worn by you, or your laptop, and given to those you meet as a marketing tool.

Work with your sponsor to offer a giveaway. As you are gathering business cards from fellow conference attendees, tell them about this exclusive giveaway and let them know how to enter.

Host a special event. This may be an invite-only luncheon at a local restaurant, an evening cocktail party, or a PJ party in your room! Be creative and plan a get-together that will be memorable and fun. Remember this is about creating buzz for your sponsor, so include reference to them in any and all invites, party info, and wrap-ups.

Be yourself! Above all be true to who you are and what your blog represents. Your readers, followers, friends, and sponsors will best benefit when you are being you. It is important to also remember that you may have several sponsors for one event/conference, so be strategic with how you plan to dedicate your time, talents, and site space.

I’m sure between you and your sponsors you will come up with some great ways for you to become the ultimate brand spokesperson at a conference or event. I would love to hear some of your ideas.

See you at the next bloggy conference!


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    Great post, Christine! THIS is the key to making sure you are able to continue securing sponsorships for future events – make sure you do it right each and every time so you can show potential future sponsors the power of your voice!

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    Christine, I am just wondering how you get ads, sponsers and other things…how do you end up getting paid for your blog? I am interested in starting something up but am not sure how to go about it…? A little help would be much appreciated!

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    This is such great information! I’m sure all the bloggers wanting to understand the ins and outs of corporate sponsorship appreciate this. There’s so much talk and chatter. Nice to cut through all the noise and get a clear picture.


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    Another suggestion is to offer to blog on the company blog about the conference, or to put together what you’ve learned at the conference in a report for the sponsor.

    Thanks for the post – you are definitely an expert in this!

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    Hi Christine, I was reading your other post as well about Johnson Baby and affiliate marketing. What I want to know is, and if you’ve written a post about it maybe you can point me in the right direction, how did you and do you continually get the positions you do regarding sponsorships. Such as w/ Frigidaire, Walmart 11, etc, etc..

    Thank you!