Hi, I’m YoungMommy, and I’m a Crayon Snob

As a homeshool mom, I am constantly on the lookout for toys that offer value in several different ways. Couple being a homeschool mom with hard economic times, and the need to find the best value is even more important.

Crayola has been a trusted brand that has always provided true value to our activities. In fact, I’m kind of a Crayola snob. No, really! I will only use Crayola crayons and will not buy any other brand for my kiddos. You know the crayons that the kiddos get at restaurants with their kids’ menus? If they’re Crayola, they come home with us. If not, my kids have to leave them behind! I know, I can be a mean mom!

Coloring is one of those activities that keeps my kiddos occupied, day or night. Today they were introduced to a new way to color… They spent a good chunk of the late afternoon decorating our sliding glass door with Crayola’s new Window Crayons. And then Noah decorated his face and tummy with these super creamy crayons… But, it was cool ’cause the creamy color washed right off!

The Window Crayons are part of the brand new line of items that Crayola released this Spring, with the majority retailing for under $10. But it’s not only price that has made the Crayola aisle the number one in-store destination for gifts under $25 – it’s also the belief that parents are providing children with the tools to power their imaginations and enable endless everyday play.


  1. says

    Lately my kids have been lovinv playing with play dough! My daughter likes to pretend to make cookies and my son likes to have us roll up balls so he can smash them! LOL!

  2. Christine says

    I think my son would love the window crayons….it would feel like he was doing something forbidden!!! thanks for the chance!

  3. Christine says

    My sons favorite pastime right now is drawing with chalk on the driveway. WE have this cool stencil thing that he uses. Thanks!

  4. Deanne S says

    We love to do sidewalk chalk and I own several of the sidewalk chalk activities (3-D and the rake) I’d love to add the sidewalk crayons to our collection!

  5. Cynthia Sheeks says

    Hello fellow crayon snob! I am most excited about the window crayons. My six year old/budding artist would just LOVE a new place like a window for her artwork.

  6. Darcy says

    I would like to introduce the Crayola Window Crayons. They sound like fun and something the kids would really enjoy!

    Many thanks for the chance.

  7. Crystal F says

    My oldest daughter loves to draw. She would draw all day if she didn’t have school or softball. My youngest likes to take my order. lol She also enjoys drawing and painting. Thank you!!

  8. Debra F says

    My kids love to draw on the sidewalk and the driveway, so I think they would like the Crayola Sidewalk Crayons. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. stacy says

    We are crayon snobs too!!!the kids would love the window crayons…they would not only be occupied but they wouldget such a kick out not being told no!!!

  10. stacy says

    My kids love to color….its their favoite…when our littlest was in the hospital they colored for us everyday we were gone….now thye are such little artists….they love to make pictures and cards for all the family and mail them….

  11. Kathy S says

    The Tub Time Tracers would be a lot of fun for my granddaughters who really love to play in and enjoy their bath times!

  12. Kathy S says

    My granddaughters favorite artistic pasttime is to use glitter glue, construction paper and markers to make cards for their friends and family.

  13. Danielle says

    The window crayons are what I’m really excited about! We have a big sliding glass door and it would be the perfect “canvas” to use these on. Plus, it would make a great rainy day activity!

  14. Suzie Lockhart says

    I am most excited about the window crayons. Thanks for the opportunity.
    susan dot lockhart at gmail dot com

  15. Suzie Lockhart says

    My son enjoys spending his time drawing and coloring with all types of markers.

    susan dot lockhart at gmail dot com

  16. Paula Harmon says

    The window crayons sound fun because I can’t tell you how many times my Chubby-huggy has taken a marker or pen and tried to write on the windows and walls! I wanna try them too. I bought dollar store window markers recently, and they were terrible. Garbage!

  17. Steph says

    I think my kids would enjoy the Crayola Sidewalk Crayons the best. Its a great time of the year to get out and brighten up the sidewalks.

  18. says

    For lil kiwi it is the Crayola Beginnings Baby Slide & See I am interested in and for Wee Man those Crayola Window Crayons would be great for days when it’s rainy or too hot to be outside..

  19. Marie says

    My daughter likes to draw complicated pictures of houses and animals on the driveway. My son just likes to mix colors together and see what happens!

  20. carol~ says

    Rachel is only 2 but she loves when we play with Play Doh and make “noodles” and also when we draw with a pen or with crayons.

  21. Pauline M says

    My son would love the Crayola Beginnings Tub Time Tracers. He is always mixing up some type of “formula” in the bath using the shampoo, soap, and whatever is available in the bathroom. This would be a great addition!

  22. says

    Bike rides and walking are what we do the most, but I’m always armed with crayons in the purse for things to do when we’re out and about!

  23. Erica Kahn says

    The Tadoodles. I think all 4 of my girls would like this. I would love to introduce this to my 16 month old.


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