Circus Vargas – The Circus With a Touch of Broadway – Comes to Roseville

We were just invited to join in the thrilling world of Circus Vargas. We are looking forward to taking a look beyond the sawdust and spangles, and peeking past the wonder and the mystique and discover why Circus Vargas is America’s Favorite Big Top Circus!

Unveiling its greatest collaboration to date, Tabares Entertainment joins forces with famed singing Ringmaster Kevin Venardos for a production of musical magnitude in its most exciting, innovative edition ever! Acting as host and master of ceremonies, Venardos skillfully melds melody with movement, adds a bit of Broadway and a splash of razzle-dazzle for an unbelievably entertaining extravaganza!

We plan to arrive thirty minutes early for the interactive pre-show where we will all get a chance to be the stars in center ring. I hear we’ll even be guided through a crash course in circus skills with host and the “Iron Chin” Jon Weiss and his lovely wife Laura. Fun times!

IT’S MUSICAL, IT’S MEMORABLE … IT’S CIRCUS VARGAS — It’s family entertainment at its finest, and it’s coming our way. The blue and gold big top will be in Roseville at the Westfield Galleria August 9 through 13 and in Sacramento at the California State Fairgrounds August 16 through 20.


For more information about Circus Vargas and to purchase tickets visit, by phone at 877-468-3861, or at the circus box office which opens one day prior to the first show.


Enter to win tickets for your family to see Circus Vargas at either the Roseville or the Sacramento location (four tickets total). Just leave me a comment with your favorite circus memory – when you were a kid or with your own kids, what you think of when you hear there is a circus in town, and/or what you look forward to most when the Big Top is in town. You may enter once a day through July 31st.

We were given tickets to experience Circus Vargas in exchange for this giveaway.


  1. says

    I’ve only been to the circus once, but I still remember it. Went to one at the Oakland Coliseum when I was tiny with my aunt and uncle, loved the elephants, tigers and clowns. Would love to see what Circus Vargas does, especially after reading Water for Elephants last year.
    Andrew Bradley´s last blog post ..Back to the Bradley Lodge

  2. Ashley says

    My favorite circus memory was a couple years ago when we took our son for the first time. He was fascinated! Now that he’s a couple years older, I think it would be an even better experience for him!

  3. Donna M. says

    RIght now my favorite memories are those of my kids at the circus. We started taking my oldest when he was just 18m and we’ve gone every year since (he’s 5.5 now). The look of wonder in their eyes is just priceless. So much to see…so much going on…the excited chatter…etc. My 2 year old loves it too. This will be her 3rd year going…(4m, 16m, and now 27m).

  4. Angela says

    My favorite memories are of taking our own kids. We were able to go twice but the circus is pricy so winning tickets would be awesome! I love the bright lights and larger than life show and wondering what we will see each time we go.

  5. Stephanie E. says

    My favorite memory of the circus is going with my mom and brother growing up. My mom’s friend used to take us to meet people backstage. Very fun! I would love to take my boys.

  6. says

    This sounds like a lot of fun! Wow its been a long time since I’ve been to a circus but I remember the clowns always made Rachel cry! I would love to see the excitment on the kids faces at their first trip to the circus. I can’t wait to see the great tents when the come to town! How fun would it be if the boys can see it with the Young clan! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  7. Donna M. says

    My entry for today: Every year we skip buying the expensive toys and junk at the circus and just buy the big coloring book for each kid. They get to color in it for about a month…and then I put them away. It’s been fun looking at them and seeing how their coloring skills have changed.

  8. says

    Another entry for today! I’m with Andrew in regards to cotton candy! We discovered the boys love the sugary treat!

  9. Donna M. says

    Another favorite memory: watching my husband watch my oldest son. He just loves our son sooo much and you can just see the love in his eyes while he is trying to take in everything that is going on.

  10. Donna M. says

    My daily entry! I hope we win! We’d love to see Circus Vargas this year instead of Ringling Brothers!

  11. Sara s says

    The couple times I went to the circus as a kid were with my grandparents. I’d love my children’s grandparents to go with us this year.

  12. says

    I remember going to the circus with my dad and uncle for the first time in San Francisco. I don’t remember much, but I do remember the elephants…they made a big impression on me for some reason!

  13. Ora Emmerich says

    The favorite circus memory is the look in the middle daughter’s eyes when she had her special 8th birthday circus trip and got to pick out her own present from the vendors. The “Ziki Bird” still sits on her dresser, watching her study as she now enters her third year at law school!

  14. says

    Clowns, maybe some tight rope action … and who knows what else? I’ll be in the gymnastics spirit after the Olympics and looking forward to some Circus action.
    Andrew Bradley´s last blog post ..Perfect Sky