9:05pm Wednesday

Wow, what a day! Actually it’s been two days, but it has felt like one loooong day!

It all began on Monday afternoon when I responded to an email forwarded to me by one of my new blogging buddies. It was a request from The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, for a mom with a large family, who needed help with her grocery budget, to appear on the show. Even though I knew I could use help in the area of better budgeting our family’s monthly grocery bill, I honestly didn’t think much would come of responding, except for a possible connection with Fox News and The Morning Show. You know, for the future.

I didn’t hear back from anyone on Monday, and really didn’t think about it again until my phone rang just a little after 6am on Tuesday morning. I knew immediately that it had to be The Morning Show… Anyone else who has my number knows not to call me that early in the morning, unless it’s an emergency. We are not a family who rises early. Yes, I’m fortunate to have my kiddos sleep until 8:30 most mornings!

Thus began a very hectic day – Days, actually.

Phone calls back and forth from me to New York, travel arrangements made, scheduling the camera crew… I’m not quite sure if I ever actually said the words, “Yes, I want to be on the show!” It all happened so fast!

I was a frazzled wreck as I began to think of all that needed to be done, and called Mindy in a panic. Of course she came to my rescue – She dropped everything to help me prepare for the arrival of the camera crew. With all that I had to do to prepare for the shots and interview they wanted of me and my family, I also had to make arrangements for my kids, and get them ready for an overnight stay with Mimi, Poppy, and Aunt Rachel. Mindy was a lifesaver. Thanks, chica!

The camera crew arrived right on schedule – Just as I was putting away the last of the clean dishes. And they set right to work filming my family. They got some great footage, most of which was shown during one of the two segments on the show.

I will tell you all about the show and share the wonderful tips we were given to cut costs in our monthly grocery budget, but for now I am going to leave you with the link to view the segments on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. Ray, Noah and I are still on our way home, stopping just for a quick layover in Salt Lake City, and we are all exhausted.

I will be glad to have this experience behind us, even though it was a wonderful one!

1:45am Thursday

We are home now, finally!

I still can’t believe that I was on The Morning Show with Mike and Janice. Check it out!

Make sure you come back to see pictures and hear all about what I learned!


  1. Adventures In Babywearing says

    That is sooooo awesome! Hope you get rested up from all this excitement!


  2. Scott says

    You are famous! 😉

    Part of my thought you’d be sharing some of the things you learned to save, since with a fam that size, you could teach THEM!