Hi, I’m YoungMommy, and I’m a Crayon Snob

As a homeshool mom, I am constantly on the lookout for toys that offer value in several different ways. Couple being a homeschool mom with hard economic times, and the need to find the best value is even more important.

Crayola has been a trusted brand that has always provided true value to our activities. In fact, I’m kind of a Crayola snob. No, really! I will only use Crayola crayons and will not buy any other brand for my kiddos. You know the crayons that the kiddos get at restaurants with their kids’ menus? If they’re Crayola, they come home with us. If not, my kids have to leave them behind! I know, I can be a mean mom!

Coloring is one of those activities that keeps my kiddos occupied, day or night. Today they were introduced to a new way to color… They spent a good chunk of the late afternoon decorating our sliding glass door with Crayola’s new Window Crayons. And then Noah decorated his face and tummy with these super creamy crayons… But, it was cool ’cause the creamy color washed right off!

The Window Crayons are part of the brand new line of items that Crayola released this Spring, with the majority retailing for under $10. But it’s not only price that has made the Crayola aisle the number one in-store destination for gifts under $25 – it’s also the belief that parents are providing children with the tools to power their imaginations and enable endless everyday play.


  1. Erica says

    I have to admit I am very picky about crayons. Crayola is the best hands down! I am excited about introducing my little one to the window crayons. They look like so much fun! She’s 4 years old and LOVES art, coloring, cutting with sissors, and gluing paper together. One of her favorite pasttimes is “doing art.” That can be anything from coloring on a piece of paper with crayons to cutting up an old magazine and gluing the pieces to a piece of paper. It could also be doing pagers out of her prek workbook. Anything creative and artistic is for her–and crayola is our crayon of choice bar none!

  2. says

    Oh, enter me, please!! Those window crayons do look great! I’d love to try them out, and the Tub Tracers, too. We go through a RIDICULOUS amount of crayons in our house, with 2 sets of twins under five. It’s like they’re eating them or something!!

  3. says

    Here’s something crafty my kids do a lot of – you know those foam stickers that come in various shapes? We buy the little canisters of those, and they use them as TAPE to stick drawings to the wall, ever since I banished them from using actual tape. Ha!

  4. Chrissy says

    Oh, wow. Those window crayons look awesome! But what I am most excited to try out – the color changing markers. We are working on teaching my 4 year old his colors (for some reason he is having HUGE difficulty with it). We have lots of different ABA therapy strategies we are trying but those markers look fun and like it might help!

  5. Chrissy says

    My kids’ favorite craft thing to do is paint. My son’s OT got us hooked on painting on windows (our kitchen/living room has large floor to ceiling windows all over). The kids paint from the outside with finger paints. They can use their hands, brushes, or foam shapes. It’s great to develop my son’s shoulder muscles and clean-up is a snap! Water from the hose gets the paint off the windows. They also use whiteboard markers on the windows both inside and out.

  6. says

    I would love to try Tub Time Tracers.

    My husband’s restaurant just switched from Crayola to a cheap knock-off crayonand they are awful! But it was a corporate decision and nothing can be done about it. We went in to eat yesterday and my six year old got all annoyed saying, “Mommy, why are these new crayons so dusty and yucky. Also they don’t say Crayola.” That’s my boy.

    We are crayon snobs too! :)

  7. says

    We love to draw and color in chalk on our driveway. My husband likes to freak out the neighbors by drawing white chalk body outlines all over the driveway and on the road. He has been dying to get some crime scene tape and really freak everyone out.

  8. says

    haha I too am a total crayon snob! I am the same way… the crayons don’t come home with us unless they’re the real deal.

    I hope I win this! I am in LOVE with those window crayons… we have an entire room made of glass… so those window crayons would have to be my pick. Great to hear they’re washable!

  9. says

    My daughter is ob-sessed with sidewalk. It’s all she EVER wants to do. She begs to draw with chalk pretty much every day and my front walkway is always covered in fancy drawings for everyone to see. That is most definitely her favorite thing!

  10. says

    My kids love to color on themselves-it’s something they just learned and something I am trying to get them not to do-especially with permanent marker….kids will be kids.

  11. says

    I think my daughter would love the window crayons. She likes to “paint” on there with water already.

    joycelau319 at yahoo dot com

  12. says

    This is a sweet giveaway! Fore sure the window one would be great for Rebekah (she does it now with anything else she could find LOL)

  13. says

    Here REbekah love drawing, on paper, in coloring books, in books!!!!, on bills!!!! on our wall!!!! you get the point she is a real artist!

  14. says

    My daughter’s favorite passtime is reading books. She has toy after toy that she barely touches. Just the books get a lot of playtime.

  15. says

    BG loves to paint anything. We will often just rip coloring pages out and let her paint instead. We buy the 10 pack of crayola washable paint and she loves it.

  16. Michele Cook says

    I like the Crayola Beginnings Washable TaDoodles Ta-Doodler for my toddler. Thanks for the giveaway.


  17. Michele Cook says

    My little girl loves to dance and play in dirt. She is always saying, wanna go outside and play in dirt, momma.

  18. Erica says

    I was just looking at the Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles Ta-Doodler yesterday at Target. My son would have quite the time with these.

  19. Erica says

    My son has been quite into coloring lately and I’ll often find that he has snatched a pen or pencil along with a notebook from our office and he’ll be plopped down scribbling away. Thankfully he has remembered that we only draw on paper.

  20. Linda B says

    I’m so excited about the Crayola Window Crayons! I have huge windows and the grandkids would have a ball decorating them. We could have a monthly theme but knowing how much they love to draw it would more than likely be a daily theme.

  21. Linda B says

    The six year old loves legos, k’nex, tinkertoys, and lincoln logs. He has learned to follow directions or use his imagination and create his own design. The three year old loves workbooks. She learns her colors, shapes, and numbers using crayola crayons.

  22. Cindy C. says

    My daughter would love to try the window crayons. She would probably think that I had lost my mind. I think I am becoming a crayola snob too. I was coloring last night with my daughter and I really noticed the difference in the brands. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  23. Kim D. says

    The window crayons would be so much fun! I have let my kids use dry erase markers on the windows, but these would be much more vibrant! I might even get in on the fun!

  24. Kim D. says

    A pass time for my kids, I have one that LOVES to do puzzles and color in coloring books! I have another one that loves to draw, and if he can draw tractors or big trucks he is the happiest!

  25. Suzanne Denys says

    The window crayons look fun. We’ve had some other brand window markers and they never come clean. These look great!

  26. Stacy R says

    My kids all four of them would love all of the crayola products.
    They all love to color and is something we do alot.. I would love for them to try the window colors and the bath time tracers.. FUN! FUN! Is the best form of entertainment and so great to keep the imaginations active….

  27. carol says

    The Crayola Window Crayons appeals to me the most for the kids because the weather has been so bad, it’s a great indoor fun activity. I can see them having lots of creative fun for the holidays, decorating to the theme.

  28. carol says

    My kiddos favorite passtime: We bought an easel and a puppet stage for Christmas. Honestly, both are spectacular items. The easel gets daily use, and the puppet stage has been a source of great fun for everyone, as after dinner, we often watch the shows the kids worked on all day.

  29. Sue says

    My boys love sidewalk chalk. It’s just getting really nice enough to go outside and play in the driveway and color. Thanks for sharing~

  30. Vicky H. says

    My God-daughter would like the Sidewalk Crayons since she likes using the chalk we keep here for when she visits.

  31. Elizabeth Y. says

    We’re avid Crayola users. I prefer the Color Wonder products and would love to try the new 3-D product that is out. Thanks.

  32. says

    I would love the Window Crayons! My kids would LOVE them! We live in an old house that has 19 windows!!! That would keep them busy for ages!

  33. says

    Favorite Pastime: Coloring naked. I don’t know why, but it seems like I have tons of pictures of my boys coloring either naked or just in their underwear. I love it!

  34. Denise says

    I’d love to have the triangle shaped Crayola for little kids, but I can’t find them anywhere.

  35. Ann Fantom says

    My daughter would love the Crayola Sidewalk Crayons since my daughter loves drawing on the driveway

  36. Amy says

    My 4-yr-old daughter’s favorite pastime is reading (I can currently hear her “reading” aloud to her stuffed animals), followed very closely by drawing and coloring anything and everything. It is so cute to see her developing talent, as she just learned to draw the Easter Bunny and a basket!

  37. Aimee says

    My daugter would LOVE the window crayons! We have 3 big sliding doors in our house so she’d have lots of “canvas” with those!

  38. Misty says

    Hello, I love those craon window markers. Someone had a great idea about using them outside and then just spraying it off. How fun for the kids! Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. Misty says

    My little guy LOVES chalk, He likes to color all over everything outside. He’s only 2 and I have already gone through more chalk that I ever thought I would.

  40. says

    My son’s favorite thing in the world is to be outside. He runs and runs and runs….we have some cars he can ride out there, and he kicks a few balls around. But honestly, he would stay outside all day long if he could. (which isn’t often since we’re in the 80s already and I’m 7 weeks from delivery. HOT!!)

  41. Jennifer M says

    I actually have two products from the prize pack that I am most excited about getting. The first are the Crayola Window Crayons which I think all three of my boys would love (ages 4, 9 and 11)! This looks like a blast and I can see them decorating their bedroom windows and my sliding glass door with cool drawings that can be on display until they are in the mood for new designs.

    I also have a five month old baby girl and I would love for her to get the Crayola Beginnings Baby Slide & See. I have seen the advertisements on TV and it looks like a fun toy that she will soon enjoy!

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  42. Jennifer M says

    My boys love playing and building with their LEGOs as one of their favorite activities. They will build and then rebuild and create elaborate castles or pirate ships or Star Wars battleships out of their LEGO stash. One of our favorite activities to do outside is to play with Play-Doh or Crayola chalk. Over Easter break, we used our Crayola chalk to make a huge Easter bunny and then decorated our sidewalk with colorful chalked eggs. We had the best looking house on the block! We also use our Crayola chalk to make roads on the sidewalk that twist and turn and I love that we can always make a new design with the power of our imaginations. Once again, thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Margaret Smith says

    I would love to have my son use the Crayola Sidewalk Crayons. This would be something new for him and it would be great for during the warmer months.

  44. Margaret Smith says

    My kids really love to finger paint. I have many “works of art” from my kids that are wonderful.
    Thanks again.

  45. Cathy W. says

    My grandchildren are a really diverse group – one is an avid reader, another loves making mudpies and hosting tea parties. All five of them love finger painting.

  46. Diane says

    I am SO excited about the window crayons!! How awesome to finally have crayons they are ALLOWED to color on the windows with!! I might even use them!!

  47. Jill L says

    I know we would enjoy the window crayons. I have a big sliding door in the kitchen and it would be so much fun to draw pictures or write messages on it.

  48. Ellen Ring says

    My grandaughters love crafts of any kind. They’ve been making paper castles out of construction paper. They come up with a new project constantly. It’s great fun though.

  49. says

    The tub time tracers sound really great. My son is a toddler and I like having him in a contained area when he has crayons. He got hold of a crayon the other day and before I could stop him there was “art” on my wall!

  50. Theresa Jenkins says

    I’m a grandma of 4 and they are here everyday and i think the need to learn to be creative in ONE spot.so when WE all need a little quite time we can get out “this set” and sit and be creative.thanks

  51. Mary says

    The Crayola Window Crayons would be a blast for my kids! My car would never look the same again :)

  52. Mary says

    entry #2: My kiddies favorite pasttime (besides driving me smack-dab outta my mind LOL) is anything to do with artwork – drawing, coloring, pc art, etc. Budding Picassos they may be :)

  53. Carol Lawrence says

    My grandkids favorite pastime is to get out the box of crayola crayons and markers and make me a picture on computer paper.

  54. debi welbon says

    I do not think there is a crayola product I do not like! I used them as a child – my children used them and now my grandchildren are using them. I always try and have a good supply of crayons and books in the house for them when they visit.

  55. Cynthia C says

    I think my nephew would especially enjoy the Color Switchers. Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. Cynthia C says

    My nephew really likes to decorate sugar cookies. He had fun with the Easter ones.

  57. Lynn H says

    I have always loved ALL caryola products…you just can’t beat them. They are always coming up with new ideas!

  58. Kimberly Cook says

    Oh, I absolutely love the window crayons! My boys would have a blast with those! What a great idea….

  59. says

    Oh, the Slide and See looks fun! Great way to get kids started in some artistic play. Boy, does Crayola bring back great memories for me! What a fun set to win… thanks for the chance!

  60. says

    My son most enjoys scribbling up our front steps with sidewalk chalk. He likes to color on scrap paper too, but outside where the whole world can see it seems to be his favorite. He’s not quite three, so everything is stripes and circles, but I love those little designs!

  61. Marcia says

    I love the idea of the sidewalk crayons but we have no sidewalks! So I pick the window crayons

  62. Shelley Mitchell says

    My kids would love any of these especially the window crayons! Thanks so much for this great give away!

  63. casey says

    we like to fingerpaint with our toes. huge mess to clean up but all the giggles are worth it.

  64. Denise B. says

    Our daughter would just love the “Sidewalk Crayons”. We just bought her the chalk, and she’s been making hopscotch boards and rainbows outside.

  65. carol says

    I think the window crayons are so different…my grandkids would love to use these…thanks for the great giveaway

  66. Heidi Gail says

    I think that my grandkids would love to color on their sliding glass doors with the window crayons. I wouldn’t mind having that kind of artwork at my house either.

  67. Courtney says

    I am most excited about the Crayola Color Switchers & Crayola Beginnings Tub Time Tracers. My son would love these! He can sit for hours coloring! He loves it!

  68. Sharon Harmon says

    Crayola Washable Window Crayons are a fantastic idea!!! Now when we go on car trips, my little ones can scribble on the windows to their hearts’ content! Thank you for the contest!

  69. Cathie F says

    My grandson loves to draw space and aliens and monsters and my granddaughter loves to draw animals and her family. Then we go and bake and see how decorative we can be.

  70. Cathy says

    We love Pipsqueaks markers, so the Pipsqueaks glitter glue would be tops at our house!

    Just love those 64 color boxes with built in sharpener!!

  71. Jill says

    My little guy loves drawing on butcher paper. We are just starting to experiment with finger painting and play dough.

  72. says

    My nearly three year old granddaughter loves to have me print out pictures of Tinkerbell and Elmo so she can color them and hang them on my walls.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  73. tina says

    I can’t wait to try those window crayons! What a fun idea- seems rebellious, but is totally harmless. The kids will love it!

  74. Cindi says

    The “Color Switchers” that magically change colors sounds marvelous!
    I think my children would have a lot of fun with these markers.
    Please enter me in your delightful Crayola giveaway prize drawing.
    Many thanks…..Cindi

  75. Cindi says

    My children adore sticker books, color books and drawing on our chalkboard. We also make handmade decorations for the various
    holidays. Again, thanks! Cindi

  76. Cindi says

    I follow your feed via my Google Reader Page!
    Thanks for the chance to win this marvelous prize package!!!!!

  77. Michelle says

    My daughter is into anything artsy. Her fave right now is cutting paper and making collages.

  78. says

    Great giveaway! I love I mean my daughter loves crayons, and she loves anything artsy! Im very excited about the Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles Ta-Doodler, my son would be using those soon! Thanks for the chance!

  79. says

    Her favorite pasttime – anything outdoors! We like to collect a bunch of little rocks and paint them, she has a lot of fun with that!

  80. Kate says

    the Crayola Window Crayons! They are always trying to draw on them with regular crayons and markers, this way it would be OK

  81. Sharon says

    I am so excited about trying the Window Crayons! I also think the sidewalk crayons look very cool. I would love to win this for my 2 year old! Thanks for the chance!

  82. Sharon says

    My daughter loves to color and she loves to look out the window! That’s why the window crayons would be so great! She also loves to play at her pretend kitchen, push around her doll stroller and read books!

  83. Sarah Hirsch says

    I am most excited for my kids to try sidewalk crayons, because I am assuming they are less messy than sidewalk chalk. My kids always love doing chalk outside but we all dislike the mess it leaves on hands and clothes.

  84. Sarah says

    I’d love to try the Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles Ta-Doodler and the Crayold window crayons!

  85. Rosey says

    We have a huge three-section window in our library that our little boy likes to look through, each and every day. Trying the window crayons out on them, would probably delight him.

  86. says

    My older boys love to color nothing else but cows. The awesome part is, their cows come in many different colors. Unlike the ones that poop 100ft from my house. :-)

  87. says

    My children would love any of those things! They’ve never had anything for coloring in the tub and I think they would really like that.

  88. says

    My children’s favorite past time right now involves tape. They love to cut and tape. My son will color a flag, train, etc.; cut it out; and tape it to another paper. My daughter went through a whole roll of tape in 3 days.

  89. Heather says

    They all look great but our little ones would really love the Pip-Squeaks Colored Pencils!

  90. Kirsten says

    My kids are older but my granddaughter is really into Play Doh right now. And coloring with Gamma!

  91. Betty Nations says

    These would be perfect for my three younger grandkids. Two of them would love the window crayons and they have a sliding glass door off the dining room. My “girlie girl” would love the glitter glue. My next grandson would love the color switchers (he saw something similar on tv).

  92. Betty Nations says

    If you read my above post, you will not be surprized that what my grandkids like to do with me is arts and crafts and board games. Their favorite art projects so far have be dot painting and sand art. Their favorite games have been “Don’t Wake Daddy” and “Guess Who”

  93. Yvonne Huff says

    I think the Crayola Beginnings Washable TaDoodles Ta-Doodler looks like a toy my kids would love.

  94. SGuzman says

    I think the Washable window crayons would be their new favorite. They love outside chalk but don’t have anything that fun to color indoors. I can see my large sliding glass doors now!

  95. SGuzman says

    Right now the kids favorite thing to do is play with a set of wooden blocks & build towers or rockets that are quickly knocked over.

  96. Simone says

    Right now, our 8 month old son is obsessed with making fart noises – he is so impressed with himself! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  97. Lindsay says

    Crayola Beginnings Tub Time Tracers sounds like a lot of fun for those who like bath time like my son

  98. Toby says

    I would love to have the kids try the window crayons = what fun! Coloring on the windows and nobody is upset about it.

  99. Marianna says

    I think my kids would love those crayola sidewalk crayons now that we live in town and have pavement to draw on!

  100. Marianna says

    My kids fave past time is riding their bikes and playing ball in the yard… but they also love drawing on the sidewalk with chalk and sidewalk paint now that we have a paved driveway and sidewalks

  101. says

    All the neighborhood girls would love to work together with the Sidewalk Crayons! They spend all summer out there making hopscotch and drawing flowers!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  102. says

    My daughter’s favorite past time is writing and illustrating her own books. She uses tons of crayons and stickers and pens and has fun creating her own characters!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  103. Selinda McCumbers says

    I would like to try the Crayola Window Crayons! My son already thinks cleaning the window is great, it would be wonderful to have a reason to clean it for him!

  104. Selinda McCumbers says

    My son’s favorite past time is building robots with his k’nex and legos!

  105. nicole schellhas says

    I think the window crayons sound really fun! What fun new ideas. My girls are older. But my niece has three little ones. This would be a blast to give to her.. They need somethin to keep them busy! Thanks for the chance!

  106. Michelle M says

    I have never seen anything like the window crayons before. I think my toddler would absolutely love them!

  107. Tracy P says

    I am kinda a clean freak, so my kids would honestly think I was the BEST mom ever if I gave them window crayons and they were able to actually color pictures on the windows. WOW – how amazing would this be for all of us, and I can even draw with them and create our own picture to enjoy from the inside and outside!

  108. Sara says

    I don’t know if this classifies as a passtime, but so far my little girl loves her books and coloring, usually not together, although it does happen on occasion.

  109. Teresa Hoyt says

    I think my daughter would love the Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles Ta-Doodler! Thanks for the great contest!

  110. Becky S. says

    The chalk looks super cool! I haven’t ever seen such vibrant colors in sidewalk chalk before!

  111. Becky S. says

    My little one loves to color! In fact just last night she happen to find a pen and colored all over our couch!!!

  112. Cynthia Shern says

    Window crayons sound like creative fun. We could have a wonderful time decorating for the seasons. I hope they are easier to clean off than the old soap crayons that they used to make. You know what I’m talking about, if anyone has ever pranked you by soaping your windows.

  113. Jennifer M says

    The baby slide and see would be most useful to us at this time so I’d be most excited about that, but the whole assortment looks great.

  114. Shawn C. says

    We would love to try the Crayola Sidewalk Crayons!!! My children love to draw and color on our walkway and driveway and these sound amazing! I’d love to try them since they are crayons not chalk…;)

    correaohana at gmail dot com

  115. Shawn C. says

    My children love to paint! All kinds, regular paint, fingerpaint, watercolor, sponge paint…you name they’ll paint it!;)

    I’m also a crayon snob…found out the hard way that other brands do not even compare to Crayola! I love the quality in all their products, but most of all I love that when Crayola says its washable it really is! Found out the hard way with other brands that may not always be true!

  116. Christie says

    I would be most happy to give Color Surge Camp Rock to my niece. She is very creative and all the Crayola products would please her, I know.

  117. Jessica says

    The Crayola Color Switchers look really fun, my nieces would be thrilled to create some new artwork with it!

  118. Jessica says

    My nieces love working on their scrapbooks, playing with clay, drawing, painting, and creating collages with fun stuff they find in magazines.

  119. Rachel says

    The crayola side walk crayons is what I would most want to introduce to my child because she likes to color and play outside.

  120. amir says

    The kids would love the Color Surge Camp Rock. They love to do anything artsy from painting w/ water colors, little kit projects or just making cards.

  121. dianne says

    I’d be excited to have the kids try the Crayola Beginnings Tub Time Tracers. My grand children love to play w/ anything that has glitter.

  122. Angela says

    I would be most excited to give the Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles Ta-Doodler to my little nephew, Jackson!

  123. says

    I’m with you. As a grandma of 9 grandkids, I ONLY buy Crayola and usually prefer the washable ones! They are wonderful! Because of that, I was immediately interested in checking out Crayola Beginnings Washable TaDoodles Ta-Doodler. Thanks for a fun contest :)

  124. says

    My grandkids and I love to play ball – all kinds of ball games. We love dodgeball, softball, Awanas PacMan ball tag, hairy ball toss (the kind with the elastic hair all over to make it easier to catch), and have even started playing tennis – on both coasts, no less :)

  125. Linda says

    I would like the Crayola Sidewalk Crayons for my grandson, he loves to draw and I think he would have a ball outside drawing on the sidewalk with these this summer!

  126. says

    I’m a crayon snob, too! I think those window crayons are the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time…I fear that my kids (1 & 2) will not realize they’re for “windows only”, though (I’m thinking my previous decision to paint my walls with the super-tough Sherwin Williams paint was a good idea…). My bathroom walls have recovered nicely from the ‘tub crayon incident’, so I think we’re ready for the window crayons! My girls love to use sidewalk chalk (though on the house…so it looks like graffiti…DH hates this…lol).

  127. Sheila R says

    I think they are all wonderful! Probally the tub time tracers I would be most excited about! Don’t worry I am a snob about things too. Great giveaway!!

  128. Kristyn Martin says

    My son would love the Window Crayons! He likes drawing on windows and walls with regular crayons, so why not use the ones that actually come off?? Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  129. Justine says

    Wow! I want to introduce my kids to those Window Crayons, they would love love love them!

  130. Jennifer C. says

    I think the window crayons are great and my kids would have a blast making new creations with them.

  131. says

    Lately my kids have been lovinv playing with play dough! My daughter likes to pretend to make cookies and my son likes to have us roll up balls so he can smash them! LOL!

  132. Sharon Seneker says

    We like using the large box of crayons and the coloring pencils to make cards for people for birthdays, thank you and of course the upcoming Mother’s Day! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

  133. kim v says

    The tub time tracers would be cool.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. Christine says

    I think my son would love the window crayons….it would feel like he was doing something forbidden!!! thanks for the chance!

  135. Christine says

    My sons favorite pastime right now is drawing with chalk on the driveway. WE have this cool stencil thing that he uses. Thanks!

  136. Mark Nason says

    It’s not on the list but we just tried the Crayola 3D Sidewalk chalk. It’s so much fun!

  137. Deanne S says

    We love to do sidewalk chalk and I own several of the sidewalk chalk activities (3-D and the rake) I’d love to add the sidewalk crayons to our collection!

  138. Cynthia Sheeks says

    Hello fellow crayon snob! I am most excited about the window crayons. My six year old/budding artist would just LOVE a new place like a window for her artwork.

  139. Darcy says

    I would like to introduce the Crayola Window Crayons. They sound like fun and something the kids would really enjoy!

    Many thanks for the chance.

  140. Darcy says

    The kids favorite pasttime is reading and making cards with lots of color and glitter!

  141. Crystal F says

    My oldest daughter loves to draw. She would draw all day if she didn’t have school or softball. My youngest likes to take my order. lol She also enjoys drawing and painting. Thank you!!

  142. Heather M says

    My daughter loves coloring and Finger Painting! She loves them both equally! Thanks

  143. Debra F says

    My kids love to draw on the sidewalk and the driveway, so I think they would like the Crayola Sidewalk Crayons. Thanks for the giveaway.

  144. stacy says

    We are crayon snobs too!!!the kids would love the window crayons…they would not only be occupied but they wouldget such a kick out not being told no!!!

  145. stacy says

    My kids love to color….its their favoite…when our littlest was in the hospital they colored for us everyday we were gone….now thye are such little artists….they love to make pictures and cards for all the family and mail them….

  146. Kathy S says

    The Tub Time Tracers would be a lot of fun for my granddaughters who really love to play in and enjoy their bath times!

  147. Kathy S says

    My granddaughters favorite artistic pasttime is to use glitter glue, construction paper and markers to make cards for their friends and family.

  148. kathy55439 says

    I used the Crayola Color Switchers at an Early Childhood contfrence and loved them…….

  149. Danielle says

    The window crayons are what I’m really excited about! We have a big sliding glass door and it would be the perfect “canvas” to use these on. Plus, it would make a great rainy day activity!

  150. Suzie Lockhart says

    I am most excited about the window crayons. Thanks for the opportunity.
    susan dot lockhart at gmail dot com

  151. Suzie Lockhart says

    My son enjoys spending his time drawing and coloring with all types of markers.

    susan dot lockhart at gmail dot com

  152. Paula Harmon says

    The window crayons sound fun because I can’t tell you how many times my Chubby-huggy has taken a marker or pen and tried to write on the windows and walls! I wanna try them too. I bought dollar store window markers recently, and they were terrible. Garbage!

  153. Steph says

    I think my kids would enjoy the Crayola Sidewalk Crayons the best. Its a great time of the year to get out and brighten up the sidewalks.

  154. says

    For lil kiwi it is the Crayola Beginnings Baby Slide & See I am interested in and for Wee Man those Crayola Window Crayons would be great for days when it’s rainy or too hot to be outside..

  155. Marie says

    My daughter likes to draw complicated pictures of houses and animals on the driveway. My son just likes to mix colors together and see what happens!

  156. Dan says

    I’m most exicted about the Crayola Sidewalk Crayons, my kids love these kinds of things

  157. carol~ says

    I like Crayola Sidewalk Crayons and think Racjhle would love these since she loves going outside!

  158. carol~ says

    Rachel is only 2 but she loves when we play with Play Doh and make “noodles” and also when we draw with a pen or with crayons.

  159. Pauline M says

    My son would love the Crayola Beginnings Tub Time Tracers. He is always mixing up some type of “formula” in the bath using the shampoo, soap, and whatever is available in the bathroom. This would be a great addition!

  160. says

    Bike rides and walking are what we do the most, but I’m always armed with crayons in the purse for things to do when we’re out and about!

  161. Erica Kahn says

    The Tadoodles. I think all 4 of my girls would like this. I would love to introduce this to my 16 month old.

  162. Tammy Darling says

    I know my kids will like them all, but I think Crayola Color Switchers will be a big hit.

  163. dani says

    I love the window crayons. What a great idea and fun thing to do especially on a rainy day.